Sunny Sunday

  • sparow64 5 years ago
    Good Morning!

    What's everyone up to? I'm just chillin' and watching Food Network. Janet, I just saw the Trisha Yearwood show...(don't know what it's and she made a lasagna that has Benj's name all over it. :) And a Thai salad that most everyone here would love, I think. Garth was on it with her, and made his Mom's Peanut Butter Balls, they are on my list of Christmas goodies to make now. So here are the recipe links for y'all to look at if you want to.

    Black Friday didn't go so well...went a couple of places in Knoxville, and had a major car issue. Got to ride home (45 min away) in the cab of a tow truck. Here's hoping it's covered by the warranty. So, my errands got cut short. Went back yesterday in Bryan's car. Actually ran into my mechanic and his wife. He hasn't looked at it yet, it was about 5 when we pulled in with it on the tow truck Fri. But just by our conversation yesterday I could tell that he'd rather it NOT be covered by warranty so he doesn't have to fool with trying to get paid by the warranty company...and the little light bulb went off! They probably drag their feet paying him, and he'd rather just charge ME. Hmmm....I really think this is NOT going to be something minor...I also think it might well be motor related. We will see. Thanks for the good vibes!

    Been going through pictures to see what to put up here, and had a hard time deciding on only 3 from this album. :) This is from a big snow we had in the Smoky Mountains a few years ago. And you can see where we started off in the beginning of the TN side that there wasn't much snow...but you can see snow on mountains in the distance...we are going up there...that's the TN / NC line. And when we get up there, you can see the mountains with no snow in the distance...that's looking back to where we started from. My avatar is some major icicles on the mountain. I may put the whole album on picasa after while...some pretty pix.

    I will be back to chat in a few...
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Darn it...put 2 up of snow in distance instead of the one on the top of snowy
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Laura, so very nice to be asked out on a date by hubby first thing in the morning. Very nice indeed. There used to be a movie theater in Knoxville with tables, and cushy "leather" chairs on rollers. No rocking chairs. We used to go there with friends (back before kids) and get pitchers of Long Island Tea and bar food, like nachos and potato skins. Food and drinks were good, and the movies were actually cheap. (Food and drinks were not I saw 48 Hours there. And a few others.
    Love Sean Connery. I need to see Sky Fall. Love your movie foods.

    Tina, thanks for suggesting my
    Cheesy Crescent Nachos
    I haven't made them in a long time. I think I should put that on the Super Bowl list. Hope you have a great day at work.
    Lobster Nachos, huh? Still have to go back and look at them. Sounds right up my alley. So sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. It's a terrible disease.

    Joce, sorry to hear you have colds. I'm STILL getting over this crud I had. Still have a raspy voice after a week. Take care and drink plenty of fluids. (Like you didn't know to do that. :) )

    Marie, I'm so glad you liked the pinwheels. Thanks for the nice review and pix.

    Janet, I have never had fennel either. Very eager to hear what you think of it. Never had a parsnip either. Geez..I have lived a sheltered life when it comes to food...

    Oh Dahlia! Hangovers are NO FUN. I am getting too old for THAT. Hoping I don't have one next Saturday! lol

    I did get some cute things for Hil at Wet Seat yesterday. My little girl is growing up. Her tastes in clothes are changing from what she currently has...well...she IS 20 after all...I guess it's time for tastes to change somewhat. She asked for clothes and a new bed set for Christmas. WHAT? No video games?? She really IS growing up. AND...she broke up with the jerk boyfriend. BUT, maybe for good this time. She says she knew she was finally over him because she's crushing on a guy at work. And she apparently broke up with him a few weeks ago and just told me. She's not all weepy etc like she has been every other's hoping. Now if HE would just leave her alone and quit threatening to harm himself.

    Got the new tree decorations. :) Well...all except the garland. (It's a 7 foot tree, Janet...I think you asked?) I would have had more time if I hadn't HAD to find a pair of jeans. I have 2 pair, that I have had for 3 or 4 years. And the seat ripped out of BOTH of them!! OMG. I'm hard to fit. Big stomach, flat (if not concave) butt, and small thighs. Designers think all women that wear a 14 have BIG butts and thighs...or at least curves in those areas, lol. I couldn't tell you how many I tired on. Found one pair. I don't like them, though. I want straight legs. I don't wear boots, and bootcut is all I could find. Well, that or skinny jeans, and THAT is NOT happening. I will probably take them to the seamstress across from the office and see if she can take the flair out. Friday is our Delbert McClinton concert, so, had to get some this weekend.

