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  • Tomato Aspic from lor in Toronto, Canada.
    Tomato Aspic was at one time a very popular side dish. It's tasty and very refreshing. ...
  • Noodles with Cabbage Onions and Cottage Cheese from lor in Toronto, Canada.
    This is simple comfort food. ...
  • Ricotta Cookies from lor in Toronto, Canada.
    A cookie that is perfect for afternoon tea or adding to a party cookie plate....
  • Very Moist Pound Cake from lor in Toronto, Canada.
    This is my type of dessert recipe. I've gotten to a stage in my life where I'm packing away or passing along my lengthy recipes an...
  • Mocha Dream Cake from lor in Toronto, Canada.
    This cake was the finalist in the 2001 Nestlé Toll House "Share the Very Best" recipe contest, this dessert was submitted by Jenn...
  • Stir-fried Chicken Or Turkey With Vegetables from lor in Toronto, Canada.
    This is a great stir-fry and you can add vegetables of your choice. ...
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  • jenzy 5 months ago about Ground Beef Stroganoff
    Excellent recipe! I wanted to use a whole bag of noodles, so I ended up tripling the liquids and I needed to add a bit more sour cream. Very tasty- we will have to make this again! Thanks :)
  • shihtzu 6 months ago about Oxtail Soup With Veggies
    What is a polish dryed mushrom
  • pointsevenout 11 months ago about Macaroni In A Bechamel Sauce
    Good grub. Directions are a little sketchy.
    See Macaroni In A Bechamel Sauce for more.
  • witchesbrew13 1 year ago about Noodles with Cabbage Onions and Cottage Cheese
    pretty unusual - but will try it and let you know. What do you eat with it?
  • Good4U 1 year ago about Blueberry Cheesecake
    Review in IMI
    Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Joasia 3 years ago
    Lor, your story of leaving Poland and being a prisoner in Siberia, then going throught middle east, and ending up in England, IS MY MAMA'S STORY !!! OMG, my mom and her dad ended up in 'Palestine' before it became Israel. she went to a Monk's school for girls. they left for England where she met my father, married and had me and my brother. they also LOST EVERYTHING. they lived in Wolyn, where it is now Ukraine. please contact me so we can chat. I live in NJ. i also have relative in Canada. Joanna / Asia
  • sheila1113 3 years ago
    Hey Lor. On the bottom of your recipe for the Plakis, it says "right dish, wrong ingredients." then there is a link to click on. Are the ingredients you listed above that for the recipe incorrect? I really want to make them, but are not sure which to follow. Thank you.
  • mystic_river1 4 years ago
    Thanks for checking outand giving such a super rating to my cookie gift recipe. What's extra nice is that it can be frozen too.
    So happy when you visit my recipes.
  • knwalter 4 years ago
    Hi Lor,
    I'm getting ready to make your "Banana Fritters" recipe for a baby shower and wanted to know if they can be frozen after fried? The shower isn't until next Saturday, Oct. 16th, but I'm trying to get all the food prepared way ahead of time. Thanks!
  • midgelet 4 years ago
    hi Lor, glad you enjoyed the chocolate wafer cake recipe.
    Lots of delicious memories!

  • 22566 5 years ago
    You are a gift of clean fresh air...a total,complete treat.

    As I sat reading your scribes on my 'Journey Cake'...Oh, I seeing a 5:00 o'clock shadow,oh no,could'nt be,it's just 10:00 in the morning. :)


    I am so glad you did not keep still on the 'Quiet Man' recipe.Your father sounds like a very wise man,someone worth their salt WOULD move heaven and earth for the ones that he LOVED,you are very fortunate in that way...I believe that his legacy lives on in you...for I read...HEART.

    ~as for~

    The 'No Mystery' post... in left none...for you revealed much...humor,compassion,joy,clarity within the exchange.

    And least I forget...# 3 to add to the two,which I must keep in mind.

    1. No spit

    2. No Poop

    3. No Barf :)


    No lack of intelligence on your part ,dear friend...for you shin brightly.

    I Thank-you most humbly.

    May your day be the one that you have always dreamed about

    Kindest of Regards

  • 22566 5 years ago
    Are you suggesting that people hang Garlic around their necks,just to be able to get close and enjoy my recipe? :)

    You are FUN!

    I most diffintly needed the smile that you inprinted on me with your comment on the 'Crowd Control' recipe...still smiling.

    Thank-you kindly.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful evening.

    Kindest of Regards


  • 22566 5 years ago
    Thank-you for looking at the 'Pigeon' recipe,and leaving me a smile.

    I appreciate it.

    Kind Regards

  • 22566 5 years ago
    ~Your Welcome~
  • stalwart 5 years ago
    Hi Lor. I'm glad you enjoyed the Marinated Chicken On The Barbecue recipe that I posted. Thank you for commenting and 5 fork rating of it. I hope you have a great day and weekend.