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  • sandygalesmith 5 years ago
    Thank you for your comment on the For Our Thanksgiving Meal.Are you planning on adding the recipe for that on the Stuffing that you all make with the cornbread type?I thought that I would ask. Yeah I agree with ya there.
  • californiacook 5 years ago
    Hi Corriee. Thanks for the viewing & rating on the Butternut Squash And Apples Side Dish. Enjoy & Welcome. :)
  • sandygalesmith 5 years ago
    When I seen it I was like "WHAT" and I thought that I would share that laundry soap.
  • tnacndn 5 years ago
    Hi, in answering your questions on the crockpot stuffing, I have never tried to actually double the recipe. I just get up early and put it in the crock and go back to bed. (After preparing everything the night before) When I get up I just put on another crock full. It is not dry and crumbly when done,it is nice and moist.
  • corriee 5 years ago
    Well, that certainly makes sense. Thanks for taking the time
    to explain it to me. I will try that for I am always making
    soups, but the flax does tend to grow when ground.
  • jolielives 5 years ago
    You may be right about needing to get to the inside of the flax seed for it's benefits. What I've done in my Clucking Soup is to remove the nutrients & release the oils by extracting them through heat.
    After parboiling my chicken, I removed the skin from the Beasts & gave them to Jo (pictured here). But what happened with the Soup, from the flax seeds is that all the healthy & yummy oil that they contain was pulled out of the seed from the slow cooking process.
    I can see the Oil on the top of the Soup. When I tasted it, I was fully expecting it to have the fatty & greasy flavor of the Chicken's fat. Instead, it was rich & nutty in flavor.
    I've never done this before, so it was one of my mad scientist experiments & when I chilled it for the night, the Flax Oil didn't harden as Chicken fat does.
    Tomorrow, I'm going to saute Onions, Garlic & Mushrooms & cut up the Chicken in the Soup. I'll make a roux (Butter & Flour to thicken the Soup). My long range goal was to make a Chicken Pot Pie, that's yummy & doesn't need 1/2 & 1/2 or Cream for the delish Sauce in Chicken Pot Pies. I'll use the Liquid from the Soup, Flax seed Oil & 2% Milk. I'm betting that it's flavor will be spot on rich, without the clogging Cream or 1/2 & 1/2 due to the richness of the Flax Seed rendered Oil.
    Please let me know how your Cookies (?) for the kids turn out. Yummy I'm sure.
    Thank you for your comments.
    Jo & Lee