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2018 New Year Monday

  • LindaLMT 1 year ago
    Good Morning Everyone!

    Can't believe we both stayed up to bring in the New Year. Even though we were in bed we were watching tv and changed stations to watch the ball drop at midnight. DH has a tradition of holding a dollar bill when the New Year comes ... you keep it in your wallet and the saying is "you'll always have money". Other than that we don't have any traditions that we do.
    Does anyone else do a New Year's tradition?
    Of course fireworks started around 10:00 and went till about 15 minutes after midnight. In that you can buy them here a lot of people were doing the backyard thing.
    I feel so sorry for the wildlife too Kimmer. Where are they suppose to run or fly too not to mention the chaos it causes for them. Have you found Chloe yet? Thankfully fireworks or storms don't bother LD and Bella.
    It's suppose to rain today at some point and in the next day or two the temps are dipping big time for here. Lows in the low 40s and highs in the low 60s(f).
    Cooked a turkey breast last night in the crockpot so will pull that out shortly to cool and then later will portion it for the freezer.
    Tonight's dinner will be lasagna and meatballs for DH and eggplant rollintini and salad for me.

    Happy New Year's EVERYONE!! Wishing you all the best for 2018
  • Good4U 1 year ago said:
    Good Morning! Happy New Year Everyone!
    No traditions here, Linda. Lol, we almost made it to midnight but not quite. We could hear the fireworks starting around 10:00 here. The wind chill factor early this morning was 40-F which is the same as 40-C. BURR! So I will take your 40s and high 60s any day, Linda. Den is tiling the one half of the floor today and when that is finished the freezer will be emptied and hauled up to the garage until it is defrosted and the rest of the room is finished. both your dinners sound excellent! Not sure what we are having yet. Lol I will be able to bring something in from the garage my new big walk-in freezer:)

    Wishing Everyone a Fantastic 2018!
  • chuckieb 1 year ago said:
    GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVERYBODY!!!!! Where pray tell are Janet and Jim getting internet from this morning???? Breakfast at McDonald's!!!!! LOLOLOL!

    Eeesh on the huge fireworks Kimmer. That would be concerning. Hope Chloe is all calm now.

    Fun that you stayed up 'til midnight Linda. Jim and I did too. We watched the movie "Kingsman, the Golden Circle" earlier on in the evening ( I loved it) and then we watched a bit of the U.S. feed, one with Anderson Cooper, the Dick Clark one and then one other...some relative of Michael Jackson??? Then at 11 I think the Canadian feed from Niagara Falls came on so we switched over. Did you open the bubbly? I'm sure it's totally fine. Your dinner this evening sounds yummy.

    Our duck was very nice last night and I'm doing our Christmas Turkey dinner this evening.

    Oh Joce....SO cold this morning eh? OMG! My poor turkeys had little icicles on their beaks and eyes. I fed them twice so far!!!! Den's sure being productive over the Holiday! Does he have to go back to work tomorrow? You're not actually hauling the freezer up to the garage right? Just the contents?
  • MissouriFarmWife 1 year ago said:
    Good morning and Happy New Year.

    We watched the new year come in,also, Linda, had a glass of champagne and went to bed. Woke up at 8 and settled in for morning coffee. The heater in the well house decided to breathe its last during the night! Fortunately we had bought another as a spare so it was plugged in and in fifteen minutes or so it had thawed the pipe and we had water again.

    It was -5 F this morning. Low tonight is to be -2. We let chickens out in their yard since it is sunny and no wind. A fire is in the wood stove. Breakfast is next!

    Glad LD is not afraid of storms....Fritz and Mel lose their cool.

    Chloe will turn up soon, Kimmer. As long as she is inside she will probably hide until things calm down. Our cats are adept at hiding, usually when we are leaving and need to be sure they have not escaped outside. Mary would crawl under the freezer into a space I thought was impossible!
  • Good4U 1 year ago said:
    No, we are hauling just the contents of the freezer up to the garage, Janet. Lol, I doubt if I could even help Den move the freezer when it is empty even a few feet! Den is off until next Tuesday. Enjoy your turkey tonight.

    Glad you had a backup heater for the well, Karen. I am sure that saved the day! Keep warm and snuggle in today.
  • chuckieb 1 year ago said:
    Oh goodness at the heater in the pump house dying Karen but awesome you had a back up you utilized asap.

