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  • Homemade Yogurt from bejamminr in Ottawa, CA.
    Homemade yogurt is easy, inexpensive, healthy, and easily customizable to your individual taste. It lasts for several weeks longer...
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  • choclytcandy 7 years ago about Homemade Yogurt
    Thank you for this great post. I purchased a yogurt maker three years ago and never used it. This recipe will give me a chance to put it to use. Love the detailed directions.
  • jessicob 7 years ago
    I would love to see your balck pepper pasta recipe....this site is new to me so i am not really sure where to begin.
  • bejamminr 8 years ago about Homemade Yogurt
    More and more curdy? That is an interesting question - the only thing that I can think of (bearing in mind that mine is an inexpert opinion) is that one type of the bacteria is overtaking the others, causing the thickening / curdling. I've noticed that certain strains of bacteria (as evidenced by different commercially available innoculant packages) will yield different qualities and textures of yogurt. I have had the most success with cultures that use 3 bacterial strains - Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Thermophilus, and... one other that I forget. The packages that I've used with only one strain (don't recall which) yielded thicker, curdier yogurt with much more whey (I believe it is whey).

    So I'd suggest trying a different culture (I use Yogourmet) that has multiple strains of active bacteria, and then reuse that yogurt as your starter culture, and see if the problem persists or not. Hopefully this helps!
  • marya 8 years ago about Homemade Yogurt
    Question! What is the secret to preventing the yogurt from becoming more and more curdy with each batch? I use my own yogurt for starter, and I strain the yogurt when pouring it into incubation containers.
  • knwalter 8 years ago
    Thanks for the comments on my crockpot chili, I do hope you enjoy it!! Sounds a bit time-consuming but so worth it to have chili for a few days!! You sound like a really interesting person who has had a good life, I hope you can further your experiences with cooking, it really is fantastic and this site rocks!! Welcome!!
  • tnacndn 8 years ago
    Hello, thanks for being my cooking buddy. :o)
  • bejamminr 8 years ago about Homemade Yogurt
    No problem, Michelle - hope you like it. I was surprised that I didn't find more yogurt recipes on GroupRecipes already; I didn't really expect to have much to contribute. :)

    Bear in mind that by default, this is the thicker kind of yogurt - more of a Balkan / Middle Eastern kind than the thinner stuff that we often get in North America.
  • michellem 8 years ago about Homemade Yogurt
    I just love yogurt. I have never ever made my own so this will be a great experience for me. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to type out such a loonnnggg recipe!~M
  • michellem 8 years ago
    Hey welcome!! I glad you liked the honey peanut butter cookies. Its so nice to get feedback on recipes. Several people say they will try it but I always wonder how they turn out or if they liked it! So thanks so much. You sound like a fun guy! I hope you enjoy this web site..... Its really cool..M