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  • Boursin Cheese from darlenel in West St Paul, MN.
    I've had this recipe for many years and served it as a cheese spread with cracker, Last week I made sandwiches for a tea. I spre...
  • Golden Cheddar Broccoli from darlenel in West St Paul, MN.
    This is a family favorite, can be made ahead of time, refrigerate and bake before serving....
  • Artichoke Chicken from darlenel in West St Paul, MN.
    For the busy cook this so easy and delicious it can be served to company. Your can walk in the door from work at 5:30 and have d...
  • Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls from darlenel in West St Paul, MN.
    This recipe came from Penzey's. It's much easier than stuffing the cabbage leaves but has the same flavor when served over white r...
  • Mulligatawny Soup - Kramers favorite at quotSoup Natziquot from darlenel in West St Paul, MN.
    Perfect for a cold winter evening, warms you from the inside out.. good way to use left over chicken and rice...
  • Creamy Reuben Soup from darlenel in West St Paul, MN.
    This is a good soup to make if you have left over corned beef from St Patricks day celebration. If you don't have leftovers you c...
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  • Good4U 2 years ago about Artichoke Chicken Flag
  • NPMarie 2 years ago about Artichoke Chicken
    IMI review
    Artichoke Chicken
  • NPMarie 2 years ago about Creamy Reuben Soup Flag
  • Dorene1031 4 years ago about Prosciutto Appetizer Cups Italian
    i wanna do it alone &have a taste
  • Dorene1031 4 years ago about Prosciutto Appetizer Cups Italian
    question ~1/2c means what?
  • saltymike 4 years ago
    I hope you enjoy the liver mush. It was a staple that I grew up on. OUr town was fairly small and there was a local market near our house. The butcher counter always had "made-in-store" liver mush, "red rind" hoop cheese and big round "soda" crackers (sold "each".) As a kid, I could take 15 cents and get a huge chunk of cheese, a huge slice or liver mush, a pint of milk and some soda crackers for lunch! I'd sit in the shade of an oak tree and munch was good!
  • snowcat17 6 years ago
    This sounds YUMMY!!! HIGH FIVE FORKS!!
  • inmaculada 6 years ago
    Hello Darlenal, would love to know how the Eggplant casserole recipe meets your family tastebuds... but since your family is not picky eaters, I have the confidence they would love as mine does.

    Btw, you look great and very professional on your costume, hahaha.

    I can see you live in Minnesota, that means a lot of cold weather in winter time, right? but I think it must be a very beautiful place with lots of woods and wildlife... I can see you cooking thick and rich stews and soups and baking lots of lovely smelling breads and rolls... here in Mallorca Island we have now 35 ºC, that means about 95ºF, but thanks God we have wonderfull calas (small beaches nested between pine tree woods) with lovely clear, clean and blue waters. Mediterranean Sea is all around us. I think this is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We came here to live (we used to live very near to Madrid) three years ago when my husband was pre-retired and we do LOVE this place. It´s just warm-cold in winter (about 10ºC, 50ºF). It never gets as cold as to have ice on your car windscreen in the mornings.

    If you like to bake your own bread, as I do, I would recommend you "The Bread baker´s apprentice" by Peter Reinhart.

    OK, honey, I wish you a nice week and good cooking.
    Regards from Spain.
  • mrtnzangel8 7 years ago
    I'll be trying your artichoke chicken tonight. Every time I make my spinach-artichoke dip I think, well this will be good on chicken. And here it is pretty much! Thanx!

  • juels 7 years ago
    Darlenel, the pictures look awesome! Great job!
  • borinda 7 years ago
    Alas, I never think to bring my camera into the kitchen. When I am preparing food I'm at one end of the house and stupid me... the camera's forgotten up here in the office. If I do remember to bring the camera down with me next time I do the Smoked Salmon Roll-ups I'll be happy to post a photo. Meanwhile... think of two long, thin slices of lox over-lapping. Spread some of the filling mix at one end and then roll from that end to the other so when you look down at it there's the soft filling in the middle. There are a couple of layers rolled around of the salmon to support it and then I like the crunch of the sesame on the sides but that's just my taste. Does this description help any better? I sure hope so.
  • keni 7 years ago
    Hey darlen...I don't know if I thanked you for checking out my Ranch Pasta Salad recipe...I don't always get the notices! Anyway, thank you and I hope you find time to try it...with or without your sub! :)
  • conner909 7 years ago
    Thanks for commenting on the Parmesan Ball recipe Darlene! Let me know how you like them and welcome to the GR site! Looking forward to sharing lots of recipes with you.
  • joe1155 7 years ago
    Thank you so much for the comment on my mushroom soup.
  • cabincrazyone 7 years ago
    Thanks for your kind words regarding my Spicy Mn Curry Chicken. You're right about the fact that a lot of Mn residents are spice wimps. I readily admit I'm one. To me excessive spice heat is torture. I'm looking for pleasure when I eat. :^)