My Latest Recipes 3
  • Survival Kit from dagnabbit in Barrie, CA.
    You never know when you may become lost or trapped in the forest, and will need to depend on survival techniques to keep you alive...
  • Backpack Jerky from dagnabbit in Barrie, CA.
    beef, dried, for backpacking. Easy to make and easy to carry....
  • Trail Mix and Sustenance pack from dagnabbit in Barrie, CA.
    dried fruits, nuts and grains with dried veggies. Used for backpacking on the trail....
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  • rabid 4 years ago about Backpack Jerky
    Try smoke salt and a bit of pepper
  • sandygalesmith 4 years ago
    Are you still around or did you leave?
  • browneyegirl 5 years ago
    Are you still around?
  • browneyegirl 5 years ago about Survival Kit
    Good post.
  • lovebreezy 5 years ago about Survival Kit
    I wonder if a cell phone or the walkies would be a better choice these days. I see the advantages and disadvantages of both and therefore vote to have both with you.
  • cookingandbakingqueen 5 years ago about Backpack Jerky
    Looks like you got the crew.What do I mean by it? You got my mom, her sister, her boyfriend and know me (as her daughter).Lagh Out Loud.I want to say great post.
  • cookingandbakingqueen 6 years ago
    I thought that I would add you.I know that your friends with my mom (sandygalesmith).I hope that you don't mind.
  • sandygalesmith 6 years ago
    Did you see the recent post that I had posted?Well you can go ahead and keep cookingandbaking, grumpymomma and kingofallassholes on your friend list.Chris (kingofallassholes) will let me know when there's an message for me or if some one asks about me.
  • snowcat17 6 years ago about Trail Mix and Sustenance pack
    SIR!! HIGH FIVE FORKS SIR (salute)!!! :) good treat Pete...
  • snowcat17 6 years ago
    you are very welcome Pete. look forward to sharing recipes with ya:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  • victoriareegina 6 years ago
    I finally made it, Pete. Hope you like my avatar. They're my Saturday night dancin' boots! 8)
  • sandygalesmith 6 years ago
    That's okay.I thought that I would ask.
  • sandygalesmith 6 years ago
    Yeah I know.Right after you left an comment that he did as well.

    Yeap I agree with ya there.As of today I have been idnoring the fool.I'm doing my best too not saing any thing thing.I hope that this site dose something to him.As you know that my middle name is Gale NOT Gayle.Yeah that's what he is tryen too do is trying to get me up in a lather and he isn't going too win at all.

    How have ya been?I have been pretty good and stayen busy here recently.Question for you.Could you send me an message with your email address and I'll give ya mine as well.That's if you don't have an problem with it on me asking ya on it.I'm not the type of person that gives out email address.I hope that you are the same as me on it.Only most of my family and close friends has my email address.I hope to be hearing from you soon.

    Sandy Gale Smith
  • equalizer 6 years ago

    This is a dumb comment? I think not!

    Mystic_river1 1 week ago said:
    Elaine, I am asking you NICELY but for the last time- to keep you and your troops off my page. Whoever doesn't like me well they don't like me but I can tell you they are sick and tired of you and your bullies. Have a nice day. Stay away.

    Dagnabbit 16 hours, 19 minutes ago said:
    You posted a dumb comment to Elaine on my page, joyless Marie. Why is that? Are you more of a nutcase than I originally thought? I forwarded it to her. No doubt she'll have a damn good laugh.
  • jolielives 6 years ago
    Hello dagnabbit,
    I created a Private Site for Sandy about a week ago. About 10 minutes ago, she just asked me to add you to the members of her Site & I just have. Enjoy it.
    Jo & Lee