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  • Chicken In Coconut Milk from magflower in Atlanta, GA.
    This is actually an Indonesian dish..It's only a little more difficult than normal chicken, but worth the extra effort. Requires ...
  • Tart Lemon Blueberry custard tart from magflower in Atlanta, GA.
    A satisfyingly tart baked lemon custard with fresh blueberries IN the custard instead of on top. It's easier and presents really ...
  • Fresh Black Cherry And Rhubarb Pie from magflower in Atlanta, GA.
    This is not the tart cherry pie you're used to. This pie uses dark sweet bing cherries. The result is rich dark and savory....
  • APPLE CUSTARD CAKE PARISIENNE from magflower in Atlanta, GA.
    I found this tonight while looking for something else and it sounds unusual and delicious. I doubt I'll be making something thi...
  • Super Easy Chocolate Glaze from magflower in Atlanta, GA.
    This is your basic glossy chocolate glaze. It can be flavored with liquor if you like...
  • Golden French Onion Soup from magflower in Atlanta, GA.
    This is served covered with cheese in a crock ala the french onion classic. It's a very loose recipe with much room for experime...
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  • twilightrose 5 years ago about Golden French Onion Soup
    This sounds awesome! Thank you for posting a vegetarian recipe for French Onion Soup, there are SO many recipes out there with beef. And I was wondering how you would get all the rich flavor, what spices to use. I can not wait to try this on a cool night. I'm glad I'll be able to make some glutenfree croutons with some old bread. I'll let you know how it comes out. THANKS
  • ayeyerma 5 years ago about ChefTims Chocolate Pate
    Next time i'm going to make cake it's going to be this one! Thanks
  • huxter 5 years ago about ChefTims Chocolate Pate
    I've just slowly slipped off the chair and I'm quivering in ecstacy at the thought of this decadent dessert !!! Hail chocolate and 5 out of 5 and hail to you too !!
  • annieamie 6 years ago about Tart Lemon Blueberry custard tart
    Your recipe is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it here.
  • angelinaw 6 years ago about Dark Cherry Cannoli
    I'm going to make this at Christmas time, when all of my family gathers together. Thank you!
  • magali777 7 years ago
    your recipes look wonderful!
  • ahmed1 7 years ago
    Hi Maggie.Thank you so much for the recipe.I am really a big fan of your page.You are an export.I am interested only in desserts not all food and I began practicing 6 months ago only.That is why I am ranking myself as a beginner.
  • nytkrew 7 years ago
    Just read the comment you posted on the tomato soup cake recipe...reading that inspired me to make it today...Thank you.
  • tnacndn 7 years ago
    I appreciate the wonderful comment. I'm not to sure about the bananas either. ut then again we could try it and we both might be saying...."bananas, who'd a thunk it" LOL
  • sunny 7 years ago
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pie and tart recipes!! = )
  • shandy 8 years ago
    Thank you for the compliment. Mine takes longer to make. Not a great summer recipe when it is this hot. Tastes great though! :D
  • serendipity 8 years ago
    Thanks for the invite. I can't wait to try your Golden French Onion soup. It sounds healthful and yummy. :)
  • jo_jo_ba 8 years ago
    Thanks for being my buddy!
  • kd 8 years ago
    Yes, thanks for the invite. I had just copied the blueberry lemonade recipe Friday...looking forward to the taste!