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  • Rustic Chili from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    Chili made with cubed meat instead of ground and two kinds of beans. Adjust the heat with the type and amount of peppers! Don't ...
  • Slow Cooker Pork Noodle Bowl from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    This isn't an all day slow cooker recipe, but it can help out if you need to do dinner in parts, as I sometimes do. Lots of flavo...
  • Sopa Tarasca Con Carne from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    My version of a classic Mexican soup, which I've added meat to. It's so easy and can be ready in an hour, though simmering longer...
  • Blackened Turkey Dip from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    With help from a close friend, this yummy sandwich took form beautifully. Slice the meat thin, pile it on a roll with cheese, toa...
  • Cream Of Spinach Soup from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    A vitamin packed, tasty soup that is ready in no time. An immersion blender is very helpful with this easy recipe. I served it wi...
  • Asian "salisbury" Steak from keni in Sweet Home, AL.
    An Asian twist on a comfort food favorite! This idea was in my head and it was executed even better than I imagined. :) I served...
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  • frankieanne 1 week ago about Sourdough Melt
    Very filling! I made this as written except I left the Sriracha out of the sauce. Kinda hard to flip but I managed. I couldn't eat it all. :-)
    Put this in IMI on 2/21/15.
    Sourdough Melt
  • dennydca 2 weeks ago about Cheeseburger Pockets-ci
    I made these for Keni Cooking Day 2015. They were easy and delicious! I did add bacon, cause I couldn't resist. Everything is better with bacon!
  • frankieanne 3 weeks ago about Fried Mexican Rice And Black Beans
    I really liked this! I just have to rinse my beans so I did that, put the beans back in the can and added some chicken stock to fill up the can. I used a mix of chipotle chili powder, corriander and oregano. I only had to simmer mine about 5 minutes at the end and the liquid was gone. Ate a big bowl of it all on its own for my dinner. Added my picture and a put a bit more in the IMI thread linked below. Thanks, Keni. <3
  • NPMarie 3 weeks ago about Cheeseburger Pockets-ci Flag
  • chefmal 3 weeks ago
    Hey, Keni. Just wanted to pop in to check up on you and let you know I'm still around. Glad to see you're still at it. Sorry it's been as long as it has, my hectic schedule kept me from the internet and now I'm stuck in a place without a usable kitchen and I can't move because I lost my job. =(
    Soon though. I'm working things out and plan on making a comeback but like everything, doing it right takes time.
    In the meantime, I'm going to be cooking at other people's houses and try to take pics from there. It's been far too long since I've contributed anything. lol *Long distance hugs* Be well, see you around here soon.
  • chuckieb 1 month ago about Another Tilapia Parmesan
    Made this last night and very much enjoyed it. Simple, quick, flavourful and an easy clean up. What more could one want? A Bit more in IMI.
    Tilapia Parmesan By Keni
  • lb 6 months ago
    Just got in Pinterest and am Pinterest-ing the sh.. out of your recipes Keni. Miss you.
  • mommyluvs2cook 8 months ago
    Rainier Cherries are in season. Reminds me of you and when I made Rainier Vanilla Sorbet. Making it again!
  • mommyluvs2cook 9 months ago
    Missing you!!
  • pkusmc 9 months ago
    Thank you, Kennedy ;)
  • frankieanne 9 months ago
    I thought of you today. The Vidalias are out in the stores. :)
  • duboo 10 months ago
    Miss you kid :)
  • mommyluvs2cook 11 months ago
    Love that Pkusmc :)

    We are definitely still and will always be cooking your recipes Keni....miss you 0=)
  • pkusmc 11 months ago
    When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~Khalil Gibran

    ...we miss you, Kennedy. You were our delight. Much love, from the Irish Marines. Hehe...
  • frankieanne 11 months ago
    See - we are still cooking up your recipes! :)