Frigid Friday!

  • chuckieb 5 years ago
    Good Morning everybody! I know not everyone is experiencing Frigid temperatures but we still are! :) No worries. I'm hunkered down inside today with no need to go out except to bring in more firewood! :)
    Am really looking forward to our dinner this evening! I'm going to make
    Need to think of a veggie still.'s your weather?
    Tina, are you back at work today?
    I have a sneaking suspicion I may be coming down with Jim's cold. Not surprising. My throat feels like sandpaper.
    To everyone else.....have a most lovely Friday. MUAH!
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    It is soooo cold!!' I hate cold! Cannot wait to be sitting in my float sipping a cocktail this summer.
    Kids have a half day today so we are going to mall. Or I should say I am driving them to the mall and then I will browse on my own lol
    Both girls are having friend troubles. Rachel's trouble is that she belongs to many groups but no one bestie that she can count on and sometimes is feeling left out when not invited. Beccas problem is that she has one Bestie and when she is doing something with other friends Becca feels left out. Ahh teenage troubles
    I just wish they coulda be each others best friend, although they do get along for the most part they are complete opposites.
    I think tonight's dinner is going to be Pat's oven baked cornmeal chicken. Mashed and corn.
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    A very special dinner Janet. That dinner gives you a work out before you eat. Labor of love but I sure do enjoy Rouladen and spaetzle.
    Have to take Dad to the doctor this afternoon. This morning I'm aiming at a very small patch of the garden off my back patio that needs a bit of discipline.
    Thinking patty melts for dinner. We'll see.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    That's fun the girls have a short day today Laurie! LOL @ browsing on your own at the mall. :) I've said it before and I'll say it again...I don't envy the teenage years. You couldn't pay me enough to go through '13' again. Ugh. All I can think of to say is "And this too shall pass". :) Your dinner sounds excellent.
    Lori has posted a picture on FB of an extremely iced up windshield. It's insane. DRIVE SAFELY IF YOU HAVE TO GO OUT! And truly, it's just wiser not to go out. Just sayin. :)
    I had a Crumpet for breakfast. Love that word! :)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    SP Laura! Good Morning! Good luck with the Garden patch. I've been thinking about Patty Melts recently myself. That's a fun Friday night dinner!
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    ICE ICE BABY!!!!

    Don't think we will have work at all today. We were first gonna try to open at 10, because that's what Home Office was going to try to do. I called DL at 10, and she said she might not even open, to call back at 12. It's supposed to get worse, so, I am sure that I will be reporting worse conditions here in Sweetwater at noon. lol Knoxville and all points north of us in TN got it way worse. That windshield was on the website of one of the local news stations. Our deck is a solid sheet of ice, and, we live in the middle of a hill...I have to either go up, or slide down to get to a main road. I'm thinking that I will stay put. They have upgraded us to Ice Storm Warning to 7pm...just depends on what the temps do. Cutie Patootie Weatherman Mike Witcher says they have to take it hour by hour. Yep. Staying home sounds good. Office voice mail goes to DL's cell phone she is working from home. She can access loan programs and files, etc from home. Kristi texted me that she's staying home, too. :) Apparently the email about picking us up was DL's attempt at a joke and she was hoping to get some funny responses...and got none. would we know she was joking? When does she do that?? lol

    OK...Enough of that.

    Take care, Janet!! Sorry you are taking his cold. One of those things that get shared no matter how careful you are, huh? Never had either rouladen or spaetzle. Did I ever tell you I live in a bubble?

    Laurie, I hear ya on the cold! My hip is giving me a terrible time. It's hurting with steps again, has to be this cold weather on top of all the rain we had. Arthritis is no fun. Did you hip stop giving you trouble? I hear ya on the girls. Hil was bad to hang only with the jerk boyfriend. Then, they'd break up and she wouldn't have girls to run around with cuz they figured she was with him. Ditto what Janet said about teenage years.

    Laura, would be nice to be in the garden today. I love a patty melt! Maybe when it warms up.

    Had the best night with Hillary. She was off, and Bryan was working so it was just us girls hanging out. Stayed up til midnight! lol We talked alot, and watched American Idol, then I introduced her to the hilarious Duck Dynasty...we have most of them on DVR. Have any of you all watched that yet? OMG. We love it. She was telling me that the ex boyfriend had texted her that he quit his job (surprise surprise) and was excited to start on the new journey of his life. He is going to take off in the spring and "live like a gypsy" She was cracking up. She said "so he is basically aspiring to be a bum" OMG. *rolling eyes* Can't say I'm surprised. Soooo happy she's DONE with that. There's a guy at work that she calls "cutie pants" when she refers to him with me and her friends, lol. And he wants her to go out with him. :)

    I have been craving some
    Santa Fe Soup
    So I think this is a good day for it. Remind me to take a picture! lol

    Hi to all not here yet! Stay warm!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    I know it sounds morbid but the first thing that came to mind when DL said she would come and drive you to work was that "God Forbid they get in an accident and Lori meets the end with DL beside her. Like....that'd just be wrong." :) Don't go anywhere...not even outside. Ice is treacherous. Unless there is a life threatening situation just stay inside on solid footing. Sorry to hear your hip is giving you some pain. Hope Bryan is okay for his drive home and can Hil stay put as well? How about your parents? Are they getting the same weather? LOL @ your 'Cutie patootie' weather man...wonder if Hil's 'cutie pants' is his son? LOL! Nice you had such a good evening last night. I've heard my cousin talk about "Duck Dynasty" but I've never seen it on TV and I don't know that it would be my cup of tea. That Sante Fe Soup looks divine. Send a bowl over here please! :)
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    LOl Janet...that was what I thought, too! Bryan is home in bed. Said it took him a while to get the ice chipped off his windshield, then, the rain and wipers kept trying to freeze up. He has a powerful defroster so he was ok, but it took him a while to get here. The hwy wasn't so bad, it was everything else. Mom and Dad are ok. Maryville got it a little worse than we did, but, they have power and everything. Hil is off today, they shut all schools and colleges down. Courts, City / County bldg, etc are closed in Knoxville. I just saw a pic of a salt truck turned over up there!! AND a fire truck!!
    I didn't like DD until I watched it all the way through a time or two, and we think it's hysterical. Most of our friends watch it. So we have fun laughing about things that happen with them.
    I will be happy to send you all some soup. Heads up!!
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Back from the mall. I just bopped around got some $3 tshirts at JC Penny and a nightie. I am on the hunt for a thin bathrobe that zips not ties but so far no luck!
    So just took on another fragrance line. The boss in Connecticut asked if I could help out a friend (another account executive ) so starting February. I will be spraying Adam Levine's fragrance 14 hours a week until Father's Day
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Joce, Tina, Marie, Michelle, Kimmer! Come on down!
    Ya that's true about an ice storm Lori...the power often goes out. Glad you and yours are well. Thanks for the soup. :)
    I had to google Adam Levine Laurie! Wouldn't have been able to pick him out of a line up but he's not too hard on the eyes alright. :) What do you think of the fragrance?
    I've had a pretty productive day. Cleaned out the front hall closet and re-arranged all the scarves, mitts, etc. Cleaned the pellet stove (messy job) and swept. Did my walk on the treadmill and now I have the rouladen prepping. The smell of the bacon is making me very hungry though. :(
  • kimmer 5 years ago said:
    Hello all. Here I come Janet! Your dinner sounds and looks amazing!!!! Hope you are not getting sick. We have been sick with colds off and on here since Christmas.
    Lori.....glad Bryan made it home ok and that you stayed put today! Also cool on the evening with Hil. I miss those times with my daughter. Don't get to happen very often anymore. She and I both are always sooooo busy. We need to MAKE the time, don't we?!
    Laurie.....good deal on the tshirts! I find a lot of nice bargains at JC Penney too sometimes. Get a lot of my grandson's little outfits there. Can always find a good deal on toddler clothes.
    Laura....hope you whipped that little patch of garden into shape today!
    Not sure what for dinner yet. I am so tired and hubs is not feeling his best tonight. Might just have a "catch what you can" night. Have some tenderloin and potatoes leftover. Might just fry it all up with a salad on the side. Or maybe not. Lol, I'm so tired right now I really don't care! Thought about ordering pizza but hubs and I are committed to sticking to our budget this year. That is one reason why I did my mega shopping last weekend. We...I......spend way too much money stopping at the store every other night or so to put a dinner together. You never get out of the store with ONLY what you stopped for. I used to be really good at planning menus for two weeks and buying groceries accordingly. But seems the last few months I have been lax in that area. Of course, holidays don't help...........or! Anyway, there are some things we want to do and accomplish this year and the only way we will be able to is to! For example...........we need a new grill. I would like to buy a good one this time. Not just the cheapest one I can find. I want a REAL GRILL and become the Grillmaster that I know I can be! Also, every summer we take a family vacation of sorts. Sometimes it's kind of big, like last year's trip to Orlando. We did a lot all over town. Sometimes it's just a small get away to the beach for the weekend. Which is basically in our back yard, lol. But this year hubs and I would really, really like to take the boys on a cruise. We have been, but the boys have never. Again, we need to, lol. So I am keeping that in mind everytime I think we should just get take out or gee...........those shoes would go great with that outfit!!! Talk about disipline! Lord, give me strength!

    Hope all have a good evening. Will try to pop back later but will offer my tuck in now.

    Sleep Sweet always.................

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