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  • Atkins_Man 2 weeks ago about Salsa Blanca
    LOL! This is the Taco Bell version. Which is OK if you think Taco Bell is Mexican food. (My wife is Mexican, we eat Salsa Blanca on everything.....)

    Also, I see you have named it "Salsa Blanco" when the name is "Salsa Blanca".

    Mircale Whip? Yeah, that's Mexican, lol. Below is my wife's version:


    Manteca, 50 g
    Harina, 2 cucharadas colmadas
    Leche, ½ litro
    Sal y pimienta, a gusto
    Nuez moscada, opcional


    - Calentar la leche hasta que esté a punto de hervir.
    - En olla, aparte, derretir la manteca a fuego suave.
    - Retirar la manteca un momento del fuego, agregarle la harina y mezclar muy bien.
    - Salar a gusto (incorporar la sal en este momento de la preparación ayudará a que no se formen grumos).
    - Llevar nuevamente la preparación a fuego suave, revolviendo permanentemente, con cuchara de madera, hasta que tome color dorado.
    - Ir agregando la leche mientras se revuelve permanentemente, con cuchara de madera.
    - Condimentar la salsa blanca con pimienta y nuez moscada rallada.
    - Cocinar revolviendo permanentemente hasta que la salsa blanca hierva al menos un minuto y espese.
    - Retirar y utilizar en las preparaciones que así lo requieran.

  • mommyluvs2cook 1 month ago about Butterscotch Pie
    Oh wow this look so yummy!! My family would love this, perfect picture!!
  • Good4U 1 month ago about Butterscotch Pie
    I haven't had a Butterscotch Pie in years! I never knew how to make one, until seeing this post! Thanks so much:) What a beautiful pic!
  • jo_jo_ba 3 months ago about Ultimate Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Granola
    Where are the peanuts in the ingredients?
  • gourmetana 3 months ago about Ultimate Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Granola
    I am a big fan of homemade granola. This recipe is a keeper.
  • elgourmand 1 year ago
    Thanks for stopping by the Pea Soup. I always make a little extra soup, even though it's never winter here. Forgot to mention that I added a small zucchini to this batch. RJ
  • 22566 1 year ago
    The congregation is smoking did you say?
    Well,deep 'Hades'
    Is that good or bad? :o)
    Kind Regards
  • krumkake 2 years ago
    I grew up less than an hour away from the Spam factory - well, they do make other products, too! But Spam was not one of my favorite foods, still to this day, but my husband could eat it every week, so I'm always cooking it...this recipe was the only way I've found that I could eat it...probably the Velvetta and crescent rolls!! I've heard that in Hawaii they put it on pizza with pineaplle - did you ever have it that way when you lived in Kohala??
  • luisascatering 2 years ago Flag
  • krumkake 2 years ago
    I obviously hit your 'Spam' nerve - wish I could like the stuff more, but it's fun to experiment at least! We toured the Spam museum on one of our trips back to MN - it was actually very interesting and I couldn't believe the many, many different varieties of Spam they sold at their gift shop - you would probably be like my husband and believe you had landed in heaven!!
  • jett2whit 2 years ago
    Oh yeahhhhh fresh strawberries and whipped cream go great with a pound cake! I made a pound cake earlier this week and used the CoffeeMate Hazelnut liquid creamer in place of milk. It was really good ;-)
  • jett2whit 2 years ago
    I am so glad it's Friday!! The 13th doesn't mean a thing ;-) Good time to make a key lime pie!!
  • DetroitTokyo 2 years ago
    My beau would love that dip recipe of yours! Thanks for stopping by my Sweet Potato Fries recipe :)
  • moroccanlady 2 years ago
    hey! i noticed you liked some of my recipes.
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  • keni 2 years ago
    Ha! I think she's thinkin'..... "I can take him"! ;-)