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  • Salmon Asparagus Pie from catl8dy in WI.
    Another good Lenten dish. Asparagus adds a spring touch. Yummy with a salad and maybe a cheesecake for dessert....
  • Impossible Pie from catl8dy in WI.
    I use Impossible Pies a lot during Lent with a salad and garlic bread or rolls....
  • Yummy Crab Spread from catl8dy in WI.
    A friend passed this on to me (aren't those the best kind?!) Have made it twice in 2 weeks, for Christmas and New Years, and hubby...
  • Hearty Corn Chowder from catl8dy in WI.
    Got this one from Rural Route 2 newsletter. So they get the credit. It's absolutely yummy on a cold winter day! Thick and delicio...
  • Yummy Fall Pork Roast from catl8dy in WI.
    Found this in a Garden Club cookbook and did my own thing. Makes a nice sauce as it cooks. Great for a fall dinner. Serve with ma...
  • Irenes Taco Chicken from catl8dy in WI.
    Only 9 ingredients, this is a super easy, yummy Mexican dish that I got from an internet friend. Measure the honey and pepper acco...
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  • jessieg383 6 years ago about Easy Brownies
    These brownies are delicious. I didn't have chocolate chips or nuts, so I squeezed in some chocolate syrup. This made them extra gooey and delicious!
  • scorpiodaddy 6 years ago about Yummy Fall Pork Roast
    I tried this receipt in the Nesco came out great and the sauce was delicious.. wtg
  • danieljdavis 6 years ago about 15 Minute Scones
    They were awesome!
  • danieljdavis 6 years ago about 15 Minute Scones
    Making these tonight. Yummers.
  • taliapshulze 7 years ago about Easy Brownies
    i have these in the oven right now, didnt have shortening or margarine so i used canola oil. we'll see how that turns out. the batter tastes really rally good.
  • jenniferbyrdez 7 years ago
    Knock, knock.
  • catl8dy 7 years ago
    Just updated avatar with new kitty photo- "AmberJo"
    She's a black tortie. Hubby calls her his little gordita. LOL
  • silverqueen 7 years ago
    Hi I have also gone through a lot of clippings and have threw a lot out to some things that I thought would be great. Looked at them last night and said now why did I keep this recipe out it goes in the trash.

    Thanks for being my cooking buddy to.

  • silverqueen 8 years ago

    so glad to be your cooking buddy.

    I have a room full of cookbooks and have three shelves in hubby office and one in the guest room they are just about full to I have 18 boxed in the attic and a lot of clippings to I am trying to get all of the clippings, and recipes out of mags onto disks that is a job in it's self ugh.

    Hope that you have a great evening.

  • snowflake2622 8 years ago
    So, where in wisconsin are you normally located. We are in the great northwoods around phillips. Hope you enjoy the warmer temps cause it's darn cold here!! Have a great day.
  • catl8dy 8 years ago
    Hi Birdy,
    Am real sorry about Sweetie and her sister. The 4 torties sound adorable. A stray kitty had been "hanging out" at our door for a couple weeks...she was a strange but beautiful longhair mix of all three of our cats, gorgeous face. Just know they sent her to us, but can't get anywhere near her. We call her "Princess Pounce-on-Birds" But now the neighbor's Bengal tomcat has scared her away and we think she's up about 5 or 6 blocks from us :-( Anyway, we know by this time next year we'll adopt another, me and hubbs miss kitties too much.
  • birdy 8 years ago

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost Sweeties sister on the 17th of October. She went 5 months after Sweetie. I've been quite down ever since.

    I have 4 new torties to take their place now. All my friends showed up with some kittens. I couldn't refuse them as I know their fate would have been the pound. Two of them are sisters and came here when they were just 2 weeks old. I bottle fed them and my German Shepherd cleaned faces and butts in no particular order and they pulled through. They remind me so much of the two I just lost. Maybe there is such a thing as "re-incarnation;-)"

    We just lost our last one :-( At one time had three.
    Hope to share some good recipes.
  • zena824 8 years ago
    Thanks for the nice comments on my earthquake cake...I really hope you try it and like it...Let me know......
  • coffeebean53 8 years ago
    Your recipes all look so wonderful. Thanks for posting them
  • catl8dy 8 years ago
    Thanks! That's our 19 year old Maine Coon kitty, Muff.
    She's a Rainbow Bridge baby now. We had to have her put to sleep because of uncontrolable seizures last July. We miss her so much.