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  • Authentic Rag├╣ Alla Bolognese from jencathen in TX.
    I lived in Northern Italy for 3 1/2 years and had many different Bolognese both restaurant prepared and in Italian homes. There ar...
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers from jencathen in TX.
    My version of Stuff Bell Peppers. You can use just ground beef, but I found the best tasting is when using a combo of ground beef,...
  • Crispy Leeks from jencathen in TX.
    This was a side dish on a recipe over at eating well. I thought it was unique way to cook leeks....
  • Salmon & Roasted Vegetable Salad from jencathen in TX.
    From EatingWell: January/February 2010 They only call for 6 cups of root vegetables, but I included the amounts and type of root...
  • Chicken Stuffed With Spinach, Sundried Tomatoes, And Cheese from jencathen in TX.
    This was originally a filling for Flank Steak Roulades, but I could never find a good steak to work with and chicken breasts were ...
  • Chicken Macaroni Casserole With A Twist from jencathen in TX.
    I needed something to make for dinner and had to go with what little was left in the pantry. I threw this together. I think next t...
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  • Copperjohn 7 months ago about Crispy Pan Seared Duck Breast With Basalmic Onion Marmalade
    I prepared this for dinner tonight. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus. It turned out very well. Thank you for the recipe.
  • lagoulue 9 months ago about Pumpkins Kadu Bouranee with Yogurt Sauce
    OK, I made this dish, and it was really exquisite -- best recipe for pumpkin/sweet winter squash I've ever tasted. The ginger, coriander and garlic in sweetened tomato sauce is such a sophisticated combination of flavors, it really brings out a lot of depth of flavor in the pumpkin. The dish looks beautiful, too: gorgeous deep-persimmon orange color, accented by the creamy white of the yogurt sauce. I served it with sauteed dinosaur kale, for a dark green contrast, and romanesco cauliflower with a cheese sauce. One of the most memorable vegetarian meals ever. Thanks so much for this recipe!
  • lagoulue 10 months ago about Pumpkins Kadu Bouranee with Yogurt Sauce
    Oooh, this looks delish. Somebody just up and gave me a lovely little pumpkin, so I came here to find out what to do with it, and this recipe is seducing my tastebuds! Will make it tomorrow and rate it, but I have a VERY yummy feeling about it. . . BTW, I also couldn't find a 4oz can of tomato sauce, 8oz is the smallest they sell at my supermarket.
  • NPMarie 1 year ago about Coq Au Vin Flag
  • Good4U 1 year ago about Pumpkins Kadu Bouranee with Yogurt Sauce
    Reviewed in IMI by Pointsevenout
    Pumpkins Kadu Bouranee With Yogurt Sauce
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    Sorry to hear that. You posted some really great recipes. "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
  • sitbynellie 5 years ago
    I am so sorry you are leaving the site - I hope you'll at least Checkin with us from time to time?
  • sandygalesmith 5 years ago
    Thank you for the comment that you left on the hand sanitizer.I hope that whom ever that reads yours and a few others that I hope that they learn some thin from it.I agree on what you had said 100% and I want to thank you for the comment.Them type of people puts me out to be dumm and etc.Knowing that I'm not.I hope you have a good day.Thanks again for the comment.
  • huxter 6 years ago
    Great to be buddies and I'm looking forward to trying some of your recipes --in fact I spent hours online last December looking for a turkey brining recipe ,a technique not well known or often used in Australia -it was a great success and much commented on --I'll try yours next .
  • sufia 6 years ago
    ya dear curd means yogurt
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    I always enjoyed the beach in the evening! It has been very hot and humid here the last few days. We had such cool,rainy weather for so long,we are not used to it!
  • wynnebaer 6 years ago
    Thanks so very much for the lovely comment you left about the Wild Rice and Ham Quiche....It's much appreciated...Hope all is well with you and yours.
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    We were in Toronto and the Finger Lakes in NY in June. Going to see family for long weekend in Saratoga in Aug. and a week on the Cape Laboe Day week. How about you?
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    Your boys are beautiful. Hope your diet is going well!!
  • sitbynellie 6 years ago
    Hi jen! thanks for accepting my friend invite! I look forward to trying out your recipes. See you around GR,

    best wishes