    Nice that Den has a lot longer for holidays Joce! Goodness knows what he'll have accomplished by then. :)

    I have my Book Chat at the library tomorrow so will check in then. Enjoy your day!
  • LindaLMT 1 year ago said:
    OMG!! it's cold where you are Joce, Janet, and Karen! Yikes.

    I bet the garage is colder than your freezer Joce! Too funny about the garage being your walk-in freezer (LOL!) but it works. Awesome Den is so determined to get the job finished. Me, I dilly-dally too long with everything.

    We only tuned in to the Dick Clark one Janet and only did so about 10 minutes prior to midnight. Didn't open the bubbly yet either. Maybe tonight? Those poor little turkeys! Icicles on the beaks and eyes ... that's cold! Time to build them a shed for shelter.

    That's good you have a back up heater Karen for the well house. Nice the chickens are getting out for some fresh air and that the wind isn't blowing to allow it. How are the horses? LD is the first dog I've ever had who isn't bothered by noise from fireworks or storms but is bothered from beeping sounds that the fridge makes if the door is left open, smoke detectors, and other such things.
  • MissouriFarmWife 1 year ago said:
    Oops, didn't see the rest of you!

    Hi Joce, Janet! Good Den is being sp productive. Enjoy your book chat tomorrow, Janet.

    I was called away to fix breakfast! Wayne is not feeling well, sinus crud! I finally got him to take a generic Benadryl and since it tends to knock him out he stretched out on the couch with Fritz snuggled behind his legs. He finally gave up and curled up in the new recliner.

    Of course Fritz is not spoiled....when I woke up this morning the dog was comfy under the quilt, his head peering out, very happy.

    We had a partial package of sausage so I downsized the recipe so it was just right for two! Made tube biscuits, which are easy and fast and better than mine....I am not skilled in making fluffy biscuits, mine are usually rather firm. Ha ha! He is happy. Dog is happy.

    He had gone to the basement earlier to check on whether the spare heater was wasn't, but he looked all over before he believed me when I told him it was in the he store room, even after he searched twice. He left the door cracked open and two little nosy kitties went down to see. AC strolled up like "hey, you know I have to explore, I'm a cat!" A plaintive cry let me know Mauser was there. Went downstairs, turned on the light, and there, on the steps leading to the outside door, was a frightened little cat, afraid to venture back. I had to pick her up and cart her upstairs. Aargh!

    Janet, the recliner is from Furniture Factory Outlet in Rolla. It only has to last until we redo the living room, and we bought a maintenance plan to repair pet damage / tears etc.for five years. By then we should be buying new stuff. It is dark brown - greenish tint depending on the light. Salesman recommended a leather like fabric but I encouraged the micro suede option. Leather s fine in the sun room but not where kitties congregate.

    Enough of my navel. Or is it an essay? Whatever, it is time to stop boring you and get back to cleaning the kitchen. Have a nice day!
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 year ago said:
    Morning everyone and Happy New Year!! No New Year traditions here Linda, but I like the dollar bill one :) Yum on both of your dinners!

    Hi Joce! Good luck with the freezer, sounds like a TON of work!

    When are they going to be able to come out and fix your internet Janet? Hopefully tomorrow, asap lol! Yum on the duck Janet, that's something I'd like to try making some time. Poor turkeys :(

    Good for you having a spare heater Karen, thank goodness!

    It's in the mid 30's today, BRRRRRR!! Supposed to freeze tonight, so we are going to pull our plants inside. I guess we do have a tradition I just thought of lol. We always eat cabbage and black eyed peas on New Year's day. My Mom always did it growing up and now I do it. Going to get everything cooked up early so that Michael can take it to work to have tonight. Roasting some chicken thighs as well. My Mom is bringing the kiddos back today, so goodbye quiet house! Lol! Bri already planned to have Emma come stay over tonight too.

    I just found Spot, Bri's rat in her cage dead :( She has been sick for a while and we have been spoon feeding her and water feeding her through a dropper. She started getting some of her energy back the other day and I thought she was getting better, but guess not. I'm not looking forward to breaking the news to Bri when she get's home. So now we are down to 1 rat, Lucy, and I'm not sure if we are getting anymore. She told us the other day it's too hard to deal with them dying every 2 yrs or so. She gets really attached to them.

