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  • Cabbage And Meatballs from martyk35 in Winona, MN.
    My mom used to make this for the family once and a while, when she was alive. Its an easy dish to make. My sister likes it so when...
  • Tar Tar Sauce from martyk35 in Winona, MN.
    I got tired of the same old tar tar sauce that you buy in the store that has no flavor. So I came up with this one that tastes goo...
  • Jim & Jack Wing Sauce from martyk35 in Winona, MN.
    This is a good recipe for chicken wings, instead of the hot sauce try this recipe when coating wings. you will be surprise on how ...
  • Bar-be-cue Rib Rub (Beef Or Pork) from martyk35 in Winona, MN.
    This rub combines flavors of sweet, spicy and smoke flavor...
  • Wild Mushroom Soup from martyk35 in Winona, MN.
    Here's my favorite soup from Red Lobster. The blending of the wild mushrooms, and the creamiest will make you love this soup...
  • chicken fricassee from martyk35 in Winona, MN.
    Nice an easy dish. Takes not time to make...
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  • buck7762 4 years ago about Bar-be-cue Rib Rub (Beef Or Pork)
    Looks good. I've never tried using ginger in a rub. Should be interesting.

    Thanks, Buck
  • wynnebaer 5 years ago
    Thanks so much for the friend invite.....I'll change your mind about liver, I'm sure....LOL..:)
  • valinkenmore 5 years ago about Wild Mushroom Soup
    Your recipe calls for 1 cup of tomatoes but I don't see in the instructions where you add them?
    Mushroom soup is a favorite of mine and thanks for the post.
  • valinkenmore 5 years ago about chicken fricassee
    Love the ease and simplicity of this dish. I will try this weekend! High 5
  • pleclare 5 years ago about chicken fricassee
    Looks very good!
  • c2max 6 years ago about Tortellini alla Panna
    Port in panna? I've never read that - sounds interesting! What does it do for the recipe - does it help make the mushrooms a little more 'mushroom-y' or was it just a nice change from the white wine mode? Just gotta give ya a '5' on this recipe since italian is my FAVE and anything w/cream, bacon, pasta, etc... how can it be WRONG?! :)

    I'm thinking of making panna tonight but using leftover ham and reg pasta instead of pancetta + tortellinis.

    Keep cooking and happy spring!

    - Colleen, Naperville, IL.
  • dynie 6 years ago
    Thanks for being a cooking friend. I don't think I can deal with cream spinach...I haven't had it, though!
  • askorb 7 years ago
    Thanks for the add.
  • larryvaughn 7 years ago
    It's an honor to be your cooking buddy, Marty. Thank you for your service to this wonderful country.
  • arstielady 7 years ago
    Thanks for the invite!! I look forward to sharing recipes with you. Liver.....ewwww been there done that.:)
  • lunasea 7 years ago
    Hi Marty - and thanks for the invitation. I'd be happy to be cooking friends with you. I hope we share many recipes and smiles....and I hope you're having a great weekend...
  • lor 7 years ago
    Good morning Marty and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! Thank you for the recipe buddy invitation ;-) You have more credits to your name than I could possibly imagine and I am anxious to view your recipes. Thanks again. Cheers!
  • vvskgn 7 years ago
    Great! I'll be honored to be your friend. You've have indeed done proud. Its because of people like you that this country can stand with its head held high. It takes a lot of courage to serve a country. Pretty great achievements. Keep up the good work!
  • liezel 7 years ago
    Hi! Hope you find some new ideas with my recipes. Great to be your cooking buddy. Thnxs 4 the invite!
  • mellian 7 years ago
    Hi Marty.. Great recipes!