Saturday Salutations!

  • chuckieb 5 years ago
    Good Morning Everybody and Happy Saturday! :)
    How was the Steak fundraiser Michelle (sounds like MY kind of fundraiser) :) and what did you buy at the Jewelry party?
    No Lori, I didn't get a call back on my x-rays which is good and means that the pneumonia has disappeared from my lungs. The Dr. said I was to take it easy for awhile and continue the puffer for even longer. I felt yesterday was kind of a test as I was out and about the entire day and although I slept like a log (which is also a good thing) :) I don't feel bad at all this morning. So I think I'm in the clear! How about you? Are those anti-biotics kicking in yet? I hear you on wanting to save your last day off for next month. Hope you managed to tough your way through yesterday at work. How did it go with Jaden and Kynda? Didn't realize Hostess was going out of business.
    Sounds like you had a fun jaunt to the Market yesterday Laura. Does your hair look fabulous now? :)
    Did you get all your crepes and meatballs made Joce? That pull apart bread link was so pretty! :) Very cool ideas.
    So nice to see you yesterday Ang and hope you had a super terrific birthday. Very nice to get an update on how well Charlie is doing and the girls as well. :) What did you end up having for your birthday dinner? I hadn't heard about the Meteor shower last night. Anyone see anything?
    Happy Graduation Tina. Argh on the LG recall. That's awful. Did they give you a date when they'd come to fix it? Yum on your Turkey Alfredo last night!
    Good to see you on last night Dahlia and loved reading about your adventures! I checked out the Longhorn's Menu. Saw a Lobster stuffed filet. Wow! :) You had some lovely meals alright! :) Fun that you got to do some baking with your girlfriend. Your Avatar is cool. What is it? The Shrimp and Lobster dip sounded AMAZING! Cool that you got a nice restaurant recommendation for your next trip. I'm not familiar with Bulgarian food. Did Kris enjoy the Comedy show? Have fun at the Market today!
    Absolutely no clue what I'm doing for dinner this evening but hopefully I'll feel inspired once this coffee kicks in. :)
    Met my girlfriend at a coffee shop yesterday then went to a very lovely independent book store. Popped in to a couple of clothing stores and she bought a dress (which looks AMAZING on her) and a gorgeous, gorgeous sweater. Then down into the Market where we went to two delis and a Chinese Grocer. I had a blast. Got my smoked turkey leg so I can make Tina's sauerkraut soup and picked up some homemade perogies there as well which I brought home as a treat for Benjamin. And then I got a Chinese Hot Pot pot. Was so excited! It looks just like the ones we've been seeing on Youtube videos of making Hot Pot. It's not exactly like the one I'd seen at the Wok Shop in San Francisco (and I'd still like that one as well) but this one is nice and large and it was only $20. I'll include a picture that I got off the Net of what it looks like. They also had the bouillion mixes that you use in them although they didn't have a vegetarian one. Lunch at the cutest little Pub called "The Snug Pub". We both had Sliders and shared a plate of Poutine. DEEEEELICIOUS! :) Back to my girlfriend's where we made our first batch of Cake Pops. It was from a S'mores kit. You bake a chocolate cake then crumble it in a bowl, mix it with marshmallow icing then form it into little balls and put in the freezer to harden. Then you melt chocolate wafers, dip the balls into that and then dip those into crumbled graham wafers. They looked adorable and they were very, very sweet! Had a blast.
    We're going to make a trek into Costco this morning after breakfast. Jim is going to see if he can find some eye glasses there. I am looking forward to just poking about.
    Have a wonderful day everyone. Marie, Donna.....??????
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    A Hot Pot!!! Add that to my list as well as a mortar and pestle.

    What a lovely day you had, Janetl Very nice. Those cake pops sound very cute.,
    I love poutine.....our local Beef o'Bradys will make it up special for you, if you ask.
    Good luck at Costco.

    Fred and I are going to Sam's Club on Tuesday to get our wine for Thanksgiving,
    Although I might just got to Aldi's and get their $3.99 Winking Owl Merlot.

