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  • Rose Scented Milk Bath from chelby1969 in Alliance, Ohio.
    Wonderful way to make those special roses keep giving to the end I.plant the roses stems so they will start rooting. Then I use t...
  • Orange & Tangerine Bath Soak from chelby1969 in Alliance, Ohio.
    When in doubt, take a bath. It can calm your mind, relax your tired, tense body, and soothe your stressed soul. Baths are as nece...
  • 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake from chelby1969 in Alliance, Ohio.
    A quick little treat for anyone. You can find some beautiful cups at resell shops. These are great gifts to send in for your chil...
  • Floating Island from chelby1969 in Alliance, Ohio.
    This recipe can also make Orange Custard - Make a soft custard as directed in Floating Island, but flavour with coconut extract in...
  • Apple Tapioca from chelby1969 in Alliance, Ohio.
    Apples were one of the fruits our pioneer forebears had plenty of, so the devised countless ways of cooking them. This recipe date...
  • Peach Cobbler from chelby1969 in Alliance, Ohio.
    When peaches come into season, this dessert is a must. They are in season somewhere right....
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  • MissouriFarmWife 11 months ago about Amish Cinnamon Pie
    This sounds delish! I will have to make it for the next church pot luck!
  • MissouriFarmWife 11 months ago
    Hi there! I just saw your post about the moonshine pickles! I bought them in Abbott Farms, a specialty, tourist oriented store in North Carolina. A good substitute would be sweet dills or sweet garlic dills. The flavor won't be quite the same, but it should work well. If you Google "moonshine pickles" you can find several sources to order them. We plan on stocking up the next time we are travel that way. Thanks for stopping by.
  • hlweich 1 year ago about "the Resurrection" From Spirits On Bourbon
    I loved this! Just one small problem, they went down waaaay to easy!!! Spirits on Bourbon St. rocked!!!!!
  • chelby1969 3 years ago
    I have typed in a recipe 4 times and cant get it to load anyone know whats going on. Help. I want to share.
  • nolacowboy 3 years ago about "the Resurrection" From Spirits On Bourbon
    The drink was great . I had it at Spirits on Bourbon after watching it on a show on Spike TV. Cant wait to go back.
  • CookingMania 3 years ago about Rose Scented Milk Bath
    I really need to have one... that feels amazing... :)
  • chelby1969 3 years ago
    Thanks for adding to my Me time. I dont get it much but I use it to the fullest. Feb. is Valentines day and Feb. 29 is my Anerv. So I have a lot of rose pedels so I will posting another me time recipe with rose petels.
  • Cherrill 3 years ago about Orange & Tangerine Bath Soak
    I love this! Can I add something? A Spanish friend gave me this tip. Quarter a couple of sweet oranges (any kind) and either eat them whilst you soak, or squeeze the juice into the bathwater. Then - this is the good bit - use the quartered skins, pith side to your skin, to gently exfoliate. I know it sounds a bit messy, but it isn't - and you do end up with a bit of pith in the water but the results are amazing. The natural orange oil works it's magic.
  • stevek 3 years ago
    Hey Chelby1969 thanks for the rutabaga tips we eat swede here in stews and that did not know you could
    eat the leaves though when i get time i will have to
    make your floating island sounds good .
    thanks again steve
  • stevek 3 years ago
    Hi Chelby1969 one is rutabaga the other i cant find am just
    new to the computer so i get a bit lost thank you very much
    its very nice of you to help
    thank you very much steve
  • stevek 3 years ago
    Thanks chelby 1969 will try it am stumped on a few more as well but am slowly working them out
    thanks steve
  • chelby1969 3 years ago
    Cream, heavy cream, half-and-half and whole milk differ in the amount of butterfat they contain, though they all come from cows milk. Heavy cream, also labeled whipping cream, has a minimum of 30 to 40 percent butterfat. Half-and-half is 10.5 percent and butter is nearly 100 percent. Make half-and-half with whole milk and additional butterfat.
    1. Measure 7/8 cup of whole milk.
    2. Measure 1/2 tbsp. melted butter.
    3. Mix together to make 1 cup of half-and-half. Use in recipes such as sauces or baking where it does not matter if the butter separates from the milk.
    When I lived on the farm, we just skimmed the top of the fresh milk cows milk in the parlar. Americans also pour half and half cream in there coffee and tea.
  • jett2whit 3 years ago
    Hi! Thanks for stopping by Jetts Homemade Microwave Caramels and leaving the helpful hint!
  • jo_jo_ba 3 years ago
    That sounds fantastic!
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