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  • Mighty Fine Meatloaf from islwayn in N Las Vegas, NV.
    Just a really good meatloaf, something a little different, easy to make......
  • Fire Roasted Tomato Pepper Salsa from islwayn in N Las Vegas, NV.
    this is one of my favorite, actually, MY favorite salsa .. served fresh as made, still hot, if anyone is around the pot, there wo...
  • Spinach Caserole from islwayn in N Las Vegas, NV.
    this dish can be a mainstay, side dish, appetizer, or ? easy to make, and very tasty.. play with the herbs and spices to create y...
  • Chai Tea Recipe from islwayn in N Las Vegas, NV.
    a great hot tea mix.. make a cup at a time....
  • Cranberry Relish from islwayn in N Las Vegas, NV.
    I use it with Turkey, Chicken, Meat Loaf, by itself (tastes great).. pork.. just about any meat, and even some fish dishes.. ...
  • CROCK POT CANDY from islwayn in N Las Vegas, NV.
    Holiday Candy treat...
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  • maureenlaw 5 years ago about Spinach Caserole
  • islwayn 5 years ago
    well, the house is finished again.. even better this time!.. just in time for a ton of snow.. so... I'm in Las Vegas for the winter..
  • tablescape 6 years ago
    Thank you so much for the invitation. I shall be thinking of you in the next few weeks and praying that all will come together for you, just as you wish. Don't get discouraged.
  • tablescape 6 years ago
    Gosh. I am amazed that you went through that horrible experience. I am so sorry; all that work gone. Well, keep your chin up; you will find your way, I am sure.

    Wishing you and your family a happy New Year dispite all that you face in the weeks ahead. Welcome back.
  • islwayn 6 years ago
    been offline for a bit.. having to rebuild my house.. just finished the last door on August 20th, went to bed, and at 1:15AM got hit by lightning.. Came through my bedroom ceiling, blew apart the ceiling fan, molten metal down on me, blew me out of my bed, blew out the front window, set the house on fire.. lost hearing in left ear permanently, most of tones in right ear gone.. couldn't see for about 10 minutes.. lost 2/3 of house, in fact everything but the dining, kitchen, pantry, and garage.. entire roof gone, hardwood flooring gone, both master bdrms, 3 bathrooms, gone.. so.. had to start basically over.. that's what I've been up to.. oh, putting in Lightning rods this time. would have thought the shop or the flag pole would have sufficed, but...
  • valinkenmore 6 years ago about Cranberry Relish
    Love cranberries and this sounds delish!
  • islwayn 6 years ago about CROCK POT CANDY
    your welcome.. they have worked well for my friends in the past, especially at Christmas time.. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS.. enjoy.. wayne
  • mjcmcook 6 years ago about CROCK POT CANDY
    I am now making a 'cozy' home in a 'tiny cottage'
    in Orange County, Ca and your
    "5"FORK!!!!! Candy recipe will be make such
    lovely little gifts for Holiday Gusts at my
    Cottage and for my adorable Grandchildren~!
    Thank-you so much for sharing~
  • nytkrew 6 years ago about Cajun MeatLoaf
    Love this one...this variety is one of our long time family favorite
  • frodo 7 years ago
    well..i see you made it to this site.....
    is this better than the diy site?
  • islwayn 7 years ago
    Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to a lot of new recipes and to be able to share a few..
  • m2googee 7 years ago
    Welcome to the "group"!