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  • Brandy Cobbler from adudinsk in LaSalle, CA.
    A cobbler is a tall drink, made with LOTS of fine crushed ice, some fruit and some liquor. They are NOT strong drinks, and use the...
  • Clone Big Mac Sauce from adudinsk in LaSalle, CA.
    So the story goes.. this is the recipe published in 1968, in the MacDonalds Managers hand book.. as an emergency replacement if on...
  • Fruit Poi for the kids from adudinsk in LaSalle, CA.
    Ok.. a fun and super easy recipe that will thrill the kids. Other firm fruit can be added such as strawberries, blueberries, or p...
  • Martinique Swizzle from adudinsk in LaSalle, CA.
    Swizzles originated in the West Indies. A real SWIZZLE stick is branch of a tropical bush with forked branches on the end. Its ins...
  • Chili Almonds from adudinsk in LaSalle, CA.
    A great snack for nibbling on when your sipping a cocktail....
  • Sour Mix Bar Mix from adudinsk in LaSalle, CA.
    Another must have bar mix, provides a sweet/tart taste used in many drinks, and made popular by the class of drinks called SOURS. ...
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  • ssieburth 1 year ago about Rum Batter Used In Hot Buttered Rum
    This is wrong. I too found this photo in my newly acquired Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide (1972) - after finding a bunch of these for sale at yard sales and consignment shops. I was intrigued. But after hunting for some confirmation that hot buttered rum is what the device was used for, I discovered that it is a fire starter. And somehow I now own one. I think the most interesting question is how this photo showed up in the Trader Vic's book?!? See one for sale here. <>
  • sometotal 1 year ago about Rum Batter Used In Hot Buttered Rum
    Thanks very much. I lost my copy of Trader Vic's Bartender Guide years ago and I have been missing this great recipe. Very simple and very delicious.
  • mrcooksalot 4 years ago
    Let me know how your BBQ sauce turns out...
  • adudinsk 4 years ago about Chili Almonds
    Unblanched almonds.. so the skin is left on...
  • matthewlenton 5 years ago about Chili Almonds
    Hey Adudinsk, why unblanched almonds?
  • adudinsk 6 years ago about Rum Batter Used In Hot Buttered Rum
    It is yummy on a COLD day.. although.. having rum at 6am camping... Hmm.. now I want to go camping!
  • cherylannxo 6 years ago
  • adudinsk 6 years ago
    LOL.. I agree.. what ever happened to the art of making a good tasting, proper drink. (and some good bar snacks.. that are at least some what healthy!)
  • bluewaterandsand 6 years ago
    Hi, Thanks for the invite. I'm looking forward to sharing recipes with you. I agree with you, it's so hard to find a Bar that has a good bartender. When I lived in Myrtle beach, no one knew how to make a blue hawaiian. I would try to tell them what goes in them and some would get so mad, so I would order something else, it was never good. Teresa
  • blueeyes68ky 6 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking friend.
  • adudinsk 7 years ago
    TV.. heck thats the little TV, I have a 10' screen in the video game/pinball machine room...
    (no lie)
    That little TV is more for distractions during parties..

  • vicschick 7 years ago
    Hey on earth do you concentrate on watching tv with so many bottles of
  • dancegypsy67 7 years ago
    Thanks for accepting my friend request. You've got a great bunch of recipes!
  • cherylannxo 7 years ago
    Hey Andrew, Thanks for the compliment on my Sangria recipe. That was quick, for being just "hot off the presses". Thanks, again....Cheryl
  • adudinsk 7 years ago
    More drink types to come...
    Remember.. cocktails are an art form.. anyone can slug some vodka, and powdered orange tang into a styrofoam cup.. and call it a Screwdriver.. (ugh)

    You eat and drink with your eyes and nose too.. a GOOD drink should look and smell as good as it tastes (and works.. )

    Friends and relatives will really appreciate a drink made well, and proper... in the correct glass, with the correct garnish..