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  • Pulled Pork From Your Oven from cooper in Plano, TX.
    Okay, I'm from Texas and Texas is beef, but it's hard to resist the 97 cents per pound price of pork shoulders when they go on sal...
  • Sweet Potato Cheesecake W Praline Sauce from cooper in Plano, TX.
    This cheesecake is so different and pairs well with most any elegant meal. It takes cheesecake to another level and the beauty is ...
  • Whole Wheat Pizza Crust from cooper in Plano, TX.
    This is really easy to make. Add your sauce and toppings and enjoy. Makes one 14 inch pizza. ...
  • Pralines from cooper in Plano, TX.
    A great candy for the holidays. Perfect for gifting. ...
  • Praline Cookies from cooper in Plano, TX.
    A delightful cookie with nuts and caramel and lots of good taste. Yummie!...
  • Baked Steak Or Chicken Burritos from cooper in Plano, TX.
    An easy main dish that can be made ahead and baked at last minute. Wonderful with Mexican rice and a salad....
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  • kman44 2 years ago about Pralines
    Sounds real can spray the wax paper lightly with
    Pam....freezer paper shiny side up goes a long way also. I
    will try your recipe to see if my Louisiana pralines compare.
    My wife and I used to sell our candy from our kitchen......
    divinity...pralines ....and chocolate pecan....have gotten
    old and cannot get all my orders out on we
    just do Christmas candy for neighborhood gifts nowadays.
    People seem to like that idea better and it's more personal.
    By the way, I'm an old Marine Corps cook from the Vietnam
    era, having gone to 3 cook schools before shipping out....
    never used a field burner before then. How surprised I
    was....12 field burners and a helper going to very near
    the DMZ to cook for 30 hungry men...for 2 weeks...
    then rotating. Semper Fi......Ken
  • pleclare 4 years ago
    Thanks for the great review on the chicken. Glad it was a hit and the dinner sounds delicious. Can't wait to see tomato recipe.Loveall the ingredients.
    Have a good day....
  • pleclare 4 years ago
    Anxious to hear how it turns out for you.
  • pleclare 4 years ago
    Yes,I did simmer the sauce while the chicken was in the oven and the meal was fine. Thanks for the comments. Have added that to the recipe.
  • krumkake 6 years ago
    Hey Cooper, so glad you liked the banana bread - I'm visiting my grandkids this week and that was at the top of my granddaughter's list of things she wanted me to make for's a family favorite, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too! Thanks again - Krum
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    As I said,I forgot. If you look at my recipes,I usually do. Sorry if I offended!
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    You're right and I forgot to add that. Don't usually do that,so I corrected. Did them also and they are very good!
  • juniprune 6 years ago about Pulled Pork From Your Oven
    It's me again Coop........check out my photos; I uploaded 2 pics of me pulling pork from the PIG!
    It was really fun and sooooo good.......thanks for your recipe....i did bookmark it..."5"
  • juniprune 6 years ago about Pulled Pork From Your Oven
    Oh my gosh!! This is what I've been looking to do and soon..........sounds delish.....thanks for sharing......I've pulled pork right from the pig long ago.....was fun and wonderful.....i may post a pic of this soon........thanks again.
  • carmenperez 6 years ago about Pulled Pork From Your Oven
    Hi There
    Just what i was looking for
    I just love easy and tastey
  • linebb956 7 years ago
    On the marinade ....
  • mintymommybee 7 years ago about Sweet Potato Cheesecake W Praline Sauce
    looks like the best way to use those cans of Bruces Yams from the foodbank! Thanks!
  • romagourmet 7 years ago
    Hi! If you have time, please check out my web site dedicated to Rome and Italian cuisine and let me know if you like it :) Home made bread is a speciality of many top Rome restaurant!
  • mystic_river1 7 years ago

    ...sorry,I listed the source but it was put in the wrong location on the recipe page to be clear enough for you to see. I hope you enjoy the recipe.
  • kismet 7 years ago
    Walking into a home that has homemade bread in the oven,you fill comfortable at once.Welcome and look forward to you recipes