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  • Brit's Nutty Mallow Bites from hunnee in Nanaimo, CA.
    these will not last if you put them out, trust me, I was happy when this recipe was shared with me, although it took me ahwile to ...
  • Orenda's Oreo Cookies & Creme Pudding Pops from hunnee in Nanaimo, CA.
    Orenda got this recipe from her grandma and she got emailed me this the other day, I thought it sounded good and so here it is, pl...
  • Isis' Nilla Yoghurt Freeze from hunnee in Nanaimo, CA.
    My Friend Isis was wanting to bake so she threw a few things together in the kitchen so this is a tester and she really liked this...
  • Frozen Lemonade Squares from hunnee in Nanaimo, CA.
    My friend Sheena knows I'm a recipe freak so she came to my house the other day to drop this recipe off, no clue where or who she ...
  • Babe's Oreo Milk Shake from hunnee in Nanaimo, CA.
    my friend Babe drank so many of these when she was pregnant with her daughter, and because she got other girls to drink this with ...
  • Isaiah's Hot Chocolate-brownie Cupcakes from hunnee in Nanaimo, CA.
    While I was making some cupcakes my son suggested I mix some hot chocolate powder in it so I did and the kids loved it, you can al...
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  • minitindel 2 years ago
    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sweetie thanks so much
  • minitindel 2 years ago
    hi there good to hear from you im on face book a lot but I miss it here
  • cinnamongal 3 years ago
    Thanks! Hope you enjoy the casserole.
  • Skizzy 3 years ago
    Hi Hunnee. How are things in Nanaimo? I used to go to Malaspina there before moving to Ireland in 2002.
  • jett2whit 3 years ago about Orenda's Oreo Cookies & Creme Pudding Pops
    Well how did I miss this one? Glad I found it - yummy!!
  • jett2whit 3 years ago
    Hi hunnee - just wanted to pop in and say HELLOOOOOOO!!!
  • minitindel 3 years ago
    hi there my friend big hugs to you
  • elgourmand 3 years ago
    Thanks for stoppin by. Yep, I like it. Enjoy. RJ
  • sm8085 3 years ago
    Thanx 4 subscribin 2 my recipes...btw i hav a friend whoz in nanaimo 2 n she studies in viu...also i'm totally luvin ur recipes :)
  • ariesmama 3 years ago about Elexus Margarita Chicken Skewers
    I don't mean to sound like a tool but what is chicken seasoning? Any seasoning that is good for chicken, or is it something specific?
  • pointsevenout 4 years ago
    Use your imagination. Mother used it on pancakes yesterday. Two pats of butter on the bottom of the pancake so they would melt and a layer of applebutter on the top like it was a jelly spread.
    You can put it in a sandwich along with other stuff. Eat it out of the jar. Use it in baking as a sub for applesauce. Put it over hot biscuits for breakfast. Sky's the limit.
  • wynnebaer 4 years ago
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment about the spicy mushroom sauce. Really appreciate it.
  • food_devil 5 years ago about Frozen Lemonade Squares
    Looks like a refreshing dessert , good to serve in summer or at a shower.
  • browneyegirl 5 years ago about Frozen Lemonade Squares
    Looks easy.
  • nativeprincess 5 years ago about Brit's Nutty Mallow Bites
    Sounds great & fairly easy...thanks for the very nice post!