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  • Chantenay Carrots Glazed With Butter from astrochef in London, GB.
    A bright and scrumptious way to dish up carrots shimmering in butter and dazzling green parsley, a Chantenay carrot (see notes) is...
  • Mollys Mushy Peas from astrochef in London, GB.
    Ooh, these are easily the most excellent when it comes to mushy peas for “Fish ‘n’ Chips” The peas used should be the dri...
  • Bacon and Leek Quiche from astrochef in London, GB.
    In France, this dish is known as Quiche aux Poireaux avec Lardons, The leeks and bacon filling of this quiche produces a flavourso...
  • Avocado Mousse With Shrimp from astrochef in London, GB.
    This promptly became a firm favourite with guests at Norwood West even though Lord Hanson wasn’t fond of it he would sometimes h...
  • Lamb Burgers With Cucumber Relish from astrochef in London, GB.
    A very tasty burger made with sweet succulent lamb and served on a homemade bun and a tangy cucumber relish. We had these last ni...
  • Apple and Raisin Chutney from astrochef in London, GB.
    This was one of Lady Hanson’s favourites when she had a mild curry...
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  • _looby 7 months ago about Butter Pie A Potato and Onion Pie
    This recipe is directly plagiarised from Linzi Barrow's "Lancashire Food". It's a great pity that you can't do a fellow chef the decency of asking to borrow her recipe and crediting her properly.

    Thsi was posted at 1218 on 30th Jan 2015 -- let's see how long it stays up.
  • Good4U 1 year ago about Butter Pie A Potato and Onion Pie
    Reviewed by Lovebreezy in IMI
    Butter Pie A Potato And Onion Pie
  • RobH 3 years ago about Ginger Beer Plant
    Hi, made the first batch and it's good. How would I increase the ginger flavour? More ginger to the plant? More of the plant into the batch? Or some other way?

    Thanks for your help

  • Elfman42 4 years ago about Butter Pie A Potato and Onion Pie
    HP Sauce. The HP stands for the Houses of Parliament in London. It is not nearly as sweet as A1 or Heinz 57; in my opinion it is a far better condiment than either of those, and a must for dishes like Shepherd's Pie and English Pork Pie, though it's equally wonderful with steaks and roasts, and we always put it into our burger patties. I'm Canadian so HP is easy to find on the shelves here; I have no idea where one could procure it in the US, but if you can find it you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

    As for this Butter Pie recipe, it is now on my to-do list; I have potatoes and onions in the garden which should work wonderfully in a nice pie crust. Thank you for posting it!
  • France 4 years ago about Ginger Beer Plant
    I have recently tryed this recipe and its very nice ! the only problem is when I open it it just keeps frothing out so end up with half a bottle !! I now open over a bowl . HELP PLEASE
  • sallya2 5 years ago
  • huxter 6 years ago
    Hello John and thank you for accepting my friensd request .You certainly have been inspired by some influential names .I particularly like Prudhomme's approach .Many years ago my father became friendly with Alain Chapel on his first visit to Australia and subsequently entertained Alain in Australia and visited him in France .I have the cookbook he annotated for my Dad .Very sad when he died .Rick Stein of course is very well known here as well ,making many trips here and filming for local TV .And at one stage Paul Bocuse had a restaurant in Melbourne where I ate several times before the economics of it all prevailled and the doors closed .I used to drool over the A$300,000 cooking range in the open plan kitchen where you watched your meal being prepared .The range is still in the building ,unused and stuck on the 10th floor with no way of getting it out without a crane and a wreckers ball !!

    Cheers from Australia.
  • peetabear 6 years ago
    thank you Chef John for you new cooking friend invitation... I look forward to sharing recipes with you and learning from your vast have a very impressive bio...and I am honored to be a friend...
  • sitbynellie 6 years ago
    Hello, John! I stumbled upon your page from your rumbledethumps recipe. I have not heard that name for a long time but it must have been way back, from my granny. I am really impressed by your bio, and I'd really love to try some of your recipes. I'd be chuffed if you would accept my friend invitation.
  • lunasea 6 years ago
    John, thank you so very much for your kind comments and rating on my Cioppino - I really appreciate it. I also love your delightful stories of trips amd menus. It is a pleasure to have you here.

  • lunasea 6 years ago
    Hi there John - I wanted to thank you for dropping by my Louisiana Deviled Crab Cakes. If you give them a try, let me know what you think. I'd love to know. Take care and I hope you and Maureen have a great weekend. ~Vickie
  • mikemarl 6 years ago
    Hi John,
    I came upon your name through a Google search. My partner and I purchased the Lord Hanson estate in Palm Springs (Norwood West) from his son Robert in April of 2007. I am a self-taught but have a passion for cooking and entertaining. We have hosed many dinner parties here so far, including a sit-down dinner for 35 people this past New Year's Eve that I cooked myself. I would love to talk to you about your past here and exchange any recipes that you might be willing to share. I would be willing to share any of my own recipes that you might be interested in looking through. There are also a handful of cookbooks here that were left with the house. Some have notations in them. Are these your notations? I am very curious. I will send you a friend request. I hope all is well. Mike

  • waterlily 6 years ago
    Wow! I just read your profile and now I'm completely honored and humbled that you had a favorable response to something I posted! That particular method of treating onions is traditional in my family, although I don't think it's original or exclusive to my family. I know that my grandfather learned it from his mother.
  • waterlily 6 years ago
    Thanks for the nice comment on my fresh pickled onions. I'm glad you enjoyed them1
  • lunasea 6 years ago
    Welcome to Group Recipes, John - it is a delight to have you join us. You have a most interesting profile and a colorful and tasty story to tell. I have sent you a friend invitation. I look forward to sharing recipes and smiles with you.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.