Trying Thursday

  • notyourmomma 5 years ago
    Hello, dear ODD friends! Sending hugs to all.

    Joce, I'm hoping you are feeling better today. Sorry you lost the tooth. The appraiser is late. I'm enjoyed my coffee on my purple bench. Mid 70's this a.m., very low humidity, lovely.

    Janet, sending you good wishes. So happy you are bringing your mom home for treatment and for the companionship alone. Having her so far away would be worrisome. all the best.

    Laura, hope you get to take advantage of the lovely break in the is so pretty outside.

    Laurie, are you working? Are things getting back to normal? How are the girls? Have your WW meetings settled into a routine?

    Kimmer, hello love! Great weather today, isn't it? Too soon it will be too hot to breathe outside.

    Lori, sending you support and prayers.....dearest friend. Love you.

    Dahlia, great the quinoa!!!! Hope you stop by to chat soon.

    Marie, how are you holding up? How is the foot? Are you off to mow this week?

    Collard and corn pie was a huge hit. Ate some for breakfast. Leftover steak will become fajitas tonight. It was a bit chewy.......not a tender cut. Going to make guacamole and shred some cheese and make some pickled red onions.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Gee I had a whole spiel ready to post and the whole screen went wacky!

    Tina, You are a natural landscape designer it looks just spectacular! Maybe you could do some designing like that on the side. Your nails sound lovely the colours are right up my ally. I think you are more then correct on the energy efficient A/C unit. It will pay for itself faster than you think. We bought an energy efficient Trane gas furnace a couple of years ago and of course Den was a nay sayer b/c of the money like Fred but now every time we get the bill. It is him who says it was the best idea and thing we ever did to the house. Our old furnace was something like 50 or 60% efficient and the new one is 95% efficient. The difference is phenomenal for the extra comfort efficiency as well. So now it has almost paid for itself with all the efficiency savings. You are right it is a win win situation. Good luck with the appraiser I hope this time all will work out well. Make sure you take the time to get some relaxation time in today and tomorrow as well. Hey I think it is great that whenever you get your nails done you can treat yourself to a great bucket of fish etc. at a reasonable price! You just can't beat that!

    Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and advice:)You guys are the best! I am hanging in there and hopefully it will only be a few more days of all this crap. I am just praying that is the end of it and the trauma from pulling the other two teeth doesn't send off any more messages to the other teeth.

    Kimmer, Thanks for all your info on the medications etc. LOL it sounds like you are my long lost teeth twin:) I have never had a root canal ever that didn't end out in me losing that tooth either. I am going to try using clove oil which you can buy at a drugstore. It is a natural analgaesic and has antiseptic qualities and apparently every one should keep it in their medicine cabinet for emergencies. You can mix it with olive oil and apply it to an angry tooth, gum or even a dry socket and you will get almost instant relief. I have it on my list of things for Den to pick up on his way home from work today. I will report back on how it works O.K.

    Lori, I know it will be a long day for you and your family. Big hug and thinking of you:)

    Marie, What are you up today? How is your foot coming along?

    Janet, I hope you can touch base today and I was thinking about your pirate Mom:) She must still have the tooth she lost out of her plate? If so maybe she could get into a Dentist or Denturist while you are there it should only take a few minutes for them to glue it back in for her. I am sure then she will feel even better when it is done. Just a thought if you are thinking about other things to do.


    Laura, What are you up today?

    Laurie, Are you working if so sending good sales vibes your way!

    Holy I can't believe it is after 1:00 P.M. already!!! I am such a slow typist I better post this!!!

    If I missed anyone blame it on the drugs:)

    Hoping everyone has a good day!
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Hello. I was up to take Dad for his favorite breakfast at Denny's, a Grand Slam for his 89th birthday. Tonight I'm making him ribs, beans, slaw and corn bread muffins. Other than that I am feeling lump like.

