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  • Tuna Salad Sandwich Deluxe from jackmuldoon in Redford, MI.
    A quick fix on an old favorite. ...
  • Swiss steak from jackmuldoon in Redford, MI.
    The meat comes out so tender, and the onion and gravy sauce with the potatoes makes this a real favorite anytime....
  • Grandpa Jacks Garden Fresh Tomato Soup from jackmuldoon in Redford, MI.
    Garden fresh taste and can be freezer stored. A great side with grilled cheese sandwiches....
  • Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops from jackmuldoon in Redford, MI.
    A delectable treat and tasty , baked to perfection with a spicy tang to add to a seafood taste....
  • Salmon Patties With Cream Sauce from jackmuldoon in Redford, MI.
    Before we were a family of 8, Mom used to make this every friday or so. It got to be to expensive to feed the whole clan, but I re...
  • Spaghetts saucy Multipurpose from jackmuldoon in Redford, MI.
    This sauce fits pastas, lasagnas and anything that requires a red sauce. It's a multi-purpose sauce that is so flavourful, you can...
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  • pointsevenout 2 years ago about Great northrn bean soup with drop dumplings
    Dumplings were a little hard but all else was good.
    See Great Northern Ben Soup With Drip Dumplings for more.
  • justabeginner 4 years ago about Salmon Patties With Cream Sauce
    Been thinking of this recipe for months now. I will let you know how it turns out. My mom used to make this when I was a kid.
  • gingerlea 5 years ago about Great northrn bean soup with drop dumplings
    Just found this recipe. 5 for you and will fix with my egg dumplings.
  • sparow64 5 years ago about Tuna Salad Sandwich Deluxe
    Sounds awesome!
  • cday7147 5 years ago about Italian Polish Sausage Bake
    Directions are somewhat confusing. Are the peppers, onions, and mushrooms sauteed prior to being placed in roaster, because the directions say to place them into the roaster, then saute them??? Also, I ingredients list just says tomato paste, not how much. Could someone clear this up for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • carmenperez 6 years ago
    So sory for youre loss
    God Bless
  • blueeyes68ky 6 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking friend.
  • minitindel 6 years ago
    thank you for accepting my friend invite
    and im so sorry for the loss of your beautiful wife........

    regards mini
  • jackmuldoon 6 years ago
    Recently, my wife passed and I'm very distraught. If you could forward this message I would appreciate it. Any donations to Karmanos cancer Institute would be greatly appreciated.I will join you with more recipes at a later time.
  • invisiblechef 7 years ago
    Hello, you will love the brussels sprout dish if you try it, did you find it on my page?
  • ejergens 7 years ago
    WOW! You sure know your stuff! I am a cousin to the owner of strouds (2nd cousin). I really love the chops!
  • jett2whit 7 years ago
    Hi there! I am Polish, Italian and Croatian...what a combo! Cabbage rolls were always something my mom would do. Looking forward to sharing recipes with ya'll! Jett
  • ejergens 7 years ago
    ARE YOU READY FOR A THROWDOWN????? :) Bring it!
    Soup mix? Fresh onions, only. that's italian. and your store bought seasoned bread crumbs vs. my plain bread crumbs with fresh herbs added???? Your high.
  • notyourmomma 7 years ago
    Hello Jack, didn't add cracker crumbs to the crab meat puffs because I was baking them ala pate a choux! Love those french little cabbages. I was trying to avoid frying for once. Long line of hush puppy fryers in my family! Have a bunch of golumpki, pierogi and sauerkraut eaters here too. Look foward to more of your recipes. Happy cooking.
  • lunasea 7 years ago
    Hi there! Thanks for being my new cooking buddy - I hope we share many recipes and smiles along the way.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening...