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  • Peanut Sauce from arickard in Brisbane, AU.
    Super easy, vegan stir-fry sauce....
  • It Aint Easy Being Green Curry from arickard in Brisbane, AU.
    So easy but delish that it feels like take out!...
  • Wonder Salad Of Yum from arickard in Brisbane, AU.
    This salad is delightfully complex in flavour, yet simple to make. Don't be scared of the beets! I am not normally a fan of them...
  • Bagel Dogs from arickard in Brisbane, AU.
    Bagel dogs. Pure enjoyment. Adapted from the Brownie Points cooking blog....
  • Basil Corn Off the Cob from arickard in Brisbane, AU.
    If you're like me, you love corn on the cob, but hate the mess! This recipe is the best of both worlds. It's not very spicy, des...
  • Super Mexican Chicken Marinade from arickard in Brisbane, AU.
    Similar to the marinade used in Chipotle restaurant. Can be made ahead. ...
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  • chefloren 4 years ago about Cilantro-Lime Rice
    Thank you for sharing
  • duckflesh 4 years ago about Bagel Dogs
    This worked out really well. The dough ended up needing a lot more water than suggested, but I suppose that happens. I tried skipping the boiling step for one of them and it was still good, but the dough was a little less soft and tender--so I do recommend the boiling. I believe cooking time for me was about fifteen minutes.

    I used garlic powder and poppy seeds for topping, both turned out well.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago about Basil Corn Off the Cob
    Looks yummy. Shall try!
  • tosuzik 5 years ago about Bagel Dogs
  • cardiaceco 5 years ago about Bagel Dogs
    When I was stationed at Castle AFB in CA from 88 to 91, there was a hotdog stand in Atwater,CA. They served bagel dogs split open with cream cheese and salsa inside that were absolutely to die for.
  • lincolntoot 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my new cooking buddy!
  • decobabe 7 years ago
    I read your note on Expats Group. I wanted to tell you that we in Italy have started an initiative to introduce great American food to Italians, so every Friday someone from our group posts a recipe with the substitutes she's worked out, which is great for expats, and then writes the same recipe in Italian using metric measurements. Check it out at any Friday-- and there's a list of all the recipes already submitted there, too.
  • jo_jo_ba 7 years ago
    Hey, have a great Easter weekend!! Take care. -Sarah
  • invisiblechef 7 years ago
    Hello this is a about your question on what is aluminum free baking powder, it's a form of baking powder you can find in your health food isle, I choose to use it for health reasons. There is research showing that that virtually all Alzheimer patients have abnormally high levels of aluminum in their brain, so I use glass cookware, along with my amber pots to cut out a lot of aluminum ( extra) too. I won't go to much into it, you can do the research if you like. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, there is a glitch here and I don't see the replies or comments made to my recipes right away, sometimes not at all I only notice if I go back to look up one of my recipes.

  • rml 7 years ago
    So is it safe to assume that you're a Trekkie/Trecker? Live long and prosper!
  • peetabear 7 years ago
    I understand your frustration.. like I said when I joined the Gluten Free group I didn't expect just any recipe that had no wheat... I wanted recipes that helped me make the things I could no longer have.. bread, cake, crackers etc. so I started my own group that deals with just that... why don't you do the same.. you set the guide lines etc.. I hope you do it.. I'm sure you will do a great job..
  • rml 7 years ago
    I have to ask.......what is your avatar? Also, you have great recipes...Thank you for sharing. Hopefully no hard feelings concerning the vegetarian recipe topic. I understand your point, but honestly I'm grateful that all of these wonderful people are willing to share their recipes. I hope you start your own Vegetarian Group. You can set the rules and control the recipes....I'd love to join!
  • pleclare 7 years ago
    Thanks for adding me to your list
  • mellian 7 years ago
    Secret ingredient: cocoa? (grin). It's amazing how "rich" it makes the chili. And, of course, the beer!!!

    Thank you for the comment!
  • vindee 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking buddy :0)