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  • jimrug1 3 months ago about Numex Red Chile Sauce
    ChefShep Were you HIGH when you wrote your comment?? Most of it doesn't even make sense. I was going to delete it but that would deny others from learning what an astute Culinarian you really are... ;-)~ I know it's juvenile but I just can't help from replying to your comments

    Click on the "more" button (that means there is more to read). The recipe makes 4 cups of sauce not 4 servings. Prep/soaking time was not included in the cook time.

    The original author of this recipe is Mark Miller. In 1987 he founded and became chef & owner of The Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, NM. He sold it in 2007 but it still remains one of Santa Fe's most famous restaurants. I have eaten at the Cafe on four separate occasions. I don't need to"Google it".

    A few FYIs! (For those of you from Nowhere, Us)

    NuMex does not refer to a type of cuisine. It is the name of New Mexico's most famous Chile pepper. The best quality NuMex peppers are grown in Hatch, NM.

    NuMex Red Chile Sauce - New Mexico’s famous red Chile sauce the base of which is made from the dried ripe (red) pods of the “NuMex Chile Pepper”.

    Chipotle Chile - The “smoked” and dried pods of ripe (red) Jalapeno peppers.

    Chipotles in Adobo - Dried Chipotle chiles stewed low and slow with onions and garlic in a tomato/vinegar base sauce. When added in small amounts (very spicy), it adds a distinct smokiness that rounds out sauces, soups etc. Available at Kroger, Hy Vee, Schnuck's, Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, Albertson's, Safeway, Cub Foods, Trader Joes, Thriftway, and many others I'm sure. Hard to find??

    Adobo sauce not in the directions? "Put rehydrated Chiles in a blender with the blackend Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Cumin, Oregano, Salt, Chipotles and Adobo sauce."

    Geez, after 6 years this is the only recent comment on this recipe? What is GR coming to..;-)
  • gatorbaby 1 year ago
    Hi Jim. Hope your having a great day.
  • gatorbaby 1 year ago
    I hope you enjoy them. I will be adding more later. just trying to get fully back in the swing of things.
  • Good4U 1 year ago about Lamb Chops Marinated In Mint And Sherry Flag
  • NPMarie 1 year ago about Hummous Bi Tahini
    IMI review
    Jimrugs Hummus Bi Tahini

    Please add this to the "I Made It" Group..thank you:)
  • Good4U 1 year ago about Avocado With Tahini
    Reviewed in IMI by Juels
    Avocado With Tahini
  • NPMarie 1 year ago about Cinnamon Garlic Chicken Flag
  • gatorbaby 3 years ago
  • maryment 5 years ago
    I would love to try your elderberry flower fritter recipe.Where is it? I have just harvested ripe elderberries for jam, but am looking for to those fritters next year,Thanks
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    Although you sent it to otter, thanks for the suggestion about soaking beans in salted water. That may be worth a try. RJ
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    Are we havin fun yet? Haven't seen you, or a lot of the other thinkin foodies, around much sense the "New and Improved" GR came along. More proof the the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and the KISS principle both still work. Tis sad. Leave a comment, if you're of a mind. RJ
  • otterpond 5 years ago
    Unfortunately not able to post this with the recipe but I wanted you to know. This was my first go at hummus. I fixed as a simple treat for a birthday party this weekend. As always, Jim's recipes are consistent and the instructions clear. I started the day before by getting the chickpeas to soaking then making the tahini using the Homemade Tahini recipe posted by Smooch . This morning I boiled the chickpeas as directed using baking soda in the water. I don't know the purpose of the baking soda but in it went. I got enormous pleasure in "peeling" the chickpea's. As Jim indicated in his instructions, the tea towel roll is very quick and simple. Some may say that you loose a lot of fiber from the beans, but I'm not sure. Those peas really want to shed their protective jackets when cooked which makes me think they are all done with them so toss them out. Anyhow, I'm not paying a kid a dollar to do that job when I enjoyed it so :) I made a double batch and I'm so glad. I now have enough for the party and some for home. I don't know how long this will keep in the fridge or if it will freeze well but I'm going to try to freeze a portion and hope. I really like lemon so when I make recipes calling for a good amount of lemon juice, as this does, I mince some zest into it. Other than that small change I followed the recipe faithfully and the results were wonderful. I was able to post a picture on the recipe.
  • otterpond 5 years ago
    Jim I'm making your hummus recipe today. I was wondering if you could tell me what purpose the baking soda makes in boiling the chickpeas. I'd not seen that before and thought you could teach me.
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    Talofa, Bonjourno, Gday and thanks for saying yes to my friend invite. Welcome to M.A.S.H. I think recipes and cooking should be fun (heck, I think life should be fun) and that a little madness is a good thing. Looking forward to swapping recipes and ideas with you. Keep on cookin and Goza la vida! (Enjoy life!) RJ
  • jett2whit 5 years ago
    Howdy there - wanted to drop by and say hellllloooooooo!!!!!