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  • Rack of Lamb with chilli-orange glaze from jmv2101 in Sydney, AU.
    easy, just 5 ingredients and very tasty., cook roast vegetables with it , all done in one go....
  • Beef Diane Stew from jmv2101 in Sydney, AU.
    Steak diane flavours, economical, and very tasty, great for winter....
  • Thai coconut prawns from jmv2101 in Sydney, AU.
    great to go with watching the big game on t.v. or an awards night. Easey peasey....
  • Chicken Casserole from jmv2101 in Sydney, AU.
    Tasty and easy. Just put in oven and wait 1 hour....
  • macadamia slice from jmv2101 in Sydney, AU.
    a delicious sweet treat....
  • Don Deng from jmv2101 in Sydney, AU.
    Good for winter meals...
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  • lowcountrycook 6 years ago about Thai coconut prawns
  • lovnlaughter 7 years ago about Thai coconut prawns
    Okay, I have a dumb question. Are prawns the same as shrimp?
  • berry 7 years ago about Thai coconut prawns
    Wow... what a wonderful recipe!
  • lonepretzel 7 years ago about Rack of Lamb with chilli-orange glaze
    not big on mint- but marmalade was the thing

    oh my
  • divaliscious 8 years ago
    Did anyone explain the canned biscuits to you yet? If not, simply ask... you can get them at your grocery store - they are usually near the eggs and near the ready to bake cookies an pre-made pie pastries here in the USA

    Sounds like Rosie is a lot like my Theo, one of my four-legged kitchen helpers and sweepers of floors for any droppings -lol
  • barbarella 8 years ago
    Just found my long lost common sense cook book so if there's something you have lost or never knew asl away...Barb
  • annieamie 8 years ago about macadamia slice
    Well I can eat chocolate and loved reading through this recipe. Thank you for posting it! I will definitely try this and have a feeling that this one is a "keeper!"
  • vindee 8 years ago
    Hi there...we had a little papillon dog called Tipsy when we were kids.I guess this is the breed with butterfly like earsand ever so cute.Reading yr write-up brought alive all those memories of days well spent!! :0)
  • jackkekempsey 8 years ago
    lol... i telling you!
  • cherihannah 8 years ago
    Avatar is so cute
  • ldychikita 8 years ago
    Thats my baby Jackson. Your picture is really TOO cute!
  • krumkake 8 years ago
    jmv, I like to make the potato salad dressing because it is so handy to have it ready in the refrigerator whenever I'm in the mood to make potato salad - add some mayo, chop up the salad ingredients, and you're good to go! Happy Spring (as we start our autumn season - I'm loving the cooler temps that finally arrived this week!).
  • krumkake 8 years ago
    You're most welcome for the bousin recipe, jmv - I agree, I love the stuff, so good on sandwiches or just on crackers! I hope you enjoy it - you can alter the seasoning to suit your taste. We like lots of garlic, so I always have a heavy hand with that!!
  • hooch 8 years ago
    Hi, thanks for the invite, look forward to sharing great recipes with you...your dog is a cutie!
  • jaie 8 years ago
    Just had to let you know that "Rosie" is awesome!!! I'm looking for a teacup maltese right now, but they are $$$$$. I don't blame you one bit for letting her be queen of the castle!!! Happy cooking :)