Wednesday's Festivities

  • chuckieb 5 years ago
    Good Morning Everyone! No cooking for me tonight. Jim has his Company Christmas party downtown after work. I've booked us a Hotel so we don't have to make the long trek home afterwards. Asked for early check-in and late check-out so I have a place to hang. LOL! The meals are pre-ordered. I went with Steak and Jim went with some stuffed chicken dish I think.
    So I'll head downtown with Jim this morning and am going to meet up with my girlfriend to do some stocking stuffer shopping a little later.
    Tina, I showed Jim the picture of where you and Fred had lunch yesterday at De Soto Park. Soooo pretty. Enjoy your game hens tonight. The Feria sauce was AMAZING and both Jim and Benjamin gave it two thumbs up as well. I did do the croutons but my pumpernickel were just little skinny slices so they wouldn't have been as nice and chunky as yours. They did taste fantastic however and I did use the seasoned salt, olive oil and parm over top. I will make a new batch some day to keep in a jar when I get thicker bread. :)
    I've never heard of an immersion circulator Laura so I'm no help. Again I'm on the page where I'm not keen to have my food in contact with plastic so I just store things in glass dishes and mason jars in my freezer.
    Kimmer, nice to see you pop in for a sec last night!
    To everyone else.....have a great day! I'm going to pack my trusty laptop in my suitcase so I'll pop in this aft and see what you're all up to.
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning!

    Janet, sounds like a fun-filled day and evening for you. Glad you got a hotel room. That's always a nice little treat...and we were so glad we didn't have to drive home last Friday night!! Good that they gave you the early / late options. Enjoy your Christmas shopping. I feel so far behind on that...I don't know if I will ever get done. lol
    I looked back, and I don't see a link to pix of Tina's sandwiches!! Gonna have to go look again.

    Laura, they use immersion circulators on Iron Chef allll the time. I thought it was something that power packed marinade all through the meat in the short amount of time they have. But, you can cook with it, too. I did some reading, and everything I read said that it's the best way to cook meats: tenderizes and intensifies flavor as it cooks in it's own juice (yes, the temperature is constant), and it preserves nutrtional values that other cooking methods destroy. Who knew? lol

    I just left my post sitting here for 30 min or busy at work...geeez...don't they know I'm trying to play in ODD??????

    Don't think I will cook tonight, I think sandwiches might be in order. Or leftovers. :)
    Let's see if I missed anyone while I was working.....
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning.....we got our sandwiches to go yesterday from the Toasted Monkey. We drove down to the beach with the top down and let the sun and air clear my cob webs. Of course, a big sandwich, sun, made me sleepy and I slept away my whole afternoon.

    Good plan Janet. Enjoy the party and have fun shopping. Fred and I are going to shop for our Angel tree little girl this afternoon. She was asking for clothes (I think Mom had influence on the list) and we are getting the toys as well.

    Lori, I think I'm going to duplicate your out-of-the-box three item menu and plan a little get together for our friends the week between Christmas and New Year's.
    Two kinds of stuffed mushrooms, two kinds of roll--ups, the veggie tree with a dip and the cheese/salami tree. The two trees could anchor the center of the table as my decoration as well. I'm going to make some cookies to round out the menu.

    Afternoon, I have to update all of my records at the Doctor's/pharmacy. Fill up the gas tank. Go get new wreaths for the front doors. Last years are too shabby to rehab.

    Hens on the menu....they are definitely well seasoned.
    Make it a great day, dear ones.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Janet, Have a great day downtown and enjoy the Christmas party. When does Jim go back to California? I am thinking it must be very soon.

    Lori, I didn't know what an immersion circulator was either thanks for the link. I love that we learn something new in here every day. I don't think I have a need for one but they look like a great idea. Don't work to hard and no doubt in my mind you will put something good together for dinner.

    Tina, Thanks so much for the link to the braised pork with apple cider and ginger beer.
    Now I will have to see if I can find ginger beer. That is so nice and thoughtful of you to shop for that little girl. I am sure she will be tickled pink with what ever you buy her.
    It is good you and Fred like that doctor so much though. It kind of blows my mind that a doctor just decide that he won't do insurance like that? I guess some times we take it for granted here b/c everything is covered in the medical areas like that. Enjoy your shopping day and those Hens should taste lovely after being marinated so long.

    I have to do what I procrastinated about yesterday. Now my list is longer so maybe it was a good thing I waited and took advantage of the nice day yesterday. It is a cool 31F today and it is windy so it will be just in and out of my car running around to stores today. Dinner will be either curried BBQ pork sliders with sweet potato fries and a salad or if I see something interesting while I am out shopping I will pick it up then.

    Hey everyone have a great day!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Good morning:)

    Janet, what a fun evening you have planned! I miss having a company Christmas party to go to:(

    LOL Lori on trying to post and work takes you sound like me when I had a job:D:) We're having sammies as well, french dip I'm thinking...