    Did some surfing around. Mr says he wants to do some road tripping in Louisiana for his birthday. I've been playing around with a loop from Baton Rouge - Natchez - Shreveport - Lafayette. We'll see how things turn out.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Wow! Laura, A very Happy Birthday to Dad! A Grand Slam breakfast is very apt indeed!!! Oh I would love to go to Baton Rouge and New Orleans and places around there. Good food, good music and lots of fun! You dinner sound so yummy! I am drooling in my gruel! I was actually thinking I might make up some muffins I might be able to lightly chew or gum away on them.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Hi all:)

    Joce, hope your tooth is better and not giving you any more pain..I had a filling today..then I mowed..picked up some green onions & radishes from Dad..feel better!xoxox

    Tina, my foot is much better, still can't walk normal..I do believe I will walk with a limp the rest of my life lol Hope your doing well!

    Laura! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Dad! YEA on being 89! Give him a big BD kiss from all of us "girls"!!!!!!

    Lori, thinking of you....xoxox

    Janet, how is your Mom doing? Hope she's feeling really good:)

    Dinner will be grilled burgers & I'm making a big salad with lots of fresh veggies:)
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Marie, Maybe you should have your foot looked at it has been some time now since you did that and maybe you need a bit of PT to fix something??? I don't know I am not a doctor but you never know? I envy all those nice fresh veggies from your Dad's garden. We can't really be safe putting things into the ground until mid to late May. Burgers and a salad are always yummy! LOL I guess the tooth is fine now that it and the other one is Out! It is just the gum healing process now from the holes in my gum:) It shouldn't take long to heal maybe a few days or so that I just have to be careful. It is just a pain in the butt!
  • mandymoore 5 years ago said:
    WOW! It has been so long since I posted anything I am out of the loop! how is everyone? I am feeling better, still have my down days but on the whole definitely not as bad as I was last year!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hi Guys!
    Joce......SOOOOOOO sorry to hear you lost another tooth and I will send big, big vibes to your other teeth to behave themselves and just let you heal. My parents used to use that clove oil stuff and I did too when I was young. It has a nice smell :) and I do remember that it worked virtually instantaneously. Hope Den managed to get you some. Good idea on Mom's tooth. I'll ask her. I'm betting she threw it out though but it's worth checking. There is no Dentist here in Rainy River. If we get all her other ailments fixed up in Ottawa I'll get her into a Dentist as well before bringing her home.
    Tina, your new nails sound lovely and what a fantastic deal on the fish dinner. You'd be crazy not to get that every two weeks! Your steak and salad sounded amazing. I checked out the link for the Mid Peninsula Seafood Co. What a fun place. That could be dangerous alright. :) Their prices are really good and how lovely you can buy just the seafood there as well to cook up for yourself. Did the appraiser show up yet? Your fajitas sound yummy for tonight too. Jim has a thing for heating systems and efficiency as you know. He'd be all over that. Sounds very cool. On a side note, he has been having more troubles with our heating system at home as well as the water heater which is part of it. He complained to the owner of the company we bought it from and they are going to replace it for us with a new generation of the same unit. I'm still a little worried. :)
    Kimmer you had me giggling in the middle of the Rainy River Library as I read your recipe for tooth pain relief for Joce. You're a sweetheart.
    Big hugs going out to Lori today. I believe today is her Mom's funeral.
    Happy Birthday to Dad Laura. Loved the pic of him on your FB page. How lovely. And what fun for him to get taken out for breakfast and have such a lovely DIL to make him his favourite dinner. It does not get any better than that. Hope you get some energy back soon. Your trip sounds so fun. I'm going to google those places as I've never heard of Natchez or Lafayette. I love road trips.
