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  • Bean Dip Casserole from eleven in Fort Payne, AL.
    I adapted my favorite layered bean dip to this recipe because it's TOO DELICIOUS to just do dip-duty! Here ya go, Krum, hope you ...
  • Garlic Oil from eleven in Fort Payne, AL.
    This is a wonderful oil to cook with if you're a garlic lover....
  • Worlds Easiest Vegetarian Spaghetti from eleven in Fort Payne, AL.
    This is the easiest spaghetti I make, and it is completely fat free as far as I can tell. My 10 year old adores it....
  • Fat Free Tuna Salad from eleven in Fort Payne, AL.
    I think I've mentioned my recent quest for fat-free and low-fat adaptations of my regular's one I came up with abou...
  • Marinated Tomatoes from eleven in Fort Payne, AL.
    Since I started serving tomatoes this way, nobody at my house will eat them plain!...
  • Fat Free Meatless Taco Salad from eleven in Fort Payne, AL.
    This is a two-part preparation dish which combines into a delicious filling lunch or dinner with zero to very little fat content....
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  • Missj375 3 years ago
    Hi! Looking for Fat Free recipes! I am going to try the 2 I see you mastered! Thank you for posting these :-)
  • ttaaccoo 5 years ago about Uncle Bobs Lemon Freeze
    My Mom used to make this in Arizona when I was a little girl. It is delish!!!
  • billieloflin 6 years ago about Wildflower Chicken Salad
    Is this Chicken Salad recipe (above) from The Wildflower Cafe?
  • wttothemax 6 years ago about Bean Dip Casserole
    I think I might like this.
  • combikid 6 years ago about First Ever Egg Salad
    yea know, i've eaten egg salad for a long time now... this kinda changes it up a little bit. I like it!
  • shandalulu 7 years ago about Baked Potato Soup
    Mmm sounds great! I love the idea of the sweet potatoes in it too. High-five!
  • lohashim 7 years ago
    Thanks for the buddy invite ,hope to share recipes .Have a nice day .
  • auntybea 7 years ago
    Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much for the invitation to be your friend. I will do so very gladly; I have never known anyone from the area of Lookout Mountain, Alabama, as you have probably not known anyone from Alberta, Canada! Isn't technology wonderful that it can bring like-minded people to commune together about their families and homes and lives and common interest -- food! I give you many props for eating healthy and teaching your family to eat healthy, that's a big job and it isn't an easy one! I can't wait to delve in to your recipes as I can see a few below where I am typing here and the "Swallow Your Tongue Bucket Steak" has drawn my attention! Hope to share some great recipes and communication with you! X0
  • mark555 7 years ago
    Thanks for taking a second look at the …err…package glad it brought a chuckle

  • krumkake 7 years ago
    Hey eleven, glad you liked the sound of the taco pie - I love all the variations you can do with it. I'll be looking for that bean casserole you've now promised!!
  • mark555 7 years ago
    It is supposed to be a BBQ recipe so yes it should be no problem to grill it.
  • grizzlybear 8 years ago
    here ya go eleven sorry it took me so long to post

    Garlic Mayonaise

    5 Garlic cloves
    1 Egg at room temperature
    1 c Olive oil at room temp.
    1 tb Lemon juice

    Crush the garlic in a food blender. Add the egg and blend for 15 seconds. Very slowly add the oil through the top of the blender so that an emulsion can take place. Stir in the lemon juice by hand. Hint: To get the smell of garlic off your hands simply rub your hands in used coffee grinds. End of odor. In Italy it is common to eat a whole coffee bean after a big meal so that your lover will not be bothered by garlic.

    Makes: 1 Cup
  • pops 8 years ago
    Glad to have you aboard hope that you enjoy all
  • tnacndn 8 years ago
    you're not a sinner, you're just a Southerner. LOL
  • tnacndn 8 years ago
    thanks my friend, I will take a gander at it and if we do get down there I will holler ya first so we can get together. Isn't there another State park or water falls, Nocalula or something like that I think.