    Tina, I love wreaths..maybe i could make one for our front door, I have plenty of pine branches just laying around:)

    Joce, my middle name is procrastinate, I'm sorry to say..why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? LOL yum on the sweet potato fries..I was think of baking some potato wedges as well to go with our sammies...I hate frying anything, it's healthier anyway:)

    Pat's Beer Soaked Chops were delicious:) I would probably use less brown sugar the next time around, i might have packed it too well, just a tad too sweet for me...anyway, the chops & chicken were very good:)
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Lori thanks for the info link on immersion circulator. I don't want to have another appliance but the idea of what and how it does it appeals to me. I will study up.

    Janet did you pick a pretty party getup? It's nice to dress up once in a while and fancy hotel company parties are a good opportunity. Hotel room is definetly the way to go.

    Joce you can usually find Ginger Beer at the liquor store. It is non-alcholic mixer. Two excellent ones are Reeds and Gosling. Love the stuff -- with Kraken rum and lime.

    I am in a fight with a mouse that has taken up residency in my laundry room. He doesn't seem to like the rat poison I put down. All that cat food is much more interesting. I'm going to the hardware store for some old fashioned rat traps and maybe a critter bomb if such a thing exists. Tired of cleaning up rodent scat.

    I'm thinking won ton soup and Fried Mice for dinner...
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Hey Tina! LOL join me in the out of the box menu! Let's see how many things I can get away with while telling him there are really only 3.... ha ha ha. New wreaths...I'd love that!! Bryan keeps hanging up this one his mother made...and it was probably nice in 1952...but seriously. It's wrapped in some kind of yellowed paper, really old velvet bow on top, with PLASTIC HOLLY and a PLASTIC SANTA in that fuzzy stuff they used to use that was supposed to look like a velvet suit, I guess??? Remember those Santas, from back in the day????? LOL Sorry...that doesn't sound very gracious of me, does it? Those birds will be yummy, Tina. Very yummy.

    LOL Joce, count me in with Marie. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Or better yet, next week? lol Enjoy your shopping. Hope you find some goodies.
    I put Bryan in charge of dinner since he's off. Probably left over beef tips. And he may have the table set when I get there...but 3 guesses who actually heats them : ) If I eat anything at of the title companies brought us some goodies...I've had a handfull of kisses...twice...and I feel kinda

    Marie, I'd love to be talented enough to make a wreath!!!! How awesome would THAT be???? I'm just not artistic at all. I can't even draw stick people. French dips with potato wedges sound pretty darn good to me!! YUM!

    OMG LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have to MOVE!!! I can barely read your post!! lol I just can't deal with those things. I cannot even dare to speak the Mword!!! MOVE! Leave all your stuff behind you!!! lol OMG........I really am too quesy to run screaming into the street at this moment....
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    LORI I'm guessing you would have had some trouble with the email string between me and zmy husband. Each email had its own image of things that could be / should be done to the vermin that has invaded my territory.

    We thought it was pretty darn funny...
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Laura, surely you meant fried Rice! LOL We successfully got rid of our resident Templeton, death by Hungarian Vizsla. The dog food was the attraction despite being in a galvanized steel pail with a locking lid. Molly was so proud to gift us. Short of that, Fred had most success with glue traps when he was working the Boley residences that had trouble with critters.

    Back to our regularly scheduled discussion.....
    my wreaths were velvety blossoms on a twig base. They were shabby last year and I tried to fill in the gaps of missing flowers by gluing on silver accents and they just look sad. I yanked off all the dusty blooms and tried to remove the silver accents and I glued them on so well they won't come off. I chucked them both. Lori, I hear you on the old wreaths that have sentimental value....we have a few decorations that rank in that category. Although the great purge of 2012 has alleviated a glut of excess decorations.

    Got a lot of goodies for our Angel child Amelia. Jake the Pirate jammies, Play dough, a children's watch, two pairs of long pants and 4 cute tops, a book, a furry animal buddy (zebra) They didn't have any Jake the Pirate toys, or at least not on the aisle we were looking, so that is the final pieces we need to complete her wish list.

    Hens are ready to put in the oven, beans are ready to cook. We are eating early! Made it to the doctor's office, but did not make it to Home Goods or Michaels. I'll put them off until tomorrow, following the theme of the day.