    Your Dad's garden produced radishes and green onions already Marie? Holy smokes! I am so envious. Your dinner sounds lovely. Mom's doing okay. She's just anxious to get the referral to the Ottawa Dr.'s. I called the Clinic today and it doesn't look like anyone was working on it. I told them I'd call again tomorrow. They are closed over the weekend but I am totally up for going there every day, sitting in the waiting room and glaring at them until they get plans in place. I am seconding Joce's motion for you to go see a Dr. about your foot. You don't play around with some things and now the pain is gone and you're still not walking properly. You do not want this to be a forever thing. Just go get an x-ray and make sure it's just a waiting thing and not a need to do something thing.
    Hi Mandy!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Brought Mom to McDonald's across the border for breakfast this morning and we did some laundry. Did a bit of shopping and went in a very nice store over in Baudette as Mom wanted to look for a new pr. of moccasins. They're easier to slip on her feet than shoe shoes. Found both a pr. of moccasins that she loves but also a really pretty fleece jacket with bears on it so I bought both of them for her for Mother's Day. She was really tickled and I'm happy I found a good gift! :) Had leftovers for lunch, went for a walk and just as I was about to drive into town my cousin Cam dropped in. Haven't seen him for a few years. Such a nice guy. Looks a little like my Dad which made me tear up a little. :) Now I'm at the library getting caught up on email and ODD. It's my me-time. :)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Googled Natchez. There's a Natchez in Mississippi and one in Louisiana. The one in Louisiana only has a population of a little more than 500 people. What is there that is drawing Mr. Suchafuss out of curiosity? And Lafayette...Cajun country. Very cool. I saw something about a Blue Moon Saloon that plays nightly music. Very fun! :)That's quite a road trip Laura. Florida - Louisiana.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Oops....dinner.....Smokies (sausages) and Potato salad. And a Sens Game if I'm lucky enough to find it on Mom's TV channel line up. Cross your fingers.
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Hey everyone
    Yup worked at Macy's, I think I need everyone to send me good sales vibes this weekend it's been so bad! I'm not working tomorrow frank took a vacation day, he needed it and he had plenty. Not sure what we are going to do but I'm hoping he is up for pulling out all the patio furniture and setting up the yard. Lol. Both kids have plans after school so we have the whole day to ourselves.
    He has this lump on the bottom of his neck that he needs checked out and although he works in a hospital he doesn't feel comfortable seeing the doctors he works with. Ugh! And soonest appointment he can get with his primary is next Wednesday. He thinks its nothing but he has had a tumor on his liver(that was benign thank god) in an inoperable place. He also had one on his hip that was also benign but needed to be removed. And he has had pre cancerous polyps removed from his colon and a cancer on his back removed last year ( I found while putting sunscreen on him). I just want it checked he was gonna wait before calling and I said to him. If it was me what would you say to which he replied tell you to see a doctor. Why is it if its me he is calling an ambulance but if its him he wants to wait???
    I don't think it's his thyroid because its right above his collarbone.
    Taco salad for dinner tonight.
  • DetroitTokyo 5 years ago said:
    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been really tuned in. I'll try to get in here and chat one day soon. Wishing you all well!!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Joce, I really don't think I need to go to the Dr for my foot, I just pulled a muscle really bad, it's really fine...I'm just so used to walking with a limp, I continue doing so..need PT for walking normally lol I'm the type of person who goes to my Dr ONLY when I feel it necessary :D Thanks for your concern, you are such a dear:)

