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  • Barley Milk from fortuna in Austin, TX.
    This milk is made somewhat the same way as the Oat Milk, however, this is best hot and topped with cinnamon. Great for the fall w...
  • Tea Fried Rice from fortuna in Austin, TX.
    The dish is easy to make and great for breakfast, as a side dish or a snack. This goes great with eggrolls and salmon dishes. ...
  • Dengaku Baked from fortuna in Austin, TX.
    This is an easy Dengaku recipe that takes only a few minutes to prepare. This is great for kids as a healthy lunch or snack when ...
  • Chicken Filling for Salad or Eggroll from fortuna in Austin, TX.
    This is a great twist for leftover chicken and it is delicious as a salad, snack, eggroll, wonton, or pierogi and even a sandwich ...
  • Authentic Joes Special from fortuna in Austin, TX.
    This is a dish I learned to make about 30 years ago when I was renting from a fellow who had two teenage boys. This man was a for...
  • Korean Bibim Tacos from fortuna in Austin, TX.
    This is an easy recipe that takes only a few minutes to prepare and has, I believe, a dynamic twist on the regular Mexican taco. ...
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  • I_Fortuna 2 years ago about Yakisoba
    If you cannot find yakisoba sauce you can use Indonesian Katjep. It is a sweet soy sauce. Recipes for this sauce are all over the internet. You can probably find a good yakisoba sauce recipe too. Google Ketjap, Kecap, or Ketjap Manis. This stuff is great mixed with ground beef or tofu and about a pound of fresh bean sprouts cooked into it. Delicious!
  • I_Fortuna 2 years ago about Oat Milk
    BTW, my new user name is I_Fortuna. Many of my recipes are still under the user name fortuna. So look for new recipes coming to you from I_Fortuna.
  • I_Fortuna 2 years ago about Authentic Joes Special
    This is an authentic recipe for Joe's Special as it was given to me by a reputable person. In any case it is delicious. There are many recipes on this site that claim to be authentic but are not. It is just a fact of life that people will differ in their opinions. Recipes that have been around a long time do tend to change often. I don't think it really matters if it is or is not if you and your family like it.
  • I_Fortuna 2 years ago about Oat Milk
    Hi everyone! Sorry to have been gone so long. My other computer crashed and I got sidetracked but now I am back. I notice someone had a question about the extra 2 cups of water. If the mixture is too strong for your taste you can add up to 2 cups of water to dilute it. I love the flavor so I only dilute it by one cup. The mixture does turn to liquid due to the enzymes in the miso so nearly all the oatmeal is broken down. Just add water to taste. I add a little nectresse. This is a very energizing drink and I hope you will try it.
  • Hidija 3 years ago
    Have you even prepared, your Pierogi, except for frying and then froze them for later use??? If so, do they still taste as good, or loose any consistancy?
  • uptownmama 5 years ago about Authentic Joes Special
    It may be good and it may be tasty, but for the love of all that is holy in the realm of food, why do you call it "Authentic"? By the way, I know that it is not that.
  • mintika 6 years ago
    Hi Fortuna, can I use this recipe with a Alternative Milk Strainer I am making and selling? I can include this link with it. please email me at


  • lovebreezy 7 years ago
    Consider joining our NEW Velveeta group AND the already exixting SPAM group :-)
  • efitobx 8 years ago
    I just wanted to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.

    P.S. Ok, what’s cooking? It’s Stuffed Rockfish here.
  • softgrey 8 years ago
    about the green tea fried rice...
    i was under the impression green tea had no caffeine...
    so if it does - then thanks for the warning!...


  • sunny 8 years ago
    Hi - thanks for being my cooking buddy. You have lots of great recipes, I look forward to trying some of them. = )
  • tnacndn 8 years ago
    Thanks for the wonderful comment , you are so sweet. I have served the Sausage Breakfast Pie many a time for supper. Well we have breakfast for supper as much as we do in the mornings any way. LOL
  • angelgal 8 years ago
    Thanks for being my Foodie Friend! ;)
  • zena824 8 years ago
    I dont see why you couldnt add the cornstarch to the condensed milk to thicken it up alittle...
  • zena824 8 years ago
    Thank you so much for all your nice comments... Especially the ones on the cajun recipe....that was so nice of you.....I got slapped on the hand for putting that one in as you saw.....