Talk to Me Tuesday!

  • chuckieb 4 years ago
    Good Morning everyone! How's everybody today?
    Lovely fall morning here and warmer than it was yesterday. I would like to go out and plant a couple of my new hosta today and maybe even some daffodil bulbs. Want to make those cookies today too, Ginger spice flavour in a tubular shape, ends dipped in cinnamon frosting with a chocolate pearl on each end. Mom and I went to Laura Secord's Chocolate shop yesterday and I found the pearls there. Soooo cute!
    Like the pic of my pc. of modern art? It's my glass top stove element. Ever weird eh? I'd never seen one before. Also got to see the inside of the stove top under the glass for the first time and that's pretty weird looking too. Bill cost me $400 between fixing the dryer and the stove. Ugh. The element alone was $170. Higher than what I was expecting.
    I didn't know that if you commented on a recipe that it instantly bookmarked it Marie? Glad you're getting some lovely weather yourself.
    Hurray on your new van Laurie.
    I had a fun romp around town yesterday. Popped into the Hardware store and visited with everyone. Found a few nice tops at Northern Reflections, my fave clothing store, and then I FOUND BLACK LAVA SEA SALT! I was so excited! I bought two other things from there too. A Saffron Pepper rub and a Tuscan smoke rub. Mmmmmmm....
    After finding the salt, I headed to the cheese store as Luisa's recipe calls for a rind on goat's cheese which I wasn't familiar with. I'd ask her if she could recommend one and she'd said Bergeron but the store didn't have that. Instead, after listening to what I was going to do with it, the guy sold me a French goat cheese and one from Quebec so I can do a taste test and see which I like better. I'm very pumped. Not sure when I'm going to make the salad yet but sometime this week. It was a lot of fun tracking down the ingredients.
    Picked up our $19.99 meal deal and had a nice dinner (so much food!) and watched TV. There's a new series on of Sleepy Hollow where Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman get transported into the 20th Century. Pretty fun. :)
    Had nice chats with both Benjamin and Jim first thing this morning. Benj is looking forward to having Thursday and Friday off for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Jim is going out for dinner with a Colleague to the Cambridge Chop house which is located directly across the street from King's College. Gorgeous view! So envious!
    Hoping everyone is having a great day.
    Whoop Whoop on your first day at your new job Lori! :)
    Tina...are you off today?
  • laurieg 4 years ago said:
    Got into the new car this am to take the girls to school and it was notifying my that I had low tire pressure? They put four new tires on it and a new battery? None of the tires looked low so I decided to just drive to gas station and add some air. Drive about three minutes and the notification goes away? Maybe it needed to reset itself?
    Brought the rental car back and had fun at the gas station trying to get exactly how much gas into it that I was given when I rented. Otherwise they charge you $5.50 per gallon and that the insurance doesn't pay for.
    I have an appointment to show my passport and I9 info for another job. I know crazy but this one is more promising than the rest. It is spraying, one direction, Justin beiber, Taylor swift, juicy couture and Elizabeth Taylor. I feel like Parlux (the current company I work for ) is going to cut me. None of their fragrances are selling. We dropped Donald Trump so its Rihanna and Jessica. Along witH Vince Commutto that I am selling but no one wants them :(
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Hi. working from 2 pm to 1 am. Off tomorrow but have early doctors appt. Living off soup and sandwiches. Sent in my bid at work for our new schedules starting 11/3. My current schedule is no longer going to be available. Launched a new application at work and I'm struggling with the change. But it is faster!

    Liv's car tells her about her tires too? These new fangled inventions are amazing.
    Janet, love your appliance may start a new art genre.
    Got togo Hugs all.
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Janet, no, I meant if I comment, I always bookmark the doesn't bookmark automatically..I can't believe you found Black Lava Salt! I've never heard of it! Where did you find it? Glad you talked to Benjamin & Jim this, your boys are in different countries! When will Jim be returning home? I'm envious as well!

    Laurie, watch and see if the low tire pressure indicator comes back on..if so, take it back and have them fix the problem..or make sure you do have the correct tire pressure by having someone check it..good luck:)

    Lori, hope you 1st day at the new job goes very well!!!

    Dinner will be grilled turkey & beef burgers with all the fixin's!
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Hi Tina, SP! Have a good day, hope it goes by swiftly for you!!!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Putting the required amount of gas back in a rental car tank is one of the things that drives Jim around the bend Laurie! :) It used to be okay when they'd send you out with a full tank but now some places are only giving it to you with 3/4 you know how hard that is to estimate! Ugh. Good wishes for the new job.
    Is the schedule you bid for a better one than you have now Tina or no? Good luck with the new app.
    Oh...Okay, I see what you mean Marie. :) There is an older Gentleman that had a booth at my local Farmer's Market. He calls himself "The Salty Don". He carried all sorts of rubs and salts but when I ask him about a month ago if he had black lava sea salt he said no, but that he was about to open a kiosk at a local mall and he was going to carry it there. So sure enough, his kiosk just opened and I went there yesterday and voila...I was thrilled! Jim comes home this Sunday evening. Yum on the burgers.
    Am having a blast with the cookie press and I love the Ginger spice cookie recipe that came with it. Am about to decorate them now. Mom treated me out for lunch. We both had Chicken Quesadillas.
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Salty Don! That's really cool on finding the black lava salt Janet..that was in one of Luisa's recipes if I remember I too shall see if I can locate me some black lava salt ! LOL
    Yum on the spice cookies! I was going to make a batch of Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal No Bake Cookies today but didn't get around to it..My Mom used to make these when we were kids and I just LOVE them:) I add less sugar though, otherwise the are too sweet (for me anyway) I use 1 1/2 cups, NOT 2! We might get some rain towards the end of the week, that's when I like to make soup & cookies:D
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:'s Luisa's recipe that I want to make....
    Heirloom Tomatoes With Panko Crusted Goat Cheese
    Those chocolate, peanut butter oatmeal cookies sound wonderful Marie!
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    That's the recipe!!! Looks delicious Janet..yeah, those cookies are to die for..I just need to make them already! How did your spice cookies turn out? I'll bet they smell heavenly....
  • sparow64 4 years ago said:
    Hey everyone. Thanks for the good thoughts. Had a good day. Already in bed and just checking in from my phone. Lol. Do we live like the jetsons or what? Lol. Walked for almost an hour last night and tonight. By the time I do that shower and press clothes its bedtime. :) orientation tomoro and I found out today that I get my picture made tomoro. It will be on my badge but also on all my emails I send out. Totally changed what I planned to wear. Lol

    Glad u r enjoying the cookie press Janet. Ugh on the bill. Element art is cool.

    Good luck with the schedule bid and new app Tina

    Always love a good burger Marie.

    Laurie, what Marie said! Lol

    Nite all!
  • sparow64 4 years ago said:
    Also meant to say congratulations to Laurie!
    And I love salty don!
  • sparow64 4 years ago said:
    And Marie I love those no bake cookies!!! Those are a staple at school around here. I won't tell u what we called them! Lol. I love them. Glad to have the recipe.

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