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  • Rustic Chili from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    Chili made with cubed meat instead of ground and two kinds of beans. Adjust the heat with the type and amount of peppers! Don't ...
  • Slow Cooker Pork Noodle Bowl from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    This isn't an all day slow cooker recipe, but it can help out if you need to do dinner in parts, as I sometimes do. Lots of flavo...
  • Sopa Tarasca Con Carne from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    My version of a classic Mexican soup, which I've added meat to. It's so easy and can be ready in an hour, though simmering longer...
  • Blackened Turkey Dip from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    With help from a close friend, this yummy sandwich took form beautifully. Slice the meat thin, pile it on a roll with cheese, toa...
  • Cream Of Spinach Soup from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    A vitamin packed, tasty soup that is ready in no time. An immersion blender is very helpful with this easy recipe. I served it wi...
  • Asian "salisbury" Steak from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    An Asian twist on a comfort food favorite! This idea was in my head and it was executed even better than I imagined. :) I served...
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  • elgourmand 1 week ago
    Now I miss you. If you be around, give a holler.
  • crystalb 2 weeks ago
    I sent you a request to join The Refugees. I assume it's because many people are bailing on Allrecipes, clever! I would love to join, if you will have me.
  • frankieanne 2 weeks ago about Grilled Chicken Caprese Sandwich With Balsamic Mayo
    Really delicious! The marinade gave the chicken a great flavor. I loved the sauce, too! A bit more in Ml2c's IMI thread.
  • MissEatsALot 1 month ago about Make It Yourself--condensed Cream Of Soups
    For anyone with an allergy to gluten or dairy this is a fantastic recipe. The ingredients are most likely ones you have on hand (except maybe the “of” ingredient- mushroom, chicken, celery, etc) and it takes such a small amount of time to make it. I’ve been trying to cut back on processed foods and most importantly my sodium intake. When my husband was going through elimination diet testing for gluten I needed to find an alternative anyway so I set out to make my own cream soups. I tried multiple recipes and kept coming back to this one. There is sort of a bland taste, which I actually appreciate so I can add salt to my food, but adding seasonings such as garlic and some herbs (to taste) really helps. I typically with quadruple the recipe and put in to wide mouth pint jars to freeze. It freezes amazingly well and can be quickly thawed in the microwave. Better yet just run it under hot water to loosen from the sides of jar, then slowly warm (stirring often) on the stove. However, the easiest way is to just thaw it for a day or 2 in the fridge. Time to get cooking. No more sodium filled soups- here’s to a healthier lifestyle (**cheaper too!!!!!)
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 month ago about Rustic Chili
    I made this tonight and it was wonderful Keni! Very spicy, just like we like it, but easily could be cut back if needed. More in Lobsters IMI link --------> Rustic Chili By Keni
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 month ago about Mar Y Arena Tacos
    This was an excellent recipe you left us Keni! My favorite part was the blue cheese sour cream, which made this the perfect taco :) I didn't marinade the shrimp but I did sprinkle them with a spicy seasoning I got from a wing joint and then drizzled them with lime juice. I seasoned the steak with a Penzey's mix called Northwoods seasoning and drizzled with a little olive oil. Grilled them both over charcoals. Turned out so good!! More in the IMI ----------> Mar Y Arena Tacos
  • mommyluvs2cook 1 month ago about Whole Grilled Chicken
    This worked perfectly Keni :) Added a review in the IMI -------------> Whole Grilled Chicken
  • pregocook 1 month ago
    Hi! I'm missing my recipe fix on AR..... needing a new home. Hoping you can tell me the secret knock. I was Pregocook over there..... can barely stand to go over there anymore and hoping I can join the refugees. XO
  • queenreyney 1 month ago
    Hi! Trying to join the refugees--so sad about AR!!
  • hezzytantcook 2 months ago
    Keni, Hi. I don't know why I didn't think of trying to contact you here before now. Anyway, since I have actually put things on my page here (from five years back, during AR's last revamp) I would rather keep my GR-altered name, which simply removes the underscores of my AR identification. Can you let me in the Refugees as
  • elle55 2 months ago
    Hi, everyone! Still not able to get into The Refugees, but it's nice to see familiar avatars! This is Elle-I'm Elle55 here.
  • elle55 2 months ago
    Hi, everyone! Still not able to get into The Refugees, but it's nice to see familiar avatars!
  • Autumnmist 2 months ago
    My user name on this site is Autumnmist. My allrecipes name is Belgianvrow (wanted to change it since I'm back in the States.) Thanks so much for heading this up.
  • herbwife 2 months ago
    Hi Keni! I just came over from AR (so not happy with their new user-UNfriendly format), and found out about this site via Patrick. It's nice to see so many familiar names/faces here, and the site is super easy to navigate around. I wish I'd found it sooner. I just submitted a request to join the AR Refugees group - same AR member name.
  • luv2cookFL 3 months ago
    Hi Keni!! this is Pam - luv2cook - from AR - I want to join the AR Refugees group - - I've joined this website as luv2cookFL as I'm a Florida gal. I just joined today and am still learning my way around the website - - how do I fill out the "about me" profile?? I'm certainly glad to see so many familiar faces - - lovin this group!!