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  • bigstmpr 3 weeks ago about Copy Cat Kentucky Fried Chicken Cole Slaw
    going to try this recipe. thanks for sharing it.
  • gapeach55 1 month ago about Copy Cat Kentucky Fried Chicken Cole Slaw
    Awesome! I love KFCS cole slaw
  • squishypenguin89 2 months ago about Mackinac Island Fudge
    No one should listen to the nonsense from rodgersbswaggin. You can check their labels, the shops on Mackinac (and all of MI pretty much) use butter. And yes, I am from MI and was raised with a high level of appreciation for fudge. The oldest known fudge recipes from the 19th century all call for fudge as well. It's the REAL and TRADITIONAL way to make it. It's such a big deal in MI that a lot of schools teach how to make it in home ec (mine did, it was the first recipe I ever learned).

    And never ever use margarine for fudge. Or shortening. It wont turn out right. The kind we were taught in school used regular sugar though, and we didn't freeze it.
  • rodgersbswaggin 3 months ago about Mackinac Island Fudge
    This is NOT mackinac fudge. I am from MI, tasted every piece of fudge offered on the island and they use shortening.
  • Margot530 3 months ago about Barefoot Contessa Sausage Stuffing
    Thank you for the reminder! I wing this every year, and yes it works wonderfully in the bird JTroie. I personally use it outside if it is a family dinner due to my families finickiness. I love to use the drippings from the turkey for the liquids, but often use just a little due to it being very salty and follow with unsalted broth or a good dry red wine for the remainder. I love fresh sage and basil (finely chopped) for this but a good sprinkling of poultry seasoning is all that's nec along with some pepper. Taste as you go.... I like toasted almond quarters and a half teaspoon of orange zest as well. Using your hands is indeed the best way to mix this, but don't smash or mush. Place your hands on the outer edges of the bowl, follow it down to the bottom and lift with your fingers separated...repeat several times. Always a hit with guests!
  • jett2whit 1 year ago
    OMGosh! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know!
  • theiris 2 years ago
    hey girl where you been? We need Group Recipe reunion
  • Sunshineinthemorning 3 years ago
    Marky, I love your picture! Where did you find it? I'd love to use it for a tag item.
  • lizzconn 5 years ago
  • jett2whit 5 years ago
    Marky??????? Where are you??????? Miss you :)
  • chef_irish 5 years ago
    Just Wanted to Stop By and Say Thanks for All of the Lovely Comments You Have Left Me Over The Last Year or So. I Really Appreciate These Comments and I Hope That You Have A Lovely Day!
  • stevenooch 5 years ago
    Hey Marky,..I just now joined (19 min. ago)and am asking if you can be my friend,..,or at least, share a glass of that there Pinot (I think) and I'll take a drag, as well,..NO,..I did not quit. Marlboro man here.
  • lindyjj 5 years ago
    Hey Marky... I am new to this site. Seem to click on a lot of your recipes. They all look yummy! Please be my cooking buddy! :)
  • gentlelady65 5 years ago
    YUMMMMMMMMMMM. Want to try them all. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Gentlady 65 (Trish)
  • lovebreezy 5 years ago
    Hey Marky, After all this time, I thought we were already friends. Thanks for correcting that.