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  • Cucumber Salad from lafluers in Lincoln, NE.
    Love this twist on cucumber salad.It has bacon flavoring and a hint of spice....
  • Tuna noodle caserole from lafluers in Lincoln, NE.
    I grew up on this...its a creamy tuna/pasta casserole. its a quick & easy dinner when your in a pinch and everyone seems to a...
  • chicken supreme from lafluers in Lincoln, NE.
    The creamy sauce in this chicken dish is wonderful. Its been a favorite of mine for many years....
  • gumbo burgers from lafluers in Lincoln, NE.
    A frieind gave me this recipe; who got it off of a campbells soup can. I make these when I need something real quick for lunch or ...
  • Christmas crunch from lafluers in Lincoln, NE.
    I derived this recipe from Taste of Home many moons ago and have made a few changes of my own to it. This is one salad that always...
  • Mac n cheese casserole from lafluers in Lincoln, NE.
    When I'm in a pinch, this recipe comes in handy and it is very delicious....
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  • Vmarchon10 1 year ago about Tuna noodle caserole
    Ohhh Yes!
  • browneyegirl 1 year ago about gumbo burgers
    This would be a great one to have advenally.
  • pkusmc 3 years ago
    Thanks for checking it out. They're really delicious.
  • pkusmc 3 years ago
    I know a few people that call it Goulash. Goulash or American Chop Suey, it's really tasty!
  • gkwillow 4 years ago
    Thank you Lafluers for taking time to leave a comment about the oatmeal! The additions make it into a real treat. Hope you try it. :)
  • keni 4 years ago
    Hey Flower! :) Great to see you! Thanks for looking at the Girandole... if you try 'em, lemme know!
  • sandygalesmith 4 years ago
    You are welcome on me sharing the recipe.You do add pecans to yours?
  • sharebear1 4 years ago
    Hi Lafluers, both spices can be found at a latino or hispanic store. If you cannot get them there then they are available on this website, which I order from often: But here's a little info on both spices. Annatto, sometimes called roucou, is a derivative of the achiote trees of tropical regions of the Americas, used to produce a yellow to orange food coloring and also as a flavoring. Its scent is described as "slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg" and flavor as "slightly sweet and peppery". You may purchase the seeds and grind them yourself if you like also. The Epazote is used as a leaf vegetable and herb for its pungent flavor. Raw, it has a resinous, medicinal pungency, similar to anise, fennel, or even tarragon, but stronger. Epazote's fragrance is strong but difficult to describe. It has been compared to citrus, petroleum, savory, mint and camphor. Although it is traditionally used with black beans for flavor and its carminative properties, it is also sometimes used to flavor other traditional Mexican dishes as well: it can be used to season quesadillas and sopes (especially those containing huitlacoche), soups, mole de olla, tamales with cheese and chile, chilaquiles, eggs and potatoes and enchiladas. I hope you get a chance to try my recipe and enjoy it! Thanks for looking at it. The recipe works great for pork also!
  • mjvdeven 4 years ago
    Your recipies look delicious! Thanks for sharing that Gumbo Burgers recipe! I have to try that!

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  • valinkenmore 4 years ago
    Thanks for the comment on the Macaroni Salad. It is a definite family favorite!
  • lafluers 5 years ago about Cucumber Salad
    Thanks for the nice compliments everyone~ I'm sure once you try it, it will soon be a favorite~
  • chefmeow 5 years ago about Cucumber Salad
    Wowza, this sounds fantastic. Always looking for new ways to serve cucumbers. Love this concept. Great post and a very high 5.
  • elgourmand 5 years ago about Cucumber Salad
    I'm going to have to try a small batch of this. It seems like a bit too much acid with the tomatoes and the cucs. Maybe soaking the cucs in salty water for a while would lessen that. Interesting post. RJ
  • valinkenmore 5 years ago
    Thanks for the comment on the Beirocks. Yes, I have heard them called Runza's too. They are so easy and always gone in a flash!
  • dandelion 5 years ago
    Hi there fellow Nebraskan, I live in Saunders County, Not far at all. :)