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  • Vegetarian Chili with Neat Ingredients from bobbie91302 in Calabasas, CA.
    This is a good basic vegie chili; we served it with cut up chicken breast....
  • Turkey Meatloaf With Secret Ingredient from bobbie91302 in Calabasas, CA.
    What a great smell greeted me last night as I walked in from the rain! Husband had whipped this up, he doesn't eat red meat, and I...
  • Fish Soup From Harrys Bar In Venice from bobbie91302 in Calabasas, CA.
    Got this from a travel book when I was in Venice. Harry's Bar is where they invented the Bellini. I've used more saffron and skipp...
  • Joyful 7 Inch Creamy Cheesecake from bobbie91302 in Calabasas, CA.
    Joyful because I adapted it from Joy of Cooking to go with my new 7 inch springform pan. The texture is just the right balance bet...
  • Olive And Herb Bread from bobbie91302 in Calabasas, CA.
    This is from Rosenberg's book The Best Bread Machine Cookbook ever, with minor changes. I'm sure you can adapt it for the DIY with...
  • Moroccan Lamb Tagine from bobbie91302 in Calabasas, CA.
    You can use the tagine -- casserole dish with pointy top or any casserole to perpare meltingly delicious Moroccan lamb stew. I pre...
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  • lovetea 2 years ago about Joyful 7 Inch Creamy Cheesecake
    Very easy to make and can be made gluten free by just substituting gluten free graham crackers. Will make again because it's just enough for a small family.
  • Broeck 3 years ago about Joyful 7 Inch Creamy Cheesecake
    This is a wonderful cheesecake recipe! I've made it twice already and suggest adding a little extra lemon zest and limit the sugar in the batter to a flat 1/2 cup. I'm trying the recipe today substituting 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs with 1/2 cup gingersnap cookie crumbs…we'll see how it turns out!
  • kimbo69 4 years ago about Moroccan Lamb Tagine
    An absolute hit with the whole family, very very tasty.. thank you!
  • ev 4 years ago about Moroccan Lamb Tagine
    This was so yummy and so easy. The perfect dish to keep you warm and sweet all winter long.
  • theoldprof 6 years ago
    Great picture of the dog. Have a grand cooking day.
  • lailaminou 6 years ago about Moroccan Lamb Tagine
    you can buy Argan oil from William Sonoma. they have it all the time.
  • justlearningtocook 7 years ago
    Hi Bobbie - I'm glad you liked the key lime pie recipe. I'm sorry I ran under you. Didn't know. It is good. Do you go to WW? I went for years and years and it is a good program. I'd recommend it to anyone. Justlearningtocook - Elena
  • chihuahua 7 years ago
    PS Give my regards to beautiful California. That is where my heart is. I lived there thirty-eight years. My husband and I moved two and a half years ago to his home state. (Our jobs were outsourced to Malaysia.) I am telling you...there is no place like home! The mountains, the ocean breeze, the Redwoods, the Golden Gate bridge, the Opera House...sigh.
  • chihuahua 7 years ago
    Hello Bobbie. Thank you for the sweet and kind comment. My avatar is actually a baby seal pup, but that is okay. I think my handle "Chihuahua" confuses some people with the photo. I do have a sweet four year old chihuahua who is as precious as your pug. Be sure and give Tony a big hug from us.

    I'll talk to you later.

  • blueeyes68ky 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking friend.
  • speedon13 7 years ago
    Just had to say, LUV THE PUG.... =) I have a couple of my own.
  • mellybelly 7 years ago
    Thank you for the comments and points calculations on my muffin recipe. Weight watchers points seems like a very good system, at least you can eat pretty much anything, just in moderation, which is the key to healthy eating. Now I am going to check out your recipes!
  • jones2888 7 years ago
    I love the puppy's face! and glad to have you as a foodie friend! TJ
  • pats1013 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking buddy. My dog in the picture is half pug half Boston terrier. Most of the time her ears are down only if she hears something wierd will they go up.
  • pat2me 7 years ago
    Thanks for the comment and Happy New Year!!!!