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  • Bread Pudding With Mixed Berry Pie Filling from cmon68 in Windsor, CT.
    Just made a simple bread pudding with stale french bread and leftover pie filling its actually quite yummy!...
  • Accidental Double Layered Custard from cmon68 in Windsor, CT.
    I am a big fan of custard/rice pudding. I experiment a lot with this. How? Its just custard right? Well, form soy milk to half and...
  • Perfect Spaghetti Sauce from cmon68 in Windsor, CT.
    I know everyones got one, but understand my entire cooking life my sauce varied from ok to awful to "is this too expensive to...
  • Irish Tacos from cmon68 in Windsor, CT.
    This is fun to make for office parties or on St Pattys Day , ...
  • Way better then Slim Jim Beef Jerky from cmon68 in Windsor, CT.
    Once people eat this they cant eat store bought again. i have requests for this as wedding presents! My sisters friend works at Sl...
  • Even Easier then Quiche from cmon68 in Windsor, CT.
    technically this is a Frittata but its the same idea. This is so versatile, no matter what you have on hand for filling it works. ...
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  • njspanteach 1 year ago about Moo Shu anything
    made this with beef and extra mushrooms - fantastic!
  • tsarnold 1 year ago about Way better then Slim Jim Beef Jerky
    How much meat?
  • frankieanne 1 year ago about Glazed carrots and scallions
    This was pretty good. I used maple syrup and didn't get much of a taste of that. Maybe honey would be better. I also think the orange juice would have made it much nicer but I didn't have any. I added my picture and put this in IMI 9/24/13
    Glazed Carrots And Scallions
  • frankieanne 2 years ago about Easy Barely No Prep But Tastes Fancy Emergency Guest Carmelized Chicken
    I made this again but this time did it at 500F. I got a lot of smoke but it was worth it for that sweet and crunchy garlic. Added a picture this time and a thread in IMI. 5/19/13
    Easy Barely No Prep But Tastes Fancy Emergency Guest Carmelized Chicken
  • yecart53 2 years ago
    Cmon68...i am going to make your better then slim jim jerky. how much meat does this recipe require. I have 4lbs.
  • girlinterrupted 2 years ago
    Hey chick.. Thanks for message.. I, too, have been away a while, but am back and will be sharing more recipes soon :) x
  • mommyluvs2cook 2 years ago
    Hey I saved that meatloaf recipe....sounds so good!! Love to sneak in the veggies when I can, thanks!!
  • peetabear 2 years ago
    welcome back... look forward to some new recipes!!

  • Good4U 2 years ago
    Thanks so much for following me and it is good to see you back posting:)
  • sitbynellie 2 years ago about Perfect Spaghetti Sauce
    This is amazing!!!! I will definitely try this - hadn't even noticed the veggie-sneaking-in aspect! (Thanks ML2C) I was too busy drooling!
    And I will go for the optional additions too.

    I may well have found MY perfect spaghetti sauce. I'll let you know!

    PS At the HELP group I flagged up a spammer who posted on your page - that spam post is now gone, from my view at least.
  • jett2whit 5 years ago
    Greetings to you! Hope you & the family are doing well. Merry Christmas!
  • turtle66 5 years ago
    Hello to my new cookin' buddy
  • peetabear 6 years ago
    hi dear it was so great to see you on my recipe.... I have missed you...

    thanks for the comment and rating on the Garlic Grilled Tomatoes Recipe....

    keep in touch..
  • peetabear 6 years ago
    Happy New Year.... may 2009 be a happy and healthy year...
  • krumkake 6 years ago
    Hey cmon, sorry for my delayed response...I actually have never worked with a fondant frosting for cakes, etc. I do have a fondant fillings that I use, but that won't help you much. So did you impress the MIL, or did you not try the fondant???