Wednesday, October 28th

  • chuckieb 3 weeks ago
    Good Morning Everyone! We have a dusting of snow on the ground! It'll be gone as soon as the sun comes up.

    I have my nerve conduction test at the Hospital this morning and I think it's going to take a couple of hours. Happy to have it finally done. Will bring a book with me.

    Yum on your Burgers last night Karen! And I don't know if I just got mixed up or if I missed something. What's wrong with Mauser? I thought it was the outside cat that got fixed and you had him in a crate separated from the rest, not Mauser. Why is he in quarantine?

    No clue what I'm going to do for dinner tonight. We're talking about getting take out for lunch so it depends how much and when we eat.

    Watched the season premiere of 'This is Us' last night.

    Wishing everyone a great day!
  • LindaLMT 3 weeks ago said:
    Good Morning Everyone.
    Another hot humid day here with a mix of sun and clouds. I can't believe both Joce and Janet getting snow! Yikes! but a dusting looks so pretty and I love watching the birds and squirrels getting their food when it does.

    Good luck with your test today Janet. Hope they conclude something and are able to help. Good idea to bring a book. I went on-line this morning to order Bella hay and the prices for it has jumped too, about $20 more for a 20 lb box. It's now almost $65 plus another $10 for shipping. Everything is going up and not just a couple dollars :(
    I love 'This is Us' and am glad it's back on. DH won't watch it so I watch it during the day.
    We would not mount a tv in the garage, it would have to be wired and the bracket drilled into cinderblock plus we would have to pay up for the connection box monthly, just not worth it for an hour or less time that one of us is out there.
    Wow on seeing all the wildlife activity on your walk.

    I too didn't know Mauser was in quarantine. Is he OK?

    LD ate the 'Green Ju Ju' I mixed in with his dinner last night. Not thrilled to have had it but at least ate it. I could make my own mix which is what I often do but I like this stuff because it's got a bigger variety of veggies and it's got bone broth mixed in which is an added plus. It keeps in the freezer so is nice to have on hand to rotate with what I make.

    No clue about dinner tonight but my neck is aching today so I may go pick up a rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods so I don't have to cook. I didn't sleep well either last night because it was hurting then. I should have taken some Advil but I waited until this morning finally surrendering to the discomfort.
  • LindaLMT 3 weeks ago said:
    I need to use up the carton of mushrooms I bought so will make cream of mushroom soup. I have the ingredients. Then maybe tomorrow I'll cook pork chops in the soup in the crock pot?
  • Good4U 3 weeks ago said:
    The sun is shining here and the snow was gone early this morning. Thank goodness! I hope all goes well with your appointment today, Janet. I haven't watched 'This is Us" it is on Netflix I should see if I like it or not. I hope you find something tasty for lunch while you are out.
    I can understand why you wouldn't want a TV in the garage, Linda. What about a CD player for music or portable radio? I always find I like upbeat music when I exercise to help pass the time. I hope the Advil helped with your pain. I love mushroom soup and I also love pork chops done like that
    Not much happening here today. I am not sure what we are having for dinner but we might pull out some frozen spaghetti and meatballs. We make it in large batches then freeze in individual glass containers then thaw it when needed. All I have to do is boil the spaghetti noodles and salad and garlic bread to go with it. The more I think about it. I think that is what we shall have.
  • chuckieb 3 weeks ago said:
    Hi Everyone! Back from the Hospital and we grabbed Pho on the way home for lunch and it was yummy.

    The appointment went well and they have everything streamlined. It took about 1 1/2 hrs. Both the Dr. and the technician were women which I always love. :) So indeed I've sustained mild damage to my ulnar nerve between the elbow and my last two fingers on my right hand and separate issue, is that I also have some sort of rotator cuff tendonitis. Poo. I was hoping it was just one thing. For the nerve she wants me to not put my elbox on any hard surfaces, chair arms, desk, and even in bad etc. without padding on the elbow and then she's going to contact my Family Dr. to get him to order me an ultrasound on my rotator cuff but in the mean time she wrote a prescription for 3 rounds of physio for it which was awesome. Not sure how I did either thing but hopefully I can fix them both without surgery.