    I think it would be fun to pull of the three only party theme. Fred has a bit of Bryan in him....YOU always make to much food. Yada Yada Yada.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hi Guys! We're all checked in. Gorgeous view of the Parliament Buildings. I made a good choice! :) I'm just baffed. Could totally use a nap but there's no time. Had lunch at the East India Company with Jim and Benjamin. Buffet. I had rice, Tandoori chicken, Butter chicken, Chana Masala and a Pakora. Very yummy. And then met up with my girlfriend who hadn't eaten yet so we ended up going to this new Sports Bar down in the Market with a 27' TV screen. It was awesome. Boy would I love to watch a Hockey Game there! the time we were done (she got a lovely bowl of Tomato soup with a mini Grilled cheese and then sweet potato fries, which were served in a little mini fry basket. So cute!) it was time for me to run an errand for Jim. He asked me to grab him a white shirt and tie for tonight. It didn't sound like a big deal but I haven't shopped for a Man's shirt in a long time. There were thousands of white shirts! Hope the one I got meets with approval and I do like the tie. Then met Benjamin and we walked over and checked in to the Hotel. Jim should be here within the hour.
    How did you make out with your shopping Tina? A Christmas Get together with friends sounds fun. I've got friends coming over for lunch both next Mon. and Tue. I know what I'm planning for Mon.'s lunch but haven't even thought of Tues.'s yet. Did you manage to get all your prescriptions?
    Hi Joce! Jim heads back to California on Sunday. I'll bet you a million dollars you can get Ginger Beer at Foodsmith's. :) Those curried bbq pork sliders sound to die for. Is it a new recipe? Let us know what's it's like! And I know on the weather right! Holy Smokes! Baby it's cold out there.
    I love Beef Dip Marie. Yum. I don't even bother making a wreath shape to decorate my door, I just make a swag and tie it at the top. Just as pretty and way easier!
    No Laura, I didn't go get a new outfit for the party. Just wearing the same thing I wore to Benjamin's Grad. I really dislike clothes shopping and I hate spending money on something I won't wear very often. I should go get something someday but today is not that day. :) That Ginger Beer with the rum and lime sounds pretty good. :) Good luck with the mouse. We battle them on a fairly regular basis. Can't for the life of us figure out where they're getting in. I'm a fan of traps. They are Quick.
    LOL @ Bryan's Mother's wreath Lori. I can picture it! :) I have updated a tired old wreath before by replacing the bow or whatever with a new one. Makes all the difference in the world.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    I forgot to buy the ginger beer. better add it to the list for tomorrow.
    Have fun, Janet. Super glad your room is nice.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Liv and I have picked the Thursday between Christmas and New Year's to have our party. Two varieties of stuffed mushrooms, two kinds of sandwich rollups, two Christmas trees with goodies, one veggie, one savory, her baked brie in puff pastry, and either a crab wonton dip, or Buffalo chicken dip from me. See we get six, since we are dual hostesses. A selection of Christmas cookies, Saltine Chocolate Crack toffee, Peanut butter Haystacks, Ginger and pumpkin cookies, No Bake lemon drops, Salted Caramel Chocolate Crinkle cookies, I get to invite my friends and she invites her friends......we will make a signature drink to serve. Plus the normal other drink offerings. Wonder if I could pull off a surprise vow renewal before the end of the year and propose to Fred and have Mo....(my friend the notary) remarry us and still make it within the calendar year? Wouldn't that be fun?
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Sounds like an awesome Idea Tina!
    lol on the Mouse freaking out Lori via the internet :) One time when Frank and I were living in the last house he was convinced he was hearing scratching, I thought it was all in his head, about a week later I hear him Scream from the basement and what do I find...............................In the shop sink a little mousie like an inch big all soaking wet because Frank turned the water on and he was in the sink. When we first moved into this house I was taking a walk around the neighborhood and I kept hearing this weird noise, I get home it is Frank hitting the garage floor with a metal shovel as he chases a mouse!
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Laurie, love the mouse stories and Frank. I had one of our cats, Smokey, drop a barely alive mouse on my chest once while taking a nap. I screamed, the mouse jumped and ran, so did the cat after the mouse, the poodle after the cat, the shih-tzu after the poodle and me following all of them. Fred was sitting in his van outside in the drive, heard the commotion and thought I was being murdered from all the yelping and screaming, screeching and barking. It was a scene.

    Fred does not FB or GR, so I'm planning on doing the invite and plan to see if we have enough to make it a fun party. It would be the crowning surprise the last week of the year. It would more than make up for his Philly fiasco trip.

    We decided that new wreaths and a fabulous mantel would suffice for our decorating this year. I am spent on Tuesday with my schedule and a tree is too much. My resident Clsrk Griswold can NOT climb a ladder and do his normal lights, the wreaths will have to be the outside decor.

    Hens were lemony and good.

    I have to go see the "The Guilt Trip" love BABS.
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    we had shake n bake chicken and brocolli with cheese for dinner. First time trying the shake n bake chicken it is super moist but I think I prefer my standard chicken cutlets. The kids liked it.
    The fridge is fixed. We have Ice and there is no longer water shooting out the bottom which is a good thing. Paid bills, paid off my car, put a $100 in the kids bank account and my commission check is gone :)
    working tomorrow at macy's a short shift only 4 hours. I got the box all filled with gifts for my sister and her family so have to drop that off at the post office. I got my sister a Northface jacket (counterfit or knock off since it was only $30 at flea market) got my nieces cute Nice warm up sweat suits at Macy's and I got the little one two boxes of Cookie Crisp cereal........bahhahhaaaaa, My sister doesn't give sugar so she was quite happy to be offered cookie cereal for breakfast when they stayed here and for Ava I got her a sugar cookie mix and some sprinkles because every time she comes here we make them and she eats all the sprinkles. BIL I got an Itunes gift card since he just got a new Iphone.
    Frank went to Walmart and got a bunch of toys to donate to Toys for Tots. He likes to pick them out himself.

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