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  • martha08 5 months ago about Honey Maple Mac Nuts
    I was very disappointed in this recipe. I let the mixture attempt to thicken for over 20 minutes, before I beat it, then added the nuts.

    The coating is so sticky that the nuts can't be removed from the wax paper, without the wax paper tearing and sticking to the nuts.

    It addition to being extremely messy and sticky, it took a lot of very hot water and elbow grease to remove the sticky mess from the pot and spoons.

    I would not recommend this recipe. Macadamia nuts are too expensive to waste on this sticky mess.
  • soniaorozc 5 months ago about Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken
    Does this recipe also work for the shrimp version of it
  • valdes53 11 months ago about Best Vanilla Cupcakes
    Loved it . I used evaporated milk and margarine they turn out great . super moist and perfect texture.
  • momagurl 12 months ago about Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken
    Can u plz 're write this step by step ingredient by ingredient plz
  • jett2whit 1 year ago
    Hello there! Hoping you are well =)
  • NPMarie 1 year ago about Sauteed Spinach Flag
  • AbeNW11 2 years ago
    Hi Anniemie,

    Just discovered your recipes and can't wait to try them. I would like some advice, ideas and recipes for a coffee cake that I can make in my Panasonic SD2500 Breadmaker. Something healthful (or as healthful as possible) with the consistency of a honey cake with real coffee in it and cinnamon. Perhaps I can make it with honey or agave syrup. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    P.s. If you also have any stove top cakes I can make then i'd love to hear about those recipes too. I have no oven but love baking and cooking.
  • steadygaze 2 years ago
    Annieamie, I have made the starter for "extra sourdough bread" 2 times and fed it according to directions but by the 14th day, it was dead and ruined. It would not respond to the making of the bread and I left it for many many hours to give it opportunity. I plan to make the starter again today but will not nurture it to the full 14 days, and see what happens. Do you feed yours for the full 14 days? I don't know why my starter dies, as I take the utmost care of it and feed as directed in recipe. I hope to hear from you. Thanks
  • jett2whit 2 years ago
    Hello there! Hope you are doing well :-)
  • shazbot 3 years ago
    Hi, I looked at the recipe for your ciabatta bread rolls. I just want to clarify. Is it a tablespoon of yeast or a teaspoon. Seems quite a lot...
  • TheBakingGuy 3 years ago
    Hi Annieamie,
    I've been working on sourdough starters and trying to achieve that "tangy" sour flavor and wondered if you ever tried using milk in place of water? Also, I have a batch of starter in the frig that I've been trying to sour for the past three weeks. Is it okay for me to take some out and let it grow on the counter? If so, how often do I feed it?
    Do you have a Facebook page too?
    Thanks for all your great advise.
  • jett2whit 3 years ago
    Hi there! I hardly ever get here anymore ... always on Facebook! Great to hear from you ;)
  • jett2whit 3 years ago
    OH MY GOSH!! I was thinking about you the other day!! So good to hear from you too!! Things are great. My daughter just graduated from High School and is getting ready for college. Time flies!! Don't be a stranger, stop by anytime :)
  • debntim 3 years ago
    hey, annie! i've been out of touch for so long -- much happening on this side of the country . . . but, anyway, i just read your popcorn ideas in my kids' group -- LOVE them! everybody loves popcorn. i've got a few good, new recipes that i'll get posted soon. i can see that you love desserts -- keep watch for a new fave from me! d
  • ralphdunlop 4 years ago
    apple cheesecake looks amazing!