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  • Chili Rellenos Recipe from minnimommaj in Phoenix, OR.
    Chili Rellenos Recipe Stuffed Chilies with melted Cheese and a crusty shell ready to eat quickly and easily.Add refried beans, f...
  • Rice And Black Beans Rice Cooker from minnimommaj in Phoenix, OR.
    I failed at making rice until I got a Wolfgang Puck rice cooker.Now I use it alot.This is a very simple, cheap, filling side or ma...
  • Marshmallo Fruit Dip from minnimommaj in Phoenix, OR.
    I love this fruit dip and I rarely let anyone else have any because I can't stop eating it with strawberries or apples.So I make 2...
  • Microwave Apple Crisp from minnimommaj in Phoenix, OR.
    Sweet,fast,easy Apple Crisp.I don't use a regular oven and I don't like to heat up my tiny Kitchen with the Convection oven so thi...
  • Spam and Egg Salad Spread from minnimommaj in Phoenix, OR.
    I found this on another web site and it looks so good.I love Spam. It is a delicious salad/spread .Use it on toast and brown under...
  • Tomato Relish Recipe from minnimommaj in Phoenix, OR.
    This is a recipe I got from another web site.I love tomatoes this is really easy to do and It is fantastic. The house smells so go...
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  • Shaymari 2 years ago about Paula Deens House Seasoning
    I use onion powder in mine, the original recipes lists it on the ingredients.
  • TeriBellPeacock 5 years ago about WATER PIE
    How exciting! I have been searching all over for this recipe! My grandmother used to make this for me everytime I would visit-by my special request. I am certain it is a Depression Era recipe. After her death, I was unable to locate this recipe in her recipe books and cards. Now that I have GRANDS of my own, I'd like to make it for them. To my recollection, my grandmother sprinkled some nutmeg and cinnamon on the top after it baked. Can't wait to give this a try!! YAY!
  • jett2whit 6 years ago about Paula Deens House Seasoning
    Yep - use this alot :)
  • jett2whit 6 years ago about Marshmallo Fruit Dip
    Yep - make 2 .... one to keep, and one to eat for yourself! LOL
  • szq 6 years ago
    Thank you for looking at my recipe on bourbon balls. You are right about it usually being rum but I usually just have bourbon on hand for "cooking". lol
  • 10in10dietcom 6 years ago about Rice And Black Beans Rice Cooker
    Great idea to use the tomatoes that have green chiles in them!

  • fishtrippin 6 years ago
    Great suggestion, will try and the sour cream mystic suggested, its gonna be good. I will post haw it comes out. Many thanks!
  • ozsmom 6 years ago
    you are the best, thanks so much for your help!!!!
  • sitbynellie 6 years ago
    Thanks minni... I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry, I learned that good comments don't bump abusive ones off the page, they just sit there for ever and ever. I hope you can still enjoy yourself here, despite the nonsense that goes on.

    Just to give you some info... if you want to find something, go to the very top right of your page, and there is a little 'search' box. Click on the box, type in a key word or words - in this case it would be 'apricot and almond coffeecake' and then hit the return key on your keyboard. This will hopefully take you to the page, or at least to a list containing the page you want. The insults there are very unappetizing and can't be removed as I said, but chefmeow would be very appreciative of the support.

    Have a good day!
  • sitbynellie 6 years ago
    Hi minimommaj, re your comment on 'Pooooopy'...just to let you know it's no child, but perhaps pity is required for his mother... have a look at Chefmeow's Apricot Almond Coffeecake recipe page, and the vile obscenities there. If you could go there and leave a nice comment maybe we could bump this guy's filth off the page. As if we didn't have enough trolls at this site already. Thanks,

  • sandygalesmith 6 years ago
    Yea Mayoo is going up.
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    Thanks for checking out the Farm in a Blanket and the heads up. I adjusted the recipe and added the cheese.
  • dollhead 6 years ago
    Thanks for the very similar recipe to corning glass shake & bake. I appreciate your time & will definitely try it! Welcome to GR!!!!!
  • peetabear 6 years ago
    thank you for the nice comments and great rating on the
    Chocolate Whipped Butter Recipe...

  • marky90 6 years ago
    Glad you enjoyed the slaw! I make it all the time and have to same problem,"testing it!" Happy Easter-Marky