    Gotta get off my lazy butt and get cleaned up before they get here, have a great day everyone!!
  • LindaLMT 1 year ago said:
    Awwww, Michelle I'm so sorry to hear about Spot ... and too the others, I didn't know they had passed. You give them a great home though and that's what is so important. Is there a rat rescue group that you could adopt from? Giving a rat a home that needs one might make their passing a little easier knowing you did right by them.
    30s are cold too! Yes the cabbage and blacked eyed peas are a tradition. We usually do ham too but not this year.

    Too cute on Mauser getting left downstairs and you having to go get her Karen. Critters are so funny. That's great you got a new recliner. I just noticed my office chair is starting to come apart. Will have to replace it sometime this year, in the meantime duct tape will do just fine. Nobody sees it.
  • MissouriFarmWife 1 year ago said:
    Hi Michelle.

    So sorry about losing your rat. Poor Bri.

    Since Wayne is too sick to complain, can't taste it anyhow, I opted for sauerkraut, corned beef, green veggie, and maybe cooked carrots. Bought the fresh sauerkraut so will have to Google how to fix it. Ha ha. He is coughing and miserable. No fever.

    I feel like -5 F is ridiculously cold until I read the -30 F that Janet described. Ha! We have friends who flee to Texas for the winter. They had snow and temps in the 40's.

    Your cabbage and black eyed peas was a staple at our house on New Years also. Either that or cabbage rolls, which I like and Wayne detests.

    Have a nice day.
  • LindaLMT 1 year ago said:
    Ooooo, yum on the corned beef Karen! I love a good one but DH can't even handle the smell of it cooking so the only time I get to partake is if it's on a menu out.
  • MissouriFarmWife 1 year ago said:
    Ok change in plans. Sauerkraut yes. Corned beef ---- maybe tomorrow or next day. Kielbasa and sauerkraut instead, since he "likes" kielbasa. Maybe some black eyed peas if I get industrious?

    DW is emptied, half of kitchen countertops are cleaned, refrig is wiped down. Kitchen towels are in washer. I am taking a break. The meds seem to have taken eefffect so Wayne is semi- coughing instead of hacking.

    Cats are snuggled on laps or in chairs, Fritz is asleep in his bed in front of the stove. Fire is warming the room. Time for a nap!
  • LindaLMT 1 year ago said:
    I hope Wayne feels better Karen, not a fun way to start the year 😥
    Kielbasa works for me too. Yum!

    A friend bought me a book on Kindle. I'll have to note the name but each recipe cooks a regular standard dish in a unique way. There is a recipe in it for roasted applesauce that I made this afternoon and I have to say is really nice, delicious actually. I used three types of apples (red, golden, and gala). It is fabulous on its own and would great to top just about anything. Even DH liked it and he's not an applesauce kinda guy.
  • kimmer 1 year ago said:
    Hello to all. Just a quick Hi here. Very cold here as Florida standards go. Yuk! Hate it! Have a very cold week ahead of us. Brought in all of my air plants from out front as they do not like temps in the 50's let alone 40's that we will have. Saw for Thursday our low will be 35F! I realize that is a drop in the bucket to what most of you have but cold is cold!

    Well, did finally find Chloe. Was curled up in between plastic storage bins under the bed. She was super freaked out and she is not the kind of cat that gets that way easily. I often times call her my "Charlie" because she is not afraid to face a noise or anything. But last night was different for her. She's only 9 months old and had never heard big booms like she heard last night! Gave her her favorite dinner tonight of tuna and chicken she be happy now.

    Made chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. Good cold weather meal. Hubs was delighted as he LOVES dumplings and I rarely make them. Should put those on my "do more" list for this year as he really does adore them!

    Hope all enjoy the rest of their night.

    Sleep always...............
  • LindaLMT 1 year ago said:
    So happy to hear Chloe is back to normal, poor thing, I'm sure all that noise was upsetting.
    We might be a little warmer than you Kimmer in that we are further south but still it'll be cold and when you are not use to it you feel it.
    Chix and dumplings sound great. Do you make the big fluffy ball kind or the more thick noodle like ones?

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