    Had toasted bagels for breakfast and need to unload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen and also portion out the chicken broth I made the other day and freeze it. I grabbed Shepherd's Pie from the freezer to thaw and will throw that in the oven for our dinner tonight.

    We stopped off at a high end Butchery and I bought some meat for Rouladen as well as a smoked turkey thigh for more Sauerkraut soup in the future and two jars of honey which will last us a while. While there I spotted Wagu striploin steaks at like $169 per kg. I ask out of curiosity what one steak normally cost and the guy said $80-$100. Yikes. But he says they're awesome for like an anniversary dinner or something special. He said they melt in your mouth like butter.
  • chuckieb 3 weeks ago said:
    The light dusting of snow was really pretty Linda, almost like a heavy frost. Down the road from us is a small pasture with a pretty log fence and in it this morning were three beautiful Clydesdale horses. It looked like a scene on a Christmas card! Ouch on the price increase on hay. :( I can't say I blame LD for not being over ga-ga about the Green juju. Jus' sayin'. LOLOL. :) Rotisserie chicken sounds like an excellent plan. Hope your neck feels better tonight.

    We started watching 'This is Us' in either the third season or perhaps mid way through the second Joce. I went and got DVD's from the library for the seasons and episodes we missed from the library. Jim found it a tad depressing at the beginning but he's pretty much hooked now I think. LOL. Spaghetti and meatballs sounds yummy.
  • LindaLMT 3 weeks ago said:
    I had a successful shop at Whole Foods. Got a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight that I'll pull meat from and serve over rice with gravy. I'll make a vegetable, just not sure what at the moment.
    Also bought a nice looking dark chocolate Belgium bar and more Honeycrisp apples. I bought ginger root and orange blossom honey and will chop up the ginger root to ferment in the honey tomorrow. A spoonful, once fermented long enough, will be great in tea or as is.

    'This is Us' airs on a prime network Joce so you should be able to watch it on a computer. And you can go back to season 1.
    I'm not a huge music lover and am happy enough for the peace and quiet. I asked DH if he wanted a radio in the garage but he doesn't.
    Yum on spaghetti!

    Is the arm that's giving you trouble the arm you broke some years ago Janet? Hope the physio appointments help and you don't need surgery on either. Yikes on the price of Wagu steaks but you only live once so having them once is a treat deserved.
    I love Clydesdales!! The Budweiser Clydesdales make the rounds yearly here (however not this year) and we seen them one time. Gorgeous animals!!

    The Green Ju Ju LD is partaking in at the moment contains cucumber, green cabbage, broccoli, turkey bone broth, cilantro, chard, coconut oil, blueberries, turmeric, and lemon and it's all organic.
    The other one has celery, zucchini, kale, dandelion greens, parsley, bison bone broth, coconut oil, lemon, turmeric, and ginger and again all organic.
    I could eat it.
  • kimmer 3 weeks ago said:
    Good late afternoon/evening and hello to. My daughter is a HUGE "This is Us" fan Janet. I've seen a few episodes and it's not bad but not really anything hubs is interested in. Good that you got to the bottom of it with your test today. Here's hoping for no surgery! I've noticed many things I buy have gone up quite a bit in price Linda. LD's JuJu actually sounds delightful, lol! Yum on spaghetti and meatballs Joce. We had spaghetti on Sunday and it really hit the spot. I need to make up a batch of meatballs one of these days! Seems as though I remember Mauser having some sort of kitty virus of sorts that was contagious, wasn't that it Karen?? Sorry but my memory is not what it used to be, lol.

    Crispy, fried chicken sammiches here tonight. Have had the chicken cutlets marinating all day in buttermilk, hot sauce and a variety of spices. Will deep fry those. Bought some delightfully fresh bakery sandwich buns today so will butter those up and brown. Will serve with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Just chips on the side as the sandwiches are rather big. Might do a small relish tray for hubs as something extra. Will see. Don't really do much deep frying anymore since it's not all that healthy. But every now and then..............just gotta! Used to do a lot years ago. Would make onion rings, mushrooms and chicken nuggets a lot.

    That's about all on my end. Hope all please try to Sleep (not) so always.......................

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