    Dahlia, the hand pies with cheddar sound like a great solution to my T-day dilemma. Thank you for the link. Now I have to go read about your adventures in Chicago. Lobster stuffed Filet/???? Wowser,

    Liv is going to be my extra hands to fix my hair today. I got a gift for my trainer, she is a very patient compassionate person. I donated money to Heifer International in her name.

    Can I just say my nerves are ramping up for tomorrow's first day on the job.

    We are having steak and smashed new potatoes for supper. Green beans ala Deen Brothers Thanksgiving.

    Have a great day!
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning!!

    HI TINA!!!! Good to see you. Regular schedule starts tomorrow, huh? You can do it!! Good idea for you and your buddy to go early and get seats together. : ) Missed you the last few days. Your supper sounds absolutely fabulous. YUMMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!! Enjoy this day off.

    Hey Janet! Sounds like an awesome day, yesterday, Janet. And got yourself some goodies, too. Very cool. Glad you didn't get a call back on the xrays. That's fantastic. I guess I feel a tad better. The sinus headache was awful yesterday, but, a blustered through. Went ok with the kids. They are still here. Taking them home around 12, then we will head off to Christmas shop, and meeting Marty & Robin at Long Horn at 630.
    (The same that Dahlia has been going to). The Snug Pub sounds like a fun place. And cake pops...OMG. And I am totally getting into the pinterest thing...I should never have : ) Found all kinds of neat party recipes. Most of them are in my likes...gonna have to go back and repin.

    LOL Dahlia, GMTA!!!! Long Horn just opened in Turkey Creek, and we are going tonight! Sounds like you had a nice trip to Chicago. That's awesome. Do you think Kris is going to like this job better? I hope so. :)

    Gonna go try to color my hair with the kids here. (yeah, right, lol).Hope I manage to make it through the day. I have to, though. Have very few days off together...gonna have to make the best of it. And I am bound and determined to make it through supper...hope my throat will let me enjoy a steak. I go back and forth between sounding like Barry White, Alvin the Chipmunk, and the "Hoarse" Whisperer.

    I know we have both linked you go again. : )

    Have a great day everyone!!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Have fun at Sam's Tina. Your wine in the States is sooooo much more reasonable priced than in Canada. Canada taxes the heck out of wine. I can buy a bottle of Yellowtail Chardonnay in the States for around $4 I think and yet here in Canada it costs me around $12! No need for nerves for tomorrow. You will soar. There'll be a learning curve obviously, but you are going to do a fantastic job at this company! Your dinner for this evening sounds awesome. I'm there! :)
    Glad you're feeling a little better this morning Lori. Ugh on the sinus headache yesterday! :( Have fun Christmas shopping. And at dinner with your friends. That looks like a super yummy restaurant! Just pace yourself. Take a little breather when you can. Remember to pop your pills. LOL @ your and Pinterest. Totally addicting but so fun!
    Made cheesey scrambled eggs with onions for brekkie. Off to Costco.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Janet, What a cute name for a Pub! Sounds like you had an excellent time yesterday and I am very pleased you are feeling chipper today. That is also terrific your found your Hot Pot too! Have fun at Costco poking around. I only did the meatballs yesterday and not certain if I will get around to doing crepes today either!

    Tina, Congrats on graduating and no doubt in my mind you will do very well tomorrow. What a thoughtful gift you gave to your trainer. I just goes to show you get what you give in life and I am sure it was much appreciated by her. Way to go Liv for helping you with your hair too! Have a good day off and enjoy that yummy steak and smashed potatoes and it sounds like you are getting all organized and arranged for your T Day dinner good4U!

    Lori, Very cool the Long Horn is the same as the one Dahlia was talking about and so pleased you are starting to feel a bit better today. Maybe those antibiotics are really starting to kick in now. Crossing my fingers they are helping you so LOL you don't sound like Barry White, Alvin or a Hoarse Whisperer! Here is hoping you sail through the day so you can chomp down a great big yummy steak. tonight.

    Dahlia, Wow sounds like you had a fabulous time in Chicago! All your food descriptions have me still drooling. I don't think I have had Bulgarian food before but I Googled it and the pics of food look amazing and yummy! I do hope you get to try some on your next trip.

    Den did the rest of the shopping this morning and we just put all the stuff away. I will be having scallops tonight with asparagus and either rice pilaff or a baked potato. Other than that I am not up to too much today.

