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Turkey Thursday

  • notyourmomma 4 years ago
    When we had the lightning storm that blew up my TV, it apparently took out the second frig in the garage. Fred noticed water in the garage under the freezer and the freezer was kaput. He moved the still frozen stuff inside and tossed what wasn't salvagable. I have to cook the turkey that wouldn't fit in the freezer. So it is turkey time here. Cancelled my OT today and spent three hours at Social Security getting Fred's benefits straightened out. I'm beat. Willie just called and he won;t be able to cut our lawn anymore. BOOO!!! Can I just go back to bed and bury my head for awhile? Sorry I've been absent, just too much work and not enough energy.
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    Tina, Your title is very appropriate so I am copying what I in here and if you could please just delete the other thread.
    It is a good thing Fred noticed the fridge! Can you go through your house insurance to cover all the things you lost. It sounds like it might have been a power surge that killed many things for you. Holy you have quite a bit on your plate at the moment! I hope you can get some rest and then get things sorted out. As Pat would say this too shall pass. Your shrimp pic looks yummy!

    Good Afternoon everyone!!!
    LOL I have been waiting and waiting for someone to start the thread b/c I couldn't think of anything original to call it!
    Lori, How did your interview go?
    Janet, Are you still out gadding about?
    Tina, Are you working today?
    Marie, Are you busy today?
    Laura, What are you up to today?
    Laurie, Have a good day at work.
    Dahlia, Donna, Brook, Ang Corinne and anyone I missing drop in for a bit.

    You know sometimes hearing sad news turns into something really good. As I said yesterday my second cousin e-mailed to say her Mom had passed away. She mentioned she had been to California for a vacation and had met her aunt and my other second cousin for lunch when she was there. I wrote back and said I haven't seen them since 1957 when they lived in St. Louis. Well my cousin from California got my e-mail and contacted me and now we are e-mailing back and forth. I said I had a picture of us on a paddle boat called the SS Admiral that we took a trip down the mighty Mississippi on in 1957. It is now a Casino down near the Arch in downtown St. Louis. LOL I have been looking for it and so far now luck. I have so many pictures to sort away in albums yet and I am almost positive it is in one of them. I am battling Den's cold bummer I started with a sore throat this morning and have been taking the throat lozenges and they seem to be working so far. I am not sure what we are having for dinner maybe chicken but it will have to be an easy one as I am just not into it at the moment. Hopefully I can break this coldy thing before it gets the best of me.

    Wishing everyone a splendid day!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    I could totally go for a turkey dinner tonight Tina. :) Sorry to hear about the fridge. That's good you got Fred's benefits straightened out. Sorry Willie can't do your lawn anymore. Is there a neighbourhood kid that might like to make a couple of extra dollars? The shrimp look excellent. Where are they from?
    Joce that is so nice that your cousin in California got in touch with you. Where in California is she? So sorry to hear you have a cold. I have two friends that got super bad ones, so do take care of yourself and take it easy. Sending you some cyber chicken noodle soup.
    Crazy day on my end. Today was the big day we got the results back from Mom's liver biopsy. If you remember, we'd been told about a month and a half ago that the lung cancer had moved into her liver but then another Dr. sent us for a liver biopsy to make 100% sure of that diagnosis and I am over the moon happy to report that there is no caner in her liver. Soooooo that means the cancer is localized in her lung, which is way easier to treat and way better odds and....they did another catscan of the tumour in her lung and it has not grown at all since she arrived in May and they'd done the first that too is awesome. we meet with a couple more Dr.'s and then wait for a surgery date to take the lung tumour out. If they get it all during surgery she won't even need chemo or radiation. I am continuing to let out huge sighs of relief. Soooooo glad.
    On a sadder front, we received a call this morning at 6:30 that our nephew was hit by a car (drunk driver) on his bicycle last night and is in Hospital with severe injuries. He was scheduled to go into surgery this morning as he has numerous fractures, broken collar bone, leg, etc. but then some bleeding in his head increased so they cancelled the other surgeries and are now waiting on a Neurosurgeon. He is talking and he is incoherent and he's hungry. (He's 18 yrs. old. What 18 yr. old is ever not hungry right?) :)
    Gonna make
    Pot Roast
    for dinner and then a batch of Dahlia's
    Lemon Ricotta Cookies
    Did I say today has been crazy?
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Here's the article about our nephew's accident in the local paper there
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    Oh my Janet you have had a wild day!!! I am delighted to hear there is no cancer in her liver PHEW! Yup you are right or they are if the one in her lung hasn't grown they can remove it and it should be done like dinner. My BIL had the same thing happen to him and they got it all and no chemo or anything and he is just fine:) It makes me angry b/c at the get go in Winnipeg they jumped the gun on everything without any proof and making everyone upset and worried for so long. That has been since April or May!
    OMG! I read the newspaper article and I just can't imagine what his parents and family let only Jim and you are going through! I hate drunk drivers with a passion!!! Please keep us informed and I will be praying that he is alright. What is his name if you don't mind me asking? The poor innocent kid! Just shaking my head. Hugs))) To you and Jim.
    My second cousin or maybe third I am not good at all that stuff. Her Mom is my Grandmother's sister's daughter. Any how Mary Pat lives in Southern Orange County which is located between Los Angeles and San Diego, in a city of Mission Viejo. She grew up in Anaheim after they left St. Louis and I was totally relieved to hear her Mom Maxine is still alive and very well living on her own at 85 yrs and still driving around in Corona CA about 40 minutes away from Viejo CA. Mary Pat is a couple of years older than me I think. I will have to ask her but as kids we always got along like a house on fire.
    Yum I love pot roast and it is perfect weather for it and Dahlia' cookies are always a hit.
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Janet, that is great news on your mom. Horrible news on your nephew.......I hope they can treat him and get him back in shape. I love pot roast and those lemon ricotta cookies rock. The shrimp dish is my attempt at a shrimp Naw'Lins creole. There is a puddle of cheesy grits under those saucy shrimp.

    Joce, dear, sorry you are getting sick as well. Sending you hot turkey broth to ease the throat. I can't make anything in volume until we figure out the freezer dilemma. I'm ready to get an upright freezer stand alone and a small dorm frig for the beer and soda. Our homeowners insurance is an option.

    We have a date for the bridal shower, Oct. 5th. Noon. Cookout. Burgers,beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, watermelon salad and cupcakes. Not my choice, the bride's decision. And a Halloween Party afterward for the other set of guests. Ay yi yi!
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Just went to the Pinterest secret board thanks a million for the ideas......I can see this dual party coming together. We will decorate bride and groom Halloween.....have the shower and the Liv can have her party. Dual fun. Love the pumpkin...."Fall in Love"

    I have turkey abundance....tettrazini tomorrow. Turkey croquettes.

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