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  • mommyluvs2cook 3 months ago
    Hi Chefmal! Just wanting to let you know Keni Cooking Day is in 2 day's, this Saturday, the 30th. Join in if you can, here is the link to the IMI to post your review and if you take one, a picture :) Keni Cooking Day Hope to see you there!!!
  • NPMarie 4 months ago about Curried Chicken Americanized
    Hi:) Please add this to the "I Made It" group when you get a chance..we like to keep track of made recipes:) Just go to the right of the recipe page "The Groups" and add it there..
    Thanks! Marie
  • pointsevenout 5 months ago about Curried Chicken Americanized
    Meh...........Don't like it so much. A very heavily spiced meal that gives it a dull waxy taste.
    See Curried Chicken Americanized for more.
  • 22566 6 months ago
    ~ Thank You...and...You're Welcome ~
    I'm glad you liked the novel :o)
    You do know that I won a Pulitzer for it...and there's talk that they are planning to make it into a mini series ~ Big Grin ~
    As for your situation...
    Buck up little buckaroo...I have confidence in you.
    New York City would scare the bejesus out of me...too much traffic and too many people
    I would feel fenced in.
    Okay...Let me see here If I can explain that a little bit better...
    Oh yeah!
    Sure I goes ( Don't Fence Me In )
    ~ Big Country Smile ~
    Wishing you a great day!
    Kind Regards
  • 22566 7 months ago about Southwestern Stew With Mashed Green Plantains
    You ask for,here it comes.
    Reach for the visine,you're going to need it to get the red out after this :o)
    I turn my back for five seconds and look what you went and done did :o)
    Don't you know that a man can not live on green plantains alone ~ Grin ~
    Do I have to take the training wheels off your bicycle to make it more difficult for you to get to the store so the phrase...'One is good,but,two is better' subsides and quiets the riot in your cortex..."I need these,I really,really need these!"
    Be adventures,don't you know that Mother Nature has more instore for you?
    Take for example...Durian...a tasty rich custard flavor.A tad thorny and smells like old gym socks,but once you get past that it's a slice of heaven,and maybe...Mongosteen...with a reward on its head by Queen Victoria who loved the sweet,tangy,citrusy flavor,but bring the axe and off with its head,for it has a hard shell to get through,so perhaps the purse of the palace prevails on this forty five dollar a pound prize for the royal potentate...and also take into consideration that Mark Twain was not wrong in his assessment of the...Cherimoya...and his liking of the pineapple,banana,bubblegum flavor of this green thing that kinda' looks like a hedge apple...and am I forgetting the wine makers? Nope!...for once you scape the red scales of the...Aquaje fruit... it makes a decent,if you were so silly to forget to us a potholder when you reached for that hot handle of your cooking thought I was going to say hot hookah handle didn't you :o) well,anyway,you can treat the burn,and the...Jabuticaba...can make you a purple pimple wine indeed,and we mustn't forget...Capuacu...for dessert with its chocolatey pineapple appeal and yes,Capuacu makes a nice lotion as well...Hum,well? "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.Yes,it will Precious won't it?" "Oh, Clarice." "Yes,Lecter?" "Would you please pass the liver,fava beans,and that nice Chianti" :o) You may not care Jack S#!@ about this,but you better pump iron if you want to lift this six thousand year old eighty pounder...shucks,it's kinda' like a plantain in away,only on steroids,you can slice it and deep fry it into crunchy,delicious Jackfruit chips...and last,but not least...Miracle Fruit...this red beauty can made your taste buds shape a sensitive sensation of sweetness when you are indulging in a lemon.
    I believe the manuscript is ready to turn in for the night.
    Look at it this way...whatelse were your going to do with your time this evening :o)
    Note...Do not hesitate to delete this :o)
    Kind Regards
  • MissouriFarmWife 11 months ago about Boba (bubble Tea) 波霸
    This is the first time I have heard of dried Boba. I will have to try this soon!
  • 22566 1 year ago
    I shall.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful day.
    Kind Regards
  • 22566 1 year ago about Tostones!
    Caribbean Flair...
    The key is to bring the plantain to room temperature,or soak in hot water for a few minutes to warm them up.
    You will need a sharp knife ...which you have :o)
    Prying...ripe or green the dish is up to interpretation,they are rather good baked,boiled,fried,or covered with cheese.
    You will want to cut off both ends and score the skin along the seam in a few places,using your fingers pry the skin up,and once this is done you can peel the rest...but,be patient
    Don't use your nails...Yeah,right!
    Like I sport long nails...well,sufficient enough to leave a mark :o)
    Nice bad it left your tummy in turmoil...take a Tum :o)
    Kind Regards
    Joyce ( UB40 Kingston Town )
  • chuckieb 1 year ago
    Thanks for checking out my Buffalo Chicken Devilled Egg recipe. Hope you enjoy it!
  • twill10 1 year ago
    welcome to it, thx
  • NPMarie 1 year ago
    So good to see you! Nice that you have your kitchen up & running!
  • Good4U 1 year ago
    Good to see you back in here:) You have been missed!
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 year ago
    Sent you a private message :)
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 year ago
    Hi Chefmal...I saw your post on Keni's page and thought I should let you know that she past away January 12th of 2014 :( We do an annual cooking day each year around that time for her, so please check in next year if you would like to join in :) Sorry to be the one to break the news to you ...
  • keni 2 years ago
    I will letcha know...and I'm glad they are for the better, sweets. :-) green, huh...? Well, welcome to my world! Best of luck...always.