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  • Citrus Coconut Cake from charlie30417 in Brisbane, AU.
    Lovely and moist, great for the christmas season...
  • Rich chocolate cake from charlie30417 in Brisbane, AU.
    The best richest chocolate cake I've made yet. It's worth the time it takes. Not quite sure on prep time...
  • tuna pasta bake from charlie30417 in Brisbane, AU.
    A quick different midweek dinner...
  • Carmel Mocha Cheesecake from charlie30417 in Brisbane, AU.
    A great hit for entaining. ...
  • Coconut Chocolate Cookies from charlie30417 in Brisbane, AU.
    Simple, yuumy, quick to make and chocolate. Can I say more?...
  • picnic muffins from charlie30417 in Brisbane, AU.
    OK I haven't made these before, as I just got the iseration and wont be able to make them for a while. If you want to the basic m...
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  • dutchie326 5 years ago about tuna pasta bake
    I think I will like this one.
  • timmins92 5 years ago about Violet crumble Ice-Cream
    how much ice cream do u add with that? do u let the ice cream soften a fair bit before u combine them all together?
  • 55to64 6 years ago about turkey burger pattie
    I think I'll try this tonight, but I'm going to use a grill pan so the timing should be a lot less than 20 minutes. I really like the ingredients - simple, but flavorful.

    Thanks for posting.
  • jo_jo_ba 6 years ago about Minestrone Soup for 2
    This is vegetable noodle soup - NOT minestrone. Minestrone ALWAYS has shell beans (like kidney) of some kind added to it as well as green bean pieces or peas, and of course garlic and zucchini. Traditionally it has parmesan cheese in it too, though I omit that for dietary reasons.
  • maywest 6 years ago about Toffee Apples
    i like the mini concept a whole apple sometimes is to much and i think guest would really go for this. thanks
  • baby4ada 6 years ago
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  • charlie30417 6 years ago
    sorry I haven't posed any recipies for a while, just wait for Saturday when I have a load of free time on my hands.... whatch out group recipes
  • brianna 6 years ago
    Hi Charlie, I am happy to be your cooking friend. Thanks for asking
  • puddlewonderful 6 years ago
    Thanks charlie...stop by the new group if you have a chance. I'll give you four and you give me more" but you can talk about anything or give us some great recipes and you are sure to get a high five...have a great night now....susie
  • charlie30417 7 years ago
    bacon... thats yuk. I hate coke so anything and coke is yuk to me
  • chefelaine 7 years ago
    Thank YOU for accepting my friend invitation! :+D I look forward to sharing recipes with you :+D
  • chefelaine 7 years ago
    Hi, Charlie!! Thank you for accepting my friend request, and you are more than welcome for the fives on your recipes.
    I look forward to seeing more of 'em! :+D
  • clbacon 7 years ago
    Looks like a real Diet Coke can, doesn't it! But I am sure someone photoshopped it. Still....cannot go wrong with Diet Coke and bacon! Plus....Bacon is my last name!
  • charlie30417 7 years ago
    I bet it is.. can't wiat to try it
  • sparow64 7 years ago
    Thanks for checking out the worlds easiest best peanut butter chocolate brownies...boy, that's a mouthful!