    Hey everyone have a great day!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Hello! It's pouring rain here, we just got back from Thanksgiving grocery shopping in Chico..Rick picked out a 19 lb turkey..I told him we didn't really need that big of a bird, so here come the turkey leftovers for a while! Having my family this year, so I need to get as much done the day before like the deviled eggs, pies, what else can I do ahead of time? Stuffing??? Also checked online you need 24 hrs per 5 lbs of turkey thawing time in the you think that would be enough time? Sorry about all of my Thanksgiving questions, I tend to "freak out" when I have to cook for others Thanksgiving day:)

    Hope everyone is well, I've missed a few days and I need to catch up with all of you!!!

    Dinner will be Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken.......
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Marie, Holy! That is a big bird for I am going to guess 4 or 5 people! I have never thawed a turkey out in a fridge like that either. I doubt if it would hurt it at all to leave it out for say 4 fours to get sort of started it would still be frozen solid then too. What else are you planning to make for Thanksgiving dinner at your house?
    Yum! I love Chicken Alfredo I must put that on my to do list. We haven't had that in quite some time. Ugh on your rain!
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Yum on the dinner plans, Marie. Very similar to our dinner last night which Fred is eating for his lunch today. Don't work yourself into a tizzy, dear. I'm sure you will be fine. Yes, you can assemble the stuffing ahead of time and just heat when ready. has a neat list of tasks to do in order not to go crazy. You are already ahead of the game with the final shop done.

    I have to pull my turkeys from the freezer and transfer to fridge on Monday. I saw
    "the best thing I ever,.....was Thankful for" this morning and Claire Robinson raved about a smoked turkey sandwich with white Barbecue sauce. I have to do one, just like it. It looked insanely good on an onion roll with a pickle!!!

    Raining, we have been without and the yard looks sad......not a drop. No complaints however, I am enjoying the misty mornings and fog.

    We used to have a Longhorn steakhouse here, but no longer? I liked their food a lot.

    Joce, scallops and asparagus are a sublime meal. Good for you.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    LOL Tina, That is a long long list of tasks! I just wears me out reading it! I don't know how you do it all only to do it again in a month either! The smoked turkey sandwich sounds absolutely delicious!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Have a nice laid back day Joce! Jim would love scallops and asparagus for dinner. I've decided I'm going to make Frankieanne's
    Copycat Sizzler Malibu Chicken
    for dinner and have to think of some sides. A baked potato would by yummy and easy.
    Have some frozen Spinach Lasagna down in the freezer I can heat up for Benjamin.
    Sounds like it's full speed ahead on your end Marie. Very fun you're hosting the big Family Thanksgiving dinner. I picked up a little Turkey breast at the grocery store today as I want to do a mini US Thanksgiving dinner so I won't feel left out. :) Yum on Fettucine Alfredo. I'd be like Tina and take my turkey out on Monday and thaw it in the fridge and it'd be good by Thursday.
    Tina that Smoked turkey sandwich with white BBQ sauce sounds awesome. Would I be able to find that on the Net somewhere?
    Jim managed to order his new prescription glasses at Costco for two hundred dollars cheaper than the Optometrist wanted. I re-stocked the bird seed, bread, etc. and got a good deal on boneless,skinless chicken thighs and wings. (Gonna try a new Thai chicken wing recipe in the crock pot this week) Stopped off at a really nice little Chinese Grocery store and found a bunch of ingredients Benjamin requested for making Hotpot. Found a peppercorn oil called "Prickly Oil". LOL! Grabbed some groceries and some wine and we are stocked for the next bit! :)
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Joce, yes, it's a big bird!!! We will have enough to send leftovers home with my family, and we adore turkey cranberry sandwiches..soup..Dahlia was saying I could use turkey in her Good Luck Chicken Chow Mein recipe as well!!

    Tina, thank you so much for the link!!! I really don't mind cooking for Thanksgiving, just trying to time it so everything is done at the same time kindof throws me off a bit!!!

    Janet, love malibu chicken:) Such an easy and delish recipe!!! I picked up a cabbage and tomato soup, I want to try making your Cabbage Rolls tomorrow for a nice comfy Sunday dinner:)
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Lori, feel better soon!!!

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