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  • Tortellini Salad from jrowlan3 in Colorado Springs, CO.
    Eat this by itself, as a side dish, or use it as an appetizer. It's a perfect italian comfort food...
  • Simple Frozen Yogurt Cream Pie from jrowlan3 in Colorado Springs, CO.
    A semi-healthy spin on yogurt and pie. Great with multiple different flavors, pick your favorite, peach, strawberry, mango, bluebe...
  • Albacore Tuna Salad from jrowlan3 in Colorado Springs, CO.
    A twist on the tuna sandwich that is sure to call your name. ...
  • Absolutely Amazing Pancakes from jrowlan3 in Colorado Springs, CO.
    They speak for themselves...
  • Moms Banana Bread from jrowlan3 in Colorado Springs, CO.
    Perfect for breakfast, snacking, gift-giving, whatever the occasion. This bread will absolutly melt in your mouth! Add pecans or c...
  • Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake from jrowlan3 in Colorado Springs, CO.
    A creamy smooth cheesecake speckled with rich chocolate chunks and an oreo crust! Perfect guilty pleasure! Warning: in all this ...
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  • bongsession 4 years ago about Absolutely Amazing Pancakes
    i think lyndsay was being very rude. she has the attitude of a fat cow. i cant believe she would say something like that. i am absolutely disgusted in her right now
  • sabrinarose 5 years ago about Raspberry Chicken
    Yum! Can't wait to try this one!
  • pointsevenout 5 years ago about Absolutely Amazing Pancakes
    I don't think lyndsay was being rude or insulting.

    I must say this recipe has the most baking powder:flour ratio I have seen for pancakes.

    Thinking about trying this recipe. I'm always on the lookout for fluffy pancakes.
  • lyndsay 6 years ago about Absolutely Amazing Pancakes
    I don't think I was being rude, just honest!
    I'm sure most people would hate my buckwheat pancakes, it just depends on what you're used to.
    I think saying your pancakes taste like they're from a restaurant is a compliment.. how many people can duplicate a recipe that's been tested for years and has huge commercial success?

    As far as how many pancakes, well okay, I make my pancakes bigger than you (although you didn't specify how big each pancake was in the recipe), which means for most families (e.g. ravenous children) you would need to make more batter. That is not an insult! You don't need to take offense; I'm just trying to explain my experience, so that other people don't have to mix up a whole new batch while the kids are wailing in the kitchen that they're still hungry.

  • jrowlan3 6 years ago about Absolutely Amazing Pancakes
  • sas 6 years ago
    Unfortunately April came and went and so did the Yanks! Awful. Anyhow I need to check out your recipes. Later.
  • wynnebaer 7 years ago
    Never thought to put craisins in the broccoli salad....Will give it a try though....Thanks alot....:)
  • blueeyes68ky 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking buddy and I hope you enjoy this great site.
  • wynnebaer 7 years ago
    Hi j....Thanks for letting me know what you did with the mango thing....I told you that you were onto something....I love spice but not a lot...Just enough to let my mouth know something is going on...How was it with the 2 habaneros?...By the way, I have to mention that I am a Red Sox fan...TeeHee....:)
  • sunny 7 years ago
    Greetings and welcome. Thanks for the cooking buddy invite.
  • cadavis 7 years ago
    I just have to comment on the Yankees Hat!! We love the Yankees too! Maybe we'll take it all the way this season! My son is a baseball player and he has actually had the opportunity a few years ago to play in Cooperstown N.Y. We went to Yankee Stadium a few years ago, that place is so magical. I hate that they are going to build another stadium and move. Also on the cooking note, you have some interesting recipes. I look forward to checking them out. Have a great day!
  • wynnebaer 7 years ago
    I think you may be onto something with the mango preserves...Thanks...:)
  • wynnebaer 7 years ago
    Thanks for the kind words about the Grand Marnier cupcakes...They are so good...:)
  • marriage 7 years ago
    Nice NY hat, a girl after my own heart. Can't wait until April.