    Janet, so happy your spending time with your mom and you are there for her..makes my heart happy..xoxox

    Hi Mandy:) Glad your doing better..happy to see you here!

    Laurie, sending those good sales vibes your way:)

    Dahlia, so good to see you:)

    I have sure been thinking about Lori..wondering how she is (I know how she is, but hope she is OK)

    Lori, praying for you and your family <<<HUGS>>>
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Yeah its Natchez, LA. Brian wants to see the bridges and docs and general architecture. I have a dead aim on the Mudbug Festival in Shreveport.

    After that I'm happy to do whatever. I have been focusing on any establishment proud of its live music. Found a couple of places.

    Here is a link to the trip map I'm working through. Not done yet but its well on its way.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Fajitas were good. Love guacamole with lots of lime.....more lime more better.

    Joce, clove oil is perfect. I recommend it highly. Mom used to use it for us when we were kids. Thank you for the compliment on the is even prettier with all the mulch in place. I love landscaping and flowers...I am a dedicated enthusiast, not nearly schooled enough to be a pro. Kind of the same kind of interior decorator. I know what I like, but not always what would please others.

    Hi Mandy, please join on in.

    Laura, so happy that Dad liked his Grand Slam breakfast.....89 is a milestone and worthy of a good breakfast out. Glad you are making him his favorite meal, ribs, beans and slaw, yummy!!!! love the idea of a road trip to Louisiana and cajun country. Nice trip.

    Janet, glad you had a successful shopping trip and a nice diversion for Mom. Nice find on the moccasins and jacket. Jim would be the perfect man to lecture Fred on the value of spending to save in the long run. Yes, the appraiser did show up and spent well over an hour covering all the improvements to the house. Our roofer came after the appraiser and determined that our present solar panel is leaking into the attic and is not functioning. He will remove said solar panel and patch the roof for a fair sum. I just have to work overtime for months to cover all of these expenses. Hope you can find your Sens game. I'm going to watch Sherlock Holmes (love Robt Downey Jr.) with Liv.

    Heart's ease to Lori...dear, take care.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Laurie, tie Frank up and get him to a doctor asap. I'm sorry but he needs to be seen for lumps and bumps. I do hope you can get the yard set up. We are anxiously awaiting the pool warm up so I can get some pool aerobics exercise. Melanoma of any kind is scary. And if he already had some removed from his back, you need to be sure and be proactive even if he is not... tell him NotyourMomma said so!!!!

    Marie, I know you said you can handle the limp, but don't be so sure you don't need it to be looked at anyway, honey.......pain is pain....if you can get it fixed or if it is impeding your daily life, it is worth a second look. Take care, dear.

    Dahlia, I hear you on the lack of time...if you are so busy blogging and coming up with daily posts, more power to you. I know my blog has suffered from neglect. Notyourmomma is languishing.

    Laura...I would so love a mudbug festival....I love the whole crawfish experience....suck some head and pinch some tail....with lots of cold beer and zydeco full blast. Much better in my mind than the New Orleans standard visit of a Hurricane at Pat O'brien's, the graveyard tour, the fancy restaurant of Brennan's and Commander's Palace, Duki Chase, the Scotch House, the Acme for oysters.....muffaletta sandwich, the po' boy. Heavens, Naw'lins is a food mecca!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have to spend a full month there just to plumb the depths of the foods.

    Liv and I are going to LaCreperie for breakfast, then to Radio Shack for a power cord, Sam's Club for open house (meat and deli goods) then to Foolish Pride for tattoos. Not for me, but for her........I can NOT stand her last is hideous and I want TJ to fix it. He is great and he can make her sad tree/moon into something special.

    Night all. Project Runway calls and I have to watch!!!!!
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Thanks to everyone. Long hard day. I am trying to read and see what's going on with all my ODD friends, but I'm just not concentrating on matter how hard I keep trying. The dust is beginning to settle from the last few weeks. It's been increasingly hectic since the night of March 15. And now all at once not only is she gone, but, the arrangements made and carried out, services are over...and I keep trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I am not going to be able to call and tell her about tings she'd enjoy discussing.

    The service was lovely, and not too sad, it was just as she would have wanted. It rained yesterday, but we had a lovely day for the graveside service, which I'm glad for. She had many cousins growing up, (that community is so small they were all related in one way or another, lol), and some of them provided lunch for everyone at one of their houses afterwards today. She had a perfect location for it, and was definately the hostess with the mostest. I managed to remember a couple of really good ideas for when guests come, and I will have to share them with you sometime. Her deck had a few different spots wtih a few patio tables/chairs in each, and window seat type benches all along the edge by the yard. Even my cousins from my Dad's side came. It was a great time visiting and sharing memories. I heard a couple of stories about Mom as a child that I'd not heard before. It was just as she would have would have been perfect if she could have joined us. (Even though I'm sure she was there in spirit). I can't wrap my mind around never seeing her here on Earth again...or never being able to call and talk about things like this, or ask a cooking question...but I'm so glad this wasn't any more drawn out for her. She wasn't going to get better here.

    Anyway, I'm monopolizing the conversation, thank you for indulging me. I know you each have your own worries and struggles and ailments. I wish I could concentrate on what I'm reading in here...I don't seem to really be focusing on much of anything right now. I hope everyone is well, and thank you for all your support throughout her illness!

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