Shake it up Saturday!

  • chuckieb 5 years ago
    Good Morning everybody! Here's to a fun filled day ahead!
    I have to run into town and grab some groceries for the week ahead but other than that I think we will be in cocoon mode! :)
    We LOVED the
    Dirty Mashed Potatoes
    last night Lori, and I've written them up in IMI! :) They were fabulous!
    We heard from Benjamin again and are going to set up a Skype call for this evening. :) Pic below is one he took of Street Art on the side of a shop and the pic in my Avatar is of the Chengpin Mall in Xiemending. He was out at a Chinese-English Meet up group the night before last and went out for lunch with some other expats yesterday and says he got some really awesome fried rice mixed with kimchi. Which he's never had before.
    I am going to grill up that Asian Brined Game Hen recipe for this evening. Really looking forward to it. It's got Star Anise in it which I've always thought were the coolest looking things ever. :) Also made up a Batch of Chicken and Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai). Should be a feast.
    Here's to a less stressful day for you today Marie! :) How did the Tex Mex Eggrolls turn out?
    Dahlia...are you feeling any better this morning?
    And've got your Girl's Party tonight! Have a BLAST!
    Who won the shrimp throw down Laura? Your green carnival glass punch bowl sounds beautiful by the way!
    Joce...we didn't see you yesterday! :(
    And Lori, I see on FB that you had a successful shop last night! :) A busy day for you today too. Have fun! was your shift?
    "Hi" to Kimmer and Michelle.
    Oh....I made another new recipe last night too. I am really low in the veggie bin department but did have an avocado and a red onion and came across a recipe of Pat's. :)
    Avocado And Onion Salad
    Super simple but very yummy. I'm relatively new to Avocados. I'd had Guac before but it wasn't until I started on GR that I actually started making salads and recipes with them. Thanks Pat! :)
    Have a great day everybody!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Janet, Yes, today is a much better day:) Glad to hear Benj is settling in well! Love the pic..looks like an interesting place, so colorful! The egg rolls were very good!!! I'll have to post in IMI here in a bit..Rick LOVED them as well..I will be making these again!!

    Not quite sure about dinner..we will be watching the SF 49'ers and Packers at 5:00 so might do some apps, etc for dinner:) Aaron Rogers is from Chico, my hometown, so GO PACKERS!!!!

    I'll check back, need some more coffee..have a great day everyone!!!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Janet, look what I found Cannellini Stew With Sausage, Kale, Cheese Toasts it's kindof funny, the recipe is from
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Janet, I am finding Taipei extremely interesting and it is great you are receiving an update from Ben everyday with pics and all! I have looked on YouTube at some more of the awesome food they serve in the markets and if there was a way to do some space travel (I only wish!) it would be cool to zoom myself there for dinner some day! Enjoy those Asian Game Hens and soup tonight with all your extra fixings it does sound like a dinner fit for a Queen and King. We did get freezing rain overnight but it is all melted now thank heavens. Have a good shop and a very cozy rest of the day.

    Marie, Enjoy your game and try and relax as you sound like you are going to have a very busy year ahead with Rick's business taking off so well. Which is really great by the way!!! LOL Marie you are such a Kale Card:)

    Dahlia, I hope you are feeling better today.

    Tina, Hoping you have a good shift today.

    Lori, I hope Bryan is able to enjoy his party tonight and is feeling much better and sending Happy Birthday wishes to Kynda on her birthday party today too! Have fun!!!

    Did groceries this morning and have a bunch of meat all nicely packed away in the freezer now. I will be having leftover stew for dinner and Den his normal burgs. I am just going to stay out of trouble today.:-)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    I bookmarked that recipe Marie. Jim is thinking of watching that game as well. Cool on Aaron Rogers being from your hometown. That always adds a neat aspect to it. LOL @ the cannellini stew. It looks quite yummy EXCEPT FOR THE KALE PART!!!! :) Funny about CatMarie6. That could be your name too. Are you sure you don't have three different accounts? LOL!
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning!

    I want Benjamin's kimchi and rice!!! I love kimchi. So good for you. Fermented cabbage, who knew? Your menu sounds awesome Janet. I'd love that soup as well. Enjoy your cocoon day and skype time.

    Marie, there you go again, with the kale recipes.....ugh. LOL I'm glad you are having a better day. Did your snow stick? Or is it just doggone cold? Have fun with the playoff game....that is what I miss working this shift, no clue who wins in tight games. Go Packers, just for you. (Fred likes them too.) Sounds like you should have tailgate food....enjoy.

    My shift was great until my last call of the night. Some unpronounceable name demanding that I look up a transaction from 2011 in the summer, he thinks. We only keep the statements for 3 months to view transactions. He flipped his lid when I told him I could order the statements to be mailed to him in 7 to 10 days. And he got angry over the security questions....who are you? do you need the name of my grandfather as well? Rude Rude Rude. UGH. Slept poorly kept hearing his stupid sitar music.

    Laurie, have a grand time with your girlfriends.
    Lori, busy lady, hope all the celebrations are wonderful and Bryan is up to snuff.
    Kimmer, Michelle, hello to you both! Busy busy lives, you lead as well.
    Dahlia, did you see the list I posted the other day. Hope you feel better.
    Joce, hope all is well. Take it easy my friend.
    Okay, Laura, spill the beans who won the shrimp cookoff? You had a great day meandering yesterday.

    I'm taking a chicken salad lunch. Wish I had an avocado now, love them in so many dishes. Makes me miss Mom's avocado tree more than ever.
    Signed up for a lot of overtime in the next two weeks so that I can cover the copayments on Fred's upcoming surgery. Turning into a very expensive tooth and jaw ailment. Thank goodness for insurance, it could be much worse.

    I'm mainlining the coffee to get my lazy tired brain awake.
    Make it a great day, ODD family.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    SP Joce! It is awfully fun to get reports from Benj back telling us all about the sights and sounds. Our driveway is super slippery with the mix of ice and rain. Talked to my Mom this morning and she made it back safe and sound with her drive yesterday so I was relieved. I'm surprised there was room in the freezer for more meat! :) Yum on your dinner.
    Morning Tina! I've never had Kimchi myself. Sorry your shift ended on a bad note. When you deal with the public in any fashion you're bound to get a crazy one every now and then. Mmmm on your chicken salad. Jim especially loves that and I haven't made it in forever. Will have to make myself a note. Have a good day.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Joce, I even crack myself up sometimes..I am a kale card!! LOL Yes, busy is better for sure..nothing worse than sitting waiting for the phone to ring:) Make it a great day dear:)

    Janet, I thought the stew looked yummy EXCEPT FOR THE SAUSAGE PART! LOL Wasn't that funny... CatMarie..:D

    Hi Tina:) Sorry you had to deal with the rude person..don't you wish you could just tell them to take a hike? No the snow didn't stick..just tiny little flakes..It's 26 degrees right now..cold enough.. I ADORE chicken salad with avocados..I need to make that soon..have a good dayxoxox

    Posted Laurie's Low Fat Tex Mex Egg Rolls in IMI..they were sooooo good:)
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Shrimp cookoff was postponed. Probably do that today. Last night we just didn't have he energy required. I'm off to the garden now. Such a beautiful day cannot be spent in doors. Hugs all be back later.

    I'll be making those Low Fat Tex Mex Egg Rolls soon. Probably for SuperBowl Graze Buffet.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Laura, you'll be pleased with the egg rolls..great idea for a Super Bowl get-together:)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    26F in Magalia, California and here in wintry? Ottawa we're sitting at 39F! Unseasonably warm for us and all our lovely snow is melting. Don't get me wrong...we still have plenty, but it's drippy out there.
    I've never had a chicken salad with avocados.
    Envying you your beautiful day Laura and your garden time.
    Just got back from town. Was surprised our grocery bill was still fairly substantial even though I was just buying for two, not three! :) But I got some fun stuff and am looking forward to trying out some new recipes in the week ahead.
    Jim has called his friend up and invited him to join us for dinner and then stay to watch that Football Game. Always nice to have company.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    If anyone has a super quick easy Asian appy or salad I'm a lookin' for one! :)
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Janet, these look good..don't know if their quick & easy..Crab Rangoon Stuffed Wontons
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Thanks Marie. Those DO look good. :) And I've never had Crab Rangoon before. I did bookmark them for future nummies but I think I've found a cucumber salad that is easy peasy and will fit with my theme.
    Korean Spicy Cucumber Salad
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Janet, Here are a few things I have found depending on what you have on hand you could fake or experiment with some of these a bit with what you have possibly?
    with some sort of bread??
    You could add shrimp to this if you have any of the ingredients.

    I hope this helps or serve your mushroom toasts.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Wow! Thanks so much Joce! That Thai Cucumber Salad looks almost exactly like the one I found on GR. Gonna go with that. The Lettuce wraps looked really yummy. Jim's supposed to cut down on carbs so I actually have a similar recipe bookmarked and on this week's menu board. Can't wait to try it. I 'pinned' :) the Rice Noodle and Vegetable salad recipe. That was very sweet of you to dig those up. :)
  • DetroitTokyo 5 years ago said:
    Feeling a bit better, thanks for asking! Busy day, spent with my brother who heads back to California tomorrow. Dinner was nachos thanks to a craving Kris had. Very good. Watching Miss America pageant talent portion. Tina, yes I saw the list thank you. I haven't been to the majority of those places but now I'd like to. Goodnight all! Hope to catch up tomorrow.

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