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  • Ginger Tea from ginlikedadrink in Canton, NC.
    This tea, made with double the ginger in the Dominican Republic, is reportedly good for colds and stuffy heads. Dominican hosts se...
  • Chiah spiced tea Nepal from ginlikedadrink in Canton, NC.
    Many variations of this sweet tea are served in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and parts of Africa. A perfect ending to curry meals. A ...
  • Genghis Khan from ginlikedadrink in Canton, NC.
    Got this recipe from "More with Less" a cookbook created by mennonites on how toeat better and consume less of the world...
  • Jalapeno Vodka from ginlikedadrink in Canton, NC.
    Not only does this vodka taste great, it also wakes you up, clears your sinuses, and stimulates your thoughts! You can use it as a...
  • Blackberry Cooler from ginlikedadrink in Canton, NC.
    Nice summer drink. Good use of fresh picked berries. You can substitute raspberries and a raspberry liqueur in place of the blackb...
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  • capedread 6 years ago about Jalapeno Vodka
    nice! can't wait to try this baby out lol
  • peetabear 6 years ago about Jalapeno Vodka
    I make something similar to this also... I serve it ice cold out of the freezer... five..

  • lovebreezy 6 years ago
    So I see you also found my How to Corn Beef... recipe. I have done both deer and elk and it always turns out good. It is darker than beef but it is also leaner. Take some during and after photos if you try it. Thanks.
  • lovebreezy 6 years ago
    Thanks for the note you left on my Lemon Breasted Chicken -- you made me laugh.
    Please take pictures (of both the chicken and the looks on the faces of the future in-laws)! Feel free to post them to the recipe.
    Let me know if it works to endear you to their hearts!
    And WELCOME to GR.
  • victoriaregina 6 years ago about Genghis Khan
    I would use the lamb because I do not like beef that much. This is a super recipe. Saved and 5.
  • 22566 6 years ago about Ginger Tea
    A really nice sounding tea recipe.

    I shall remember and try this when ever someone gets a cold


    Believe that it would be very good anytime.


    Kind Regards
  • wynnebaer 6 years ago about Jalapeno Vodka
    I do something similar....Great post!!!
  • capedread 6 years ago
    thanks for the friend invite, love the "about me" blurb and who would be offended at a sense of humor???
    welcome aboard Mrs. let's see if we can help you bag that man lol
  • henrie 6 years ago
    Thanks for the friend invite, of course I'd be happy to accept. Look forward to sharing recipes with you. Enjoy ;0)
  • chefelaine 6 years ago
    Hi there, and WELCOME to GR!
    Thank you very much for your friend invite, which I am delighted to accept!
    Looking forward to sharing many recipes with you :+D