Weary Wednesday

  • notyourmomma 5 years ago
    Hello ODD friends. Sending you love, hugs and support.

    Lori, my heart is with you. Take some quiet time, to breathe and grieve. Don't let the "have to's and must do's" overwhelm you. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Janet, same advice to you, dear. I'm sending you a virtual hug with all my support as well. Happy belated birthday wishes. And many more!

    So, tired.....I'm barely moving.

    Same old, breakfast.......egg white omelette with spinach. Getting my nails done at 3.

    We have an appraiser coming and I'm hoping the front entry redo will give the house value a much needed boost. Does curb appeal really count? We shall see.

    Did an art project at work last night, we had a decorate the cubicle contest! It was a lovely break from the constant phone calls. My supervisor liked my ideas.

    Dinner to be determined later. I'm to tired to think about cooking until after coffee.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Tina, Your font entry way looks absolutely beautiful! You and Fred did a spectacular job.
    I hope you can get some good relaxing time in while you are off this time cuz you really need it my dear friend. I bet your nails will be fabulous a usual. Let us know what colour scheme she does this time.

    Lori, Hugs xoxo

    Janet, A very Happy Belated Birthday to you! I am very relieved that you are bringing your Mom home with you. She will get much better care in Ottawa hands down. I didn't say anything before but Winnipeg is not known for its medical care at all! Enough said...
    Hoping the best for your Mom and sending you a big HUG. Just think positive and be strong.

    Dahlia, You are posting some absolutely lovely posts as usual:) Don't be shy say hi!

    I am Grrr... waiting to go to the dentist this afternoon again. I have been in just horrible pain and I am not sure if I have another abscessed tooth along with what they call" A Dry Socket" from the tooth extraction the other day. I have had weak dizzy spells from the pain and my tummy is upset on top of my normal day to day pain. I don't think I should drive so Den is coming home to take me to my appointment. I can't even think about food at the moment!
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Poor Joce didnt the doctor give you anything for the pain?
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Yes he did Laura, Codeine but it didn't even touch the pain. That is why I am figuring is is another abscessed tooth. Bummer I hope they can do a root canal on it. I just don't want to lose another tooth. I am getting really too gummy already!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Thanks Tina. The cubicle decorating sounds fun. :)
    Thanks Joce. Oh no on your teeth again. Holy smokes. Hope you get fixed up asap. My Mom has dentures and a few weeks ago she was eating a piece of beef and one of the teeth from the denture pulled right out. She hasn't had time to go get it repaired so she kind of looks like a pirate. :)
    Hi Laura! What's for dinner this evening?
    I'm making
    Fontina And Asparagus Tart
    for Mom and I.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Had an amazing dinner last night. Mom took me across the border to
    It's a very humble little spot and not much to look at but my meal was A-one. I had the Prime Rib and Walleye special. A perfectly cooked 8 oz. pc. of Prime Rib, two pieces of Walleye, hash browns and a bowl of French Onion soup. Of course you can't eat all that so I have half of it left over for my lunch tomorrow. Mom had the half rack of ribs, hash browns and a salad and she did a really good job of finishing it off. :)
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    I am going to broil some tilapia and serve that with broccoli and rice. Just a simple dinner. Barely feel like doing that. Have a lazy streak today.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Lazy is totally allowed and should be thoroughly relished. :) Tilapia sounds lovely Laura.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Well I won't be eating anything solid again for the next few days another tooth bit the dust.
    Janet, I am starving and your dinner birthday dinner last night and leftovers for lunch tomorrow sound absolutely marvelous to me. LOL on your Mom looking like a pirate:)

    Laura, Enjoy your lazy streak today.

    Now I am just waiting for the freezing to come out and biting on packing and gauze and my mouth tastes like a hospital floor or what I would imagine that disinfecting stuff would taste like anyway. Plus my lip seems like it is the size of balloon. It will be soft boiled eggs for dinner tonight with an Ensure. Den can fend for himself.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Joce, you poor dear. Nothing worse than tooth pain. I'm sorry you are feeling so much pain and that description of the hospital floor taste is certainly apt. Custard and soft foods for sure.

    Laura, lazy days are allowed and encouraged. I plan on the next two days for rest and relaxation......won't happen but one can hope, Right?

    Nails are a sparkle copper, teal, gold shatter. Hard to explain but they are "HOT" Worst part is that the new nail salon she works at is close to Mid-Peninsula Seafood Co. Seriously a block and a half away.....They make a bucket o' fish with slaw and fries for 3 that is more than reasonable. I see dinner as take out every two weeks... Has to be next time.....cuz I have strip steak marinating in harissa and garlic to be grilled. Spinach salad with limoncello vinaigrette. A collard/corn tart for our starchy side. (Thank you Bobby Flay Bar Americain) http://www.midpeninsulaseafood.com/

    I hope our front yard curb appeal will boost the appraisal. The back yard is mulched and spruced up as well. House is clean, clean clean. I have an appointment with Lennox on Friday for the solar ready heat pump/ac. And a consult on the wind turbine. Fred is digging in his heels....we would spend 2k up front more but would recoup 35% each month off the electric bill. I see this as a win win situation, he is dead-set against this approach. Ay yi yi

    I'm hungry....dinner is two hours away...Whine.
  • kimmer 5 years ago said:
    Good evening all.

    Janet.....good to hear Mom is coming back with you. Prayers..........

    Laura.....love me some tilapia! What time did you say it would be done?! Lol.

    Joce...........oh no! Tooth pain is like no other. I have had dry socket before and know how painful that can be on top of another tooth causing pain! I share your dental woes with you. I have more missing teeth than I care to talk about. I've had several root canals in my day that I ended up losing the tooth anyway. I have a little med formula that I use with better success than just the codeine. Now this is just what I do and not necessarily suggesting it for you. I don't know what your reaction to medication is. But...........I take the codeine with one ibuprofen, half hour in, I take another ibuprofen. Then two hours later I take two ibuprofen at once. This gives me four ibuprofen within the four hour codeine dose. Yes, it makes my ears ring, but I suffer from that anyway and when you are in that much pain............who cares! Anyway, it seems to work better for me. I know it's probably not good for me, but like I said, when you are in that much pain.............who cares!!!!!! LOL!

    Tina.....do hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation! Your entryway looks delightful! Very inviting!

    Not sure what's for dinner but need to get on that! Boys are usually at youth group on Wednesdays so never a need to worry too much. Apparently though, the youth group leader's grandpa passed away suddenly so it was cancelled. Got to scramble and see what we got!

    Hope all enjoy their evening. Lori........thinking of you and sending prayers...........

    Sleep Sweet All................as always......................

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