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  • Easy Cashew Cheese from coolhandluke in Alicante, España.
    An easy to make vegan alternative to cheese, using only two principle ingredients; cashew nuts and nutritional yeast....
  • Mouthful'o'mint from coolhandluke in Alicante, España.
    Since I've been living in Spain, a friend of mine has introduced me to a drink called "horchata de chufa". At first I di...
  • Sausage and Mushroom Pasta Vegan from coolhandluke in Alicante, España.
    Simple, tasty, pasta dish. Quick and easy....
  • Leek and Lentil Bake from coolhandluke in Alicante, España.
    In this recipe, the lentils are pureed to make a creamy topping which is spread over the vegetables before baking. I got this r...
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  • jo_jo_ba 1 year ago
    Thanks for letting me know! I've updated the recipe after making it again and definitely agree with you. I usually keep it as crumbles but can appreciate your frustration!
  • Cherrill 3 years ago about Mouthful'o'mint
    Living in Spain too - this is a great idea. Thanks for a wonderful post!
  • jo_jo_ba 5 years ago
    Glad you liked most of it! I have to admit I've switched to using allspice myself.
  • greekgirrrl 7 years ago
    Thanks for the invite. :-)
  • sola 7 years ago
    So glad you tried the Rasta Pasta.Being a veg doesnt have to be boring!
  • sola 7 years ago
    Check out my chickpea sandwich filling & veggie shepard's pie recipes,I posted recently,think you'll enjoy.Cheers
  • invisiblechef 8 years ago

    SO it was good then, feel free to add some flavor tags. I wish you had taken a picture ^_^

    Check out the Books How it All Vegan, and The Garden of Vegan, I'm feeling that you will love the recipes, very fun easy to understand recipes and very tasty. I don't use margarine though, that's the one thing- you can always replace with olive oil though..

  • redpawn 8 years ago
    That sounds really good.

    I actually just posted a recipe of something I made again for lunch today.

    Take care!

  • redpawn 8 years ago
    Hey hey, new friend! Hahahah. I look forward to sharing recipes with you (though I have yet to post any).

    How goes?
  • oescrazy1 8 years ago
    Thanks for the invite..glad to have you as a cooking buddy.
  • oldgringo 8 years ago
    I read your remarks about yourself. I had two grandmothers who were excellent cooks. One was the daughter of a wealty Irish farmer who married into a wealthy Scots-Irish central Texas farmer. She was a great cook and had a German lady cook for quite a few years. My other grandmother was from a poor hardworking East Texas woodsy family who worked in lumber mills and oil fields. She was a very good cook. These two taught me to cook. My woodsy grandmother used to say the simplest food is the best tasting food. She could cook pork neck bones and rice that were fit for a king. So, simple is a good thing after all.

    I will upload some recipes you will enjoy. I have a recipe from the 19th Century Begal Lancer's Mess in India. It is a shrimp curry; you'll like it I sure. I'll dig it out and post it. I have a Clam dip that was broadcast in the early 1950's during a commercial break on The Kraft Music Theater Show. Within 24 hours of the broadcast, New York City had completely sold out of canned minced clams. That's a fact! You will enjoy that too. Its very simple. Good cookin' to you and we'll talk later.

    Richard, oldgringo