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  • chefette 2 months ago about Old Fashioned Sponge Toffee
    you really need to get over yourself. People may post and share links and have suggestions and have opinions about these and other recipes and rate them however they like. If someone wants to rate the recipe because they do not feel like the method was was explained well enough, then that is their right. So deal with it. This recipe actually does not give detailed info regarding the steps to make it. Sugar and candy making can be complicated- kind of like you mentioned. It also doesnt even tell you to "be careful" becaise when you add the baking soda it can get "dangerous". Not juat "frothy". So yes, a better method, would be helpful to everyone. Not just those who are "experienced".
    Looks like you dont have ANY recipes here... :(
    But- your description of yourself is; "the cook". Also you must be the guy who decides who can rate what and comment on what on this site? The point of the star system is to rate the recipes based on everything. If the directions are not clear for every kind of cook, than there are going to be problems. Also... like someone asked; what sized pan does it require?!? Not enough info for those who may have never done sugar wprk or candy making before. Im going to try the recipe, since i am experienced... and can fill in the blanks for myself... and can let you all know what i think OVER ALL. including the method...
    thank you for sharing this recipe, as i love sponge toffee!!!
    Usually when people get offended about things like this, its because they themselves have insecurities. In this case it sounds like these issues are cooking related. Putting others down to make themselves feel better about their own cooking abilities i guess. (Oh yes... and by "they"- i mean YOU).
    Someone needs to stick up for Rapala here!
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 year ago about Pork Souvlaki
    Yummy! This was fantastic! Marinated mine for close to 10 hours. Added a review in Lilliancooks IMI review -----------> Pork Souvlakiby Crocwoman
  • mommyluvs2cook 2 years ago about Honey Garlic Chicken
    Frankieanne's IMI review Honey Garlic Chicken
  • NPMarie 2 years ago about Pork Souvlaki Flag
  • Craigenstein 4 years ago about Old Fashioned Sponge Toffee
    @Rapala10: Both recipes are good, just catered for different skill levels. Most recipes for cooking sugar that use water are geared more towards beginners, once you have tried sugar cooking a few times water becomes somewhat unnecessary. The recipe is simple because the process is simple. Please don't rate recipes you haven't, or are unwilling to try.
  • berry 6 years ago
    Hello... I like your recipes very much, Thanks!
  • huxter 6 years ago
    And another thank you from me here in Australia ,for accepting my buddy request --love sharing all these recipes .
  • petsitter75 6 years ago
    thanks crocwoman for bieing my cooking friend! Looking forward to seeing what you cook up!! Barb
  • desertgal 7 years ago
    Thanks for the kind words on the chicken. I just made this the other night for some friends and there was none left. Hope you have a great week.
  • lincolntoot 7 years ago
    Hi and thanks for being my new cooking friend. Can't wait to start sharing recipe!
  • jett2whit 7 years ago
    thanks for accepting the buddy invite!
  • blueeyes68ky 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking friend.
  • jenniferbyrdez 8 years ago
    Where are you with those good recipes? Have I just been missing you?
  • lunasea 8 years ago
    Thanks for being my new cooking buddy! I look forward to sharng many recipes and smiles with you...

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • peetabear 8 years ago
    thank you for the new cooking friend invitation.. I look forward to looking thru your recipes.. I have to go look right now at your sponge toffee.. I've never heard of it before..