A Magnum of Monday

  • chuckieb 5 years ago
    Good morning Everyone!
    Lori....we need some tunes to help us get moving this morning!!!!!!
    Am on my second cup of coffee. Got Jim out the door with breakfast and lunch. Am making
    Bacon Gouda Patties
    Crispy Oven Fries
    for dinner tonight. We have a Sens Game to watch and I thought that sounded like good "Hockey" food. :)
    I also have the urge to 'bake' something. So I picked up the ingredients for
    Rocca Cookies
    I'll bring them in with me when I go downtown tomorrow and give them away to my girlfriend and the staff at the Hardware store as if I leave them at home I will ingest them all I'm sure. :)
    Anyone catch any of the Academy Awards? All I've heard so far is that Anne Hathaway won Best Actress. And every time I hear that name, I can't help but think of Mrs. Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies. LOL.
    Have some house cleaning and odd jobs to do today. Going to take down the last of my 'wintry' decorations. Heading into March. St. Patrick's Day coming up and Easter is in March this year! I always find that weird.
    Have a great day everybody! Benjamin sent me a whole pile of pictures this morning that he took today as the sun was going down. He went for a walk by the River that is close to his Hostel. I just love getting little glimpses. :)
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Hi Janet:)

    I watched some of the Oscars...Daniel day Lewis won best actor, best pic was Argo..that's about all I know:) I have a head cold and feel like crud..oh well, I should have known if one of us gets sick the other will follow suit...

    Tina's Pierogi Lasagna was so very good..the ingredients went so well together..added in Pierogi Lasagna Ala Mr Food I'll be making this again!

    Dinner will be leftovers:) & maybe grill some pork chops for Rick..and a salad..

    Hope everyone is well & happy, I'll try to check back in a bit:)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Morning Marie! I had to google Daniel Day Lewis but recognized him when I saw his pic. I LOVED him in Lincoln. Jim and I watched "Argo" coming home on the plane. Going through Airport security/customs always make me anxious at the best of times and I so identified with the characters in Argo when they were going through the security checks to get on the plane out of Iran. Very good movie. So sorry to hear you succumbed to the cold. Sending you some virtual chicken noodle soup.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    By the way....the Chicken Cordon Bleu with the Parmesan Dijon sauce recipe that I made last night
    was excellent. Easy too. Will totally make again.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Marie, sending a second cup of chicken soup your way. Try some Magic Elixir if you have any lite coconut milk. I treasure my thermos of "magic" Keeps me on the top of my game at work. I make mine spicy, but I'm sure you could tone it down.
    I'm so happy you liked Pierogi Lasagna Ala Mr Food,. It does go together well. Makes a lot also! Feel better dear.

    Janet, you have planned a great meal for hockey. Sounds good in my book. Love the journal travel pics from Benjamin. I want to see Argo and Lincoln, I taped the Red Carpet arrival so I could watch the dresses when I got home last night. I love Jennifer Lawrence in her angelic ball gown. So pretty.

    Another night when I went to bed at 3:30 and woke up at 5:30. My health company refused to pay for oxygen services and I think that is why I can't sleep anymore. I slept more soundly with the oxygen assist. I'll have to have another sleep study to warrant oxygen and a bone density test for my tiny fractures. Oh well.

    Today is meatless Monday Black bean soup and rice for lunch.....and you guessed it, fruit, yogurt, cheese stick for my break meal.

    Come out, come out where ever you are?? We seem to be missing a few of the ODD gang!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Just realized I don't have any potatoes for the Oven fries. Argh. (I'm doing a Marie...one ingredient short!) :) Sorry to hear you got another lousy sleep Tina. That sucks.
    Finished doing up the Almond Rocca. Three broke. Had to eat up the evidence. :)
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Here I am sitting in Walgreen's waiting for Brian's prescription. Think I'll roast a chicken for dinner with some roasted red potatoes. I need a good butt kicking to get my attitude straightened out. I'll be back more when I find my lost groove.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Waiting for prescriptions is never a pleasant errand. Sorry you're in a bit of a funk Laura. Roast chicken and potatoes sounds fabulous. Pop in for lunch somewhere and treat yourself or put on some tunes when you get home and change the track! :)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Whew....that day sped by. Just remembered that today might be the day that Bryan was going to go to see the Neurosurgeon about his back. Hope i the appointment went great. Sending out good thoughts for you Lori!
    Joce? What were you up to today? Ang, Donna, Dahlia and Michelle have gone MIA. Miss you all.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Tina, damn the luck! I don't have coconut milk...or lemongrass..now I'm 2 ingredients short.lol I do want to try your Magic Elixir though..bookmarked to try:)

    Laura, hope you feel more like yourself soon...I have my moments as well..hard to explain, but you just aren't "yourself"..HUGS

    Janet, those Rocca cookies look to die for! Wish I had a dozen or so to munch on:D

    Lori, hope all is well in your neck of the woods..how is Bryan doing?

    Where is everyone today?

    Also having brussel sprouts with dinner..Janet, do you like brussel sprouts? I can't remember!!

    I feel like my frickin head is in a vise grip..FSW doesn't feel good:( Sorry, but I am the biggest baby, even with a little head cold..bear with me...I needed to vent..

    Ok, better now:D

    Am I rambling on and on? What's in this cold medicine anyway?
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Laura....hope by the end of the day you feel yourself again. Hugs.
    I HATE BRUSSEL SPROUTS. HATE THEM. My Mom used to make me eat them as a kid and honestly it was all I could do to keep them down. Ugh. Sorry you feel so bad Marie. You totally deserve to whine. Throwing you over a plate of the Rocca cookies to make you feel better. Catch!
  • kimmer 5 years ago said:
    My Magic Elixer............Wine.......Wine..........and more Wine...........LOL! Too bad I can't take that to work....................

    Good evening all. Heavy weekend of baseball. Practice....Opening Ceremonies.......Game.............Pictures. Took up the whole weekend! Food was hit and miss however I did make a delightful Lasagne yesterday!

    Tonight had a pork tenderlion, boiled potatoes.............and of course........red cabbage! God forbid, in my husband's mind, that we have something pork without red cabbage! Germans...........gotta love em, lol! Just put the tenderloin in the pan, bit of olive oil, seasonings and let her cook! So easy and so tastey!

    Off to bed now to watch some mindless tv and perhaps do a word search puzzle. ( I love me some word search puzzles!) Hubs is cleaning the kitchen! What a treat!

    Sleep Sweet All................as always..................
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Good to see you Kimmer. Lasagna sounds yummy as does your dinner this evening. I will probably never hear 'red cabbage' again in the future without thinking of you. I used to do word search puzzles. Do like them. Have been getting addicted to some of those Games on FB as of late. Again, good la-la land relaxation. LOL. Have a lovely evening.
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Hey all. Worked all day at WW. Started with a 7am meeting and ended at 7pm. Long day. They had leftover eggplant parm for dinner and I had cereal. Since I had the parm for lunch :). Picked up Franks valentines day gift (finally). I transferred our wedding ceremony from VHS to disc. We just watched it with the kids. Cool we were so young. Frank links like a little kid.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    How did the Adam Levine fragrance sell Laurie? Do you like it? Fun that you watched the wedding disc with the girls. They probably ate it right up. :)
    Sens are tied with Montreal 1-1. Burgers and fries were yummy.

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