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  • picadillo from extremecooking in Woonsocket, RI.
    This is doesn't take long and is delicious. Is also great with tortillas. This is one of my dads Fav. I love it too...
  • Spanish Arroz Con Pollo Chicken And Rice from extremecooking in Woonsocket, RI.
    This one is favorite of mine, and theres a few of those =) This was always a big hit love it even more now as an adult. Cuban del...
  • Ropa Vieja from extremecooking in Woonsocket, RI.
    Mom made this all the time for me it stuck with me. This is a great Cuban dish If you haven't had this then this is a must for Cu...
  • croquetas Croquettes from extremecooking in Woonsocket, RI.
    Another one of moms favorites these are awesome. she cooked them for us all the time so thought I would share these they are great...
  • Cheesy Beef Casserole from extremecooking in Woonsocket, RI.
    This is another type of cheesy beefy Casserole more aimed at cheese and sauce. Great in the micro next day! ...
  • Cowboy Beef Casserole from extremecooking in Woonsocket, RI.
    My mom used to make this and is amazing. Great for the whole family. And you can make it as cheesy as you want. This is a great di...
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  • extremecooking 4 years ago
    and it looks like they took away the option to upload more then picture.. REALLY? that kind of ruins everything I was liking about this site.. whats the point if you cannot upload pics of the finished product or step by step?
  • extremecooking 4 years ago
    ok Wow after extensive password tries.. I managed to log in to my real account... this is great Now I have to go over everything and do some updating.. got a great new Cam so got tons of pics to upload .. cant wait.
  • extremecooking2 4 years ago
    EVERYBODY This is extremecooking my account is jacked and I am unable to log into my account even with the correct password from any computer and there is no support for this site.. which is BS I have been trying to log in over 6 months now and have tried the forum that was a fail.. so Just wanted to let people know... if anyone can help please let me know thanks
  • chatombreux 5 years ago about Ropa Vieja
    Can't wait to try this, except I'll be leaving out the pimentos. I love ropa vieja!!
  • jayescout 5 years ago
    no worries, my hard drive crashed a few months ago and it was sad. the fiesta was delicious! Everyone contributed a dish or two. My friend made 2 types of salsa and yes both from scratch-one with mango the other with cilantro. I made the lime tacos and I couldn't find limes where I live and I thought I had lime juice but nada, so I crunched up some hint of lime chips and put it in the chicken marinade for the tacos-no one could tell the difference! it was so good, they enjoyed themselves to an empty bowl :) Horchata and tres leches was yummy! this is making me hungry! haha
  • extremecooking 5 years ago about Cowboy Beef Casserole
    I need to get some pics I will be updating all my recipes here the next week. Got some good stuff
  • extremecooking 5 years ago
    Hello Foodie's
    It's been a little over 9 months since any updates and I have a good reason. Just had my first baby it's a girl 3 weeks old this week. So that is why I have been busy. I have updated pics i will be uploading along with updating recipes.. And an update with the Flan. It's the PAN you melt the sugar in that's a huge part to getting it just right and not the over cooked sugar taste. I will post the recipe here soon. Till then Keep Cooking and love to see new recipes and how they came out.
  • jayescout 5 years ago
    I'm having a Friendly Fiesta this Saturday, on the menu, tacos, spanish rice, tres leches, horchata, chips and 2 kinds of salsa...anymore suggestions? I would like to know your flan recipe also!
  • extremecooking 6 years ago
    need to do some updating. I had an issue with a hard drive on a computer. Lost data lost all my cooking pics that i needed to up with a ton of my recipes NOT COOL at all. So i need to do some updating Hope everyone is well i need to update my flan recipe... I know a few have been asking (sorry)... that will be my first i update :)...Bye....
  • frodo 6 years ago
    i would be proud to have me as your bud...
    i love spanish food..i was in austin tx for 10 years
    i learned a little
  • justjakesmom 6 years ago
    Thanks for the buddy invite, Extreme. I love mexican food as well. Look forward to sharing recipes with you. ;')
  • familyfirst 6 years ago
    Hello! You mention in your "about me" that you know the secret to perfect flan! But did you share the secret somewhere? I didn't seen Flan in any of your recieps and now the curiosity is KILLING ME! So, I hope to see this update very soon because I would run over one of my own children for some good flan. Don't worry I'd run 'em over with a golf cart, NOT a Hummer! (I'm a good mom!)
  • lanacountry 7 years ago about picadillo
    I think this looks wonderful..Many thanks and
    5 forks! * * * * *! :)
  • fruttadi 7 years ago about Ropa Vieja
    I love ropa vieja ,Humm
  • trigger 7 years ago about picadillo
    I like this Peccadillo recipe it is quick and delicious. You have my 5 fork rating