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  • abermouse 5 months ago about Chicken Tikka Masala
    Incidentally, all of the people who commented that the recipe is "wrong" are saying this about America's Test Kitchen, which is where i got it. They do all of their work in a lab kitchen and try the recipe dozens of times before deciding on what worked for them. I dont know if its "right" or "wrong" but im sure that you can do this more than one way. "....(Note that restaurant Tikka Masala will sit in the mixture ideally overnight, per another group recipes user who commented on this recipe)"
  • browneyegirl 10 months ago about German Chocolate Cake
    I wanted to let you know about a group that I have that you may like to add this recipe to.Feel free to add it to Cookies, Brownies, Cup Cakes And Cakes Based On Chocolate.
  • ttaaccoo 1 year ago about Lucie's Ruby Red And Caraway Salad
    Thanks lots! I was remembering the luscious combo of avocado plus grapefruit. Your recipe completes it for me!
  • NPMarie 1 year ago about Mississippi Chicken
    Nice! Thanks for sharing:)
  • Euclidiana 2 years ago about Saag Paneer
    A few more details would be helpful on the curds.
    Like how long do I have to stir before the curds are thick enough?
    I've been stirring forever,(yawn) added vinegar, and just see tiny curds.
    I think I did everything according to the plan.
    But I don't know.
    What's a thick curd?
    How am I supposed to know?
    There can't be too much detail!
    There can be not enough.
  • 22566 2 years ago
    You two who? ment you 'too'
    In addition,or,also...
    Then,I have always liked it as an adverb...
    To a higher degree than is desirable,permissible,or possible...excessively ~ Teasing grin ~
    Think you for your visit,I hope you and your family have a pleasant day.
    Kindest of Regards
  • chefmal 3 years ago
    Thanks, but no, I don't get online much anymore since my shift changed at work. Don't have wifi at home either. I plan on fixing that once I dig myself out of this holiday debt. lol Merry merry and be healthy.
  • 22566 3 years ago
    Your Welcome
    That sounds wonderful...I would say go for it.
    Sometimes Moms knows best :o)
    Kind Regards
  • NPMarie 3 years ago
    I just love your avatar!!!
  • tablescape 5 years ago
    Are you still here?
  • brianna 5 years ago
    I'm so glad my 'Pie Secrets' gave you a little chuckle. I still smile everytime I read it again myself. Thanks for checking it out.
  • brianna 5 years ago
    I sure hope you checked out my 'Pie Secrets' & had a chuckle. I got this as a EMail from a friend some time ago & just had to share it with everyone.
  • brianna 5 years ago
    Thanks so much for your invite. I would love to be your cooking friend. You have some very interesting recipes that I will be checking out.
  • falafel_fanatic 6 years ago
    Hey! I am from KY too, can we be foodie friends?
  • pat2me 6 years ago
    Thank you for the rating on the Guinness Bread! I appreciate it!