    Good thing about the car breaking down Friday was that I came home and cleaned and did laundry that was planned for Saturday. :) Now I can work on recipes for the Christmas party, etc.

    Made French Toast ala Alton Brown this morning. Supper will be whatever needs to be used in the fridge...which could mean a trip around the world in one meal. :)

    HI to everyone and have an awesome day.
  • jett2whit 5 years ago said:
    Hello everybody!
    Please help me get the spammers off of my latest recipes - block Gloing28 please!
    Love the pics Lori!
    Jett :-D
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Jett, go to the Help group and start a new thread, with the member names of the spammers. Kris will remove their membership.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    you can delete the comments.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Morning everyone! Don't know who Trisha Yearwood is Lori but those recipes do indeed sound excellent. I'd never heard of a lasagna with black beans in it before. I have a recipe for Peanut Butter Balls that I've made for years. Never posted it on here so should try make some up in the next while and do that. They are to die for. Honestly can't believe you had more car troubles. Unreal! When do you find if the repairs are under warranty? I feel horrible for you I really do. Refresh my memory if this mechanic of yours was recommended by someone you know? Love the pictures of the Smoky Mountains, especially the ice on those rocks. I really would like to see them some day. Also sorry to hear you haven't managed to shake your bug. :( LOL @ the change of gift choices for Hil. Very cute. And whoo-hoo on the Jerk boyfriend being dumped. Go Hil! :) Nice that you did get some tree decorations. A 7 ft. tree is a nice size! I've been going through Christmas recipes too. Have invited friends over for dinner late Dec. and want to do it up nice!
    Hi Jett! Ya, those spammers have been a nuisance lately.
    Haven't thought about dinner yet. Made poached eggs and peameal bacon for breakfast and called my Mom. Am thinking about running into the grocery store to pick up a few more things but don't know if I really need to or not. Fridge is pretty full already! :)
    Hope you are feeling back to tip top this morning Dahlia.
    That description of the fennel and pancetta pizza had me drooling Tina. :) Prayers going out to your friend. How awful. Hope Liv and Fred got home safe and sound and at a decent hour. Yum on your turkey croquettes. Are you working tonight? When is your next three days off?
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Good Sunday (it is Sunday, isn't it?) morning!

    Lori, yes the pinwheels were a huge hit, Rick said they "were delightful" he doesn't usually talk like that unless he really likes something:D LOL
    So sorry to hear about your car problems, your mechanic should check and make sure it's covered by the warranty! Keep your eye on him..get everything you are entitled to, even if it means he has to wait for his payment from the warranty Co...
    Love the pictures!! Just beautiful!

    Jettt, seems like the spammers are really targeting your page...Lori's right, Kristopher will take care of it..

    Hi Tina!

    I don't have a clue about dinner, it won't be turkey, that's 1 thing I do know for sure:)
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Have to get a shower and get ready for work in a hurry.
    Sorry you had such a crappy day, Lori. Awful about the car, hope it get resolved to your satisfaction!!!! Saw that Trisha show too. Food looked good. They are cute together.

    Thanks for the thoughts on dear Bruce. They live in Franklin NC and they often send pictures he has taken of the snow, Bless him.

    I am freezing the leftover turkey and stock. Don't have time to mess with it til I get a day off. Having a PB&J for supper.

    Hugs to all.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Janet, SP..I knew I was typing slow:)

    Tina, thought & prayers going out to your friend xoxox
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hi Marie! LOL @ no turkey on your menu today. :)
    Freezing your turkey and stock's a good idea tina. Have a good shift!
    Decided to make Beef Bourginourne for Jim and I for dinner. I'm not a huge fan but Jim likes it and I have some beef cubes down in the freezer I need to use up. Probably make fresh pasta (from the store) and sauce for Benj.
    The sun is out. It's a nice looking day here.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    This recipe is similar to the one I'm making but mine doesn't have bacon or potatoes in it.
    Beef Bourguignon
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Hi Janet! Bryan has known the mechanic for years, they went to school together. And he has done all of my work on 3 different cars for the 7.5 years I have lived her. But since this last bout with my car, almost everyone we know has shared horror stories about issues with him and their car, and not trusting them. He's always done a good job by me before. Hopefully he will look at it Monday. He's closed on Saturdays. Trisha Yearwood is a famous country singer, and she is married to Garth Brooks. He discovered her, actually. He was married to someone else for many years. After Trisha was famous hey and his wife divorced and he married Trisha. Hmmmm.....makes you wonder. But, yes, they are very cute together. She has a gorgeous voice. I'm not really into country, but, I like some of her songs.
    I LOVE her version of this song. She actually sang it as the theme song for the movie Con Air with Nicholas Cage. (an excellent movie, tbw) LeeAnne Rimes released the same song at the exact same time, which I always found extremely tacky, and it galls me when I hear her version on the radio instead of Trisha's. lol
    And you might know this one...
    I'd love to see your peanut butter balls recipe. Sounds like a fabulous dinner you have planned for tonight. Enjoy your Sunday.
    I just watched the Deen boys do a standing rib roast that I would love to make at Christmas...

    Hi Marie! I consider that high praise, tell Rick I said thanks! : ) Freezing leftovers sounds great. I've been cleaning out the dark recesses of the fridge trhowing away the science experiments!

    Have a good day at work, Tina! I could go for PB & J!
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    I gold Mr to look in the freezer and pick something out to melt while I am doing the ironing. He comes back and tells me he wants the creamed pizza. Off he went to the store for boboli shell but stopped long enough to ask me if I had enough refried anchoveis and pickled hog snouts for my side of the pizza. He is such a silly puddin'
    Of course I do. Giggle!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Interesting on the mechanic Lori. I'll be interested to see what he says Monday too. Our car is actually making some new noises now. We didn't notice when we picked the car up from the Garage Thursday nor did I hear anything Friday when I went into town but yesterday on the way to the hairdressers we both noticed some squeaky noises coming from the suspension in the right front tire? Jim is going to bring the car back to the garage tomorrow to see what's going on. Stupid cars. :) Yes, I do recognize that singer now that I played "How do I live". She does have a great voice. I don't recognize the second song but I do go out of my way to avoid 'country'. :) No offense to anyone.
    I dug out my "Peanut Butter Bon-Bons" recipe. Kind of dangerous as I think I may have all the ingredients. It's unfortunately one of those things that if they are in the house, I cannot under any circumstances not eat them. :) I'll post the recipe as soon as I make a batch. I actually got the recipe back in High School. Grade 8 Home Ec Class. I have yet to find anyone who does not find them addictive.
    Yum on pizza Laura.
    Got my first two Christmas cards wrote up and ready to mail off tomorrow as well as a nice big box of goodies for my Mom. It's her birthday Dec. 4th.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Bought 5 lbs. of carrots on sale Friday for .99 cents. That's a lot of carrots! :)
  • jett2whit 5 years ago said:
    Hey there - I did delete the comment. It seems like the Spammers are targeting me for some reason. Oh well - we'll just delete & report when necessary.
    Hubby is allergic to shrimp & crab after we had that on Friday ... YIKES! He broke out in hives! NOW we know!! LOL - not too funny tho ... he used to think he was allergic but never broke out.. Baby girl came home but was gone most of the weekend visiting her friends. We ate our Thanksgiving dinner all together today.
    Hoping everyone had a super weekend!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Lori, have you seen Trisha Yearwood's show on Food Network? She's a good Southern cook as well! Good that Bryan has known your mechanic for a while, and you've used him before!! that's a plus:)

    Janet, wow on getting some of your cards ready to mail! Good for you!! What are you going to do with all those carrots?? Carrot cake? Juice (it's the best:) Let's us know:)

    Have to run, I'll be back...
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    That's nasty that your hubbie is allergic to shrimp and crab Jett. :( Nice on your Thanksgiving Dinner today!
    I have no clue what I'm going to do with all those carrots Marie. I just couldn't resist the deal. :) I've never made juice. Carrot cake is a good idea. Don't know that I've ever made that either to be honest. I do have a recipe for a really nice Spiced Carrot Soup.
    We are all cuddled up in front of the fire. There's a TV movie on tonight about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton called "Liz and Dick" that I'd like to see.
    Dinner is about to be served. Have a great night all.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Janet, I'm DVR'ing the Liz & Dick movie as well:) Making Spaghetti Pie for dinner..Carrot soup sounds so good:)

    Jett, wow on the reaction your husband has! That's too is he doing??
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Driving home was like being in a pinball machine. Cars swerving and weaving or as Olivia says, "sweaving" all over the road, Crazy people speeding. Ugh. Lots of traffic,.

    Carrots. Hmmm, how about
    Cabbage Carrot Pancakes
    Carrot Vichy Soup
    Carrot Corn Muffins
    Carrot Salad With Cinnamon Vinaigrette
    Cumin Scented Carrot Slaw

    Laura, lol on the ingredients for your pizza....I'm right there with you looking at my stash of anchovies.

    Boo Hiss on the car trouble.

    Hope all have a better day tomorrow,

    Sleep Sweet ala Kimmer

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