"Rise and Shine Mates" Monday!

  • chuckieb 4 years ago
    Good Morning Everybody!
    Jim and I arrived in London this morning, had a driver bring us to Cambridge, checked into our apartment, ate breakfast then Jim headed to work. I had a nap (could have slept all afternoon but thought it not wise!) and a shower and I'm just about to go hit the streets! And still no one has started the thread!!!!!! What's goin' on'? :) LOL!
    I think I jinxed myself when I said I could sleep anywhere because I didn't sleep a wink on the plane last night, not one wink. LOLOLOL. Oh goodness! But I'm at least able to function at the moment so that's something.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Has everybody got some corned beef in the pot?
    Not a clue what we're going to do for dinner yet and it's almost 4 p.m. here so I'd better think fast! Need to run to the store and just grab some basics to tide us over 'til I get better oriented tomorrow. Read an article this morning that says Prince William is in Cambridge 'til March 19th taking a course in Agricultural Management at St. John's College. I'll invite him over for tea if I see him eh? ROFL!
    Wishing everyone a most awesome day!
  • Cosmicmother 4 years ago said:
    oops, SP postings! Lol ;) And I kept checking before I posted a thread too!
    Have a fabulous time in England! :)
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    Janet, LOL we have been waiting for you:) I am glad you arrived save and that you finally had a nap:) You are just going to have to get over to St. John's College:) I have been busy in DMLIMI all morning and just starting to get my eyes oriented again. Have a good time shopping. What is the weather like there today? We broke a record last night for this date. It went down to -23C! We will be having a roast chicken with stuffing and gravy with veggies and all the trimmings for dinner tonight. we haven't had that for quite awhile.

    Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    copied over to